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Master is tired of playing

This post about Gu Wang was quite popular, and Shen Zhao also specially saved it and sent it to Gu Wang privately.

Gu Wang was stunned when he saw the photo. He raised his eyes and looked around the classroom for a week. Everyone was looking down and doing their homework, and there was no sign of fishing.

Who is so bored that they take pictures secretly?

Ignoring Shen Zhao’s rainbow fart1Statements made to transform a celebrity’s questionable qualities into virtues are referred to as caihongpi. Literally translated as ‘rainbow fart,’, Gu Wang was about to talk to him about business. After Song Zhiyan, Shen Zhao could of course not be left behind. Shen Zhao has a bluffing temperament, he is very clingy to Gu Wang, he listens to what Gu Wang says, so he also has the worst ending in the book.
Gu Wang died on the operating table. For Shen Zhao, this is tantamount to the collapse of the sky. He carried his family and Song Zhiyan on his back. He learned from those who lost their loved ones on the Internet. He bought more than 100,000 wreaths and filled them in the entire villa area where Jiang Chi lives. Shen Zhao is sitting in front of Jiang Chi’s house in mourning clothes. Jiang Chi is also a prominent figure. Maybe Shen Zhao can open one eye and close one eye. Now he is doing this…

Jiang Chi found someone to get Shen Zhao directly. It was raining heavily that day, and Song Zhiyan received a call and took Shen Zhao away. When Shen Zhao woke up again, his leg was already lame, and he would be disabled for the rest of his life. If Shen’s family does not collapse, He still had no worries about food and clothing, but the Shen family was gone, so he could only make ends meet by delivering food.

Shen Zhao was much easier to deal with than Song Zhiyan. He felt that what Gu Wang said was correct. Another reason was that both Gu Wang and Song Zhiyan were ready to be good students, and he must be bored to be a scum by himself.

After lunch, Gu Wang and Shen Zhao came back from the supermarket,he held a cup of ice tea with lemon added, Shen Zhao bit a straw and slurred his speech.

“Wangwang, you really don’t want to play anymore?”

Gu Wang nodded, “I don’t want to play anymore.”

Shen Zhao was startled . Wangwang really didn’t want to play?
Although Shen Zhao didn’t understand the purpose of studying hard, he didn’t want to play anymore, so he didn’t play anymore. In an instant, a guess flashed through his mind.

Gu Wang saw Shen Zhao suddenly stop, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Zhao’s expression looked a bit heavy, he asked, “Wangwang, tell me the truth, are you influenced by He Qinghuan?”

Gu Wang, “…”

He found that the protagonist’s aura is really powerful. No matter how Gu Wang hides, he can’t avoid He Qinghuan, someone will always brush He Qinghuan’s presence in his ears.

He was helpless, “No, I really don’t like him, I swear!”

Gu Wang said and he really raised his hands to the sky2 They do this for oath taking or swearing, with a serious expression.

Shen Zhao exaggeratedly rushed over to cover his mouth, “Baby, I don’t allow you to curse yourself!”

Gu Wang:…

“I just think it’s meaningless to chase someone like this, it will only make people think of you as cheap.” Gu Wang lowered his eyes, and walked forward slowly, as if he had been emotionally hurt.

Shen Zhao felt his heart tighten, he overtook him to comfort him, “There is no shortage of handsome guys in the world. It is not necessary for him to look at you. After we go to college, we will change our lovers every month and collect the twelve constellations!”

Gu Wang couldn’t help but laugh. Although everyone in the book, except for his family, Shen Zhao and Song Zhiyan, was terrible to the original body, at least the people who were good to the original body were really unreserved.

Seeing Gu Wang smile, Shen Zhao breathed a sigh of relief. He immediately changed the subject, “Wangwang, do you want to hire a private tutor? We don’t even know how to use quadratic equations in one element.” Even basic equations they don’t know. …..

Gu Wang hadn’t spoken yet, and Shen Zhao replied by himself, “You’re okay if you don’t, anyway, I hope you’re smart, you can learn before you teach me.”

Gu Wang’s expression was complicated. Shen Zhao really had confidence in the original body.

He separated from Shen Zhao in the corridor. Before entering the classroom, Song Zhiyan shouted, “I hope you come quickly!”

Gu Wang put the lemon tea for Song Zhiyan on his desk, “What’s wrong?”

Song Zhiyan spread out the exercise book, which has been coated and torn with correction fluid tape. Song Zhiyan stuffed the pen into Gu Wang’s hand. “Why is this x equal to 6? How did you calculate it?”

Gu Wang wanted to say that he calculated by mind.

After groaning for a while, Gu Wang circled the formula, “You forget to change the positive and negative.”

Song Zhiyan patted his head, “Damn, I said how to calculate it.”

Gu Wang, “… “The world of scumbags is so simple. Gu Wang said that after returning home every day, he learned at three o’clock in the morning, and he would send it to the Moments at a certain time. Song Zhiyan and Shen Zhao don’t want it.

This is not only to make Shen Zhao and Song Zhiyan not suspicious, but also for those in the original’s circle of friends. Gu Wang’s WeChat friends are quite a lot, and the wealthy young master looks good, they are not bad friends.

Gu Wang turned his former circle of friends private. Without deleting it, he could not erase the traces of his former existence.

There are more than a thousand people who like it, and Gu Wang didn’t read the comments. They were all excited.

Slowly, slowly, let the original body change. When everyone is watching the fun and watching the jokes, hit them hard in the face.

If he suddenly takes the first place in their year, not only will no one believe it, but some people may really suspect that he is not the original.

“I don’t like him anymore, this young master is tired of playing, you are free…” he didn’t know whose mobile phone was put outside. In the silent noon, the sound of the video reached everyone’s ears.

Gu Wang’s thoughts were interrupted by a sudden sound. Others felt that this sentence was a bit familiar, not familiar, as if he had said it.

Song Zhiyan dropped his pen and rushed to Yang Le, who was still playing the video. Yang Le was startled by him. When he reacted, his mobile phone had been snatched by Song Zhiyan.

It was what Gu Wang said to Jiang Chi downstairs last night. He didn’t know who was so bored and hid at the top of the stairs to take it. Today, the person posted the video to the forum.

Yang Le was very afraid of Song Zhiyan. Song Zhiyan only looked at Gu Wang kindly and glared at the rest of the class. He trembled, lest Song Zhiyan would punch him.

Fortunately, Song Zhiyan just took a look and returned the phone to Yang Le after reading it. Song Zhiyan’s eyes fell on He Qinghuan next to Yang Le, and smiled, “It’s our Wangwang who said that, please feel free to look.”

Gu Wang saw him come back with a relaxed and smug face, and guessed that it must have been last night’s incident.

Song Zhiyan put his legs on the table and said, “Who let He Qinghuan to ignore you when you loved him.”

Obviously Gu Wang’s words are already 100% worthy of the scum man’s quotations. Song Zhiyan still stands on Gu Wang’s side even if he sounds like a scum man.

“Do the question.” What Gu Wang can do is help Song Zhiyan and Shen Zhao up. He doesn’t care what He Qinghuan thinks after seeing this video.

He wanted He Qinghuan and the whole school to know, he was tired of chasing He Qinghuan, and was annoyed. Directly drawing a line with Jiang Chi and He Qinghuan.

Yang Le over there turned off his mobile phone, turned his head and saw that He Qinghuan’s fingers were full of blood. He was shocked. He Qinghuan’s skin was white, and now it was stained with blood. He looked particularly shocked and worried, “What’s the matter?”

He Qinghuan used The paper towel to slowly wipe his fingers, lowered his eyes, and said in a cold tone, “I accidentally scratched.”

That way, Yang Le saw the knife and pencil on He Qinghuan’s table. It turned out he was sharpening his pencil.


Translator’s Note: The names are confusing me a bit so please tell me if you notice something wrong, either ping me on discord or comment down below. I saw this series on NU and its been more than 3 months since the last update so I thought of picking this up, plus I really love Yandere ML.

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  • 1
    Statements made to transform a celebrity’s questionable qualities into virtues are referred to as caihongpi. Literally translated as ‘rainbow fart,’
  • 2
    They do this for oath taking or swearing
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