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TLM Chapter 3

The new Feng Mingyue

The Second Miss voice was too cold, Li Qiu and Li Qin had never seen her being like this before. Their legs softened and not before long, the two girls had already knelt and kowtow on the ground constantly.

“Miss, please soothe your anger.” Li Qin said quietly, her voice was obviously trembling.

Feng Mingyue squeezed her eyes shut, and took a deep breath. In her past life, her family had always called her little princess. All the people under her knew about her personality really well. Therefore, whenever they served Feng Mingyue, they didn’t make even a slight mistake.

Naturally, Feng Mingyue was used to this, so when she suddenly got into a new environment, she had forgotten that the people under her now were not the same as in her previous life.

“You two get up.” Feng Mingyue sighed lightly.

Li Qin and Li Qiu stood up, but they didn’t dare to do anything else unless the Second Miss ordered them. Just with what had happened earlier, the two were confident in their hearts that Feng Mingyue had changed, she was not the same as she used to be.

With this change of their master, the two girls were clearly happy. In all these years, they had been worried about people who would come and bully the Second Miss, but seeing her attitude after she woke up from her illness, made the two feel reassured, as if the stone that had been pressed on their heart for too long, lifted up.

“Now tell me, why on earth did you dress me up like this? To be honest, do you guys know that I’m no different from those noble madams right now.” Feng Mingyue spread her arms wide, looking at herself in the mirror before she turned to tell the two girls who stood on the side with a helpless look.

She used to be a fashionable woman, the way she dressed could be considered first-class. And after seeing her current appearance inside the mirror, Feng Mingyue couldn’t bear to look at it at all.

Li Qin and Li Qiu shared a glance. Then Li Qiu said carefully, afraid to anger Feng Mingyue again: “Miss, you were the one who ordered us to dress you up like this before.”

Feng Mingyue was stunned speechless on the spot. Okay, it seemed like she had overlooked something. The original host was a stubborn person. Being praised several times by those sisters after dressing up like this, the original Feng Mingyue didn’t even use her brain to think again, she just directly ordered the maids to dress her up like that from then on.

So, in conclusion, from the beginning to the end, it was all the original host’s fault. Feng Mingyue sighed again, if the original host was here, maybe Feng Mingyue would immediately kneel and worship her stubbornness. This girl looked foolish but in fact, she was really stubborn.

Never mind, everything had already been in the past. From today onward, it was her turn to change the other people’s impression of her.

“Go, if I remember correctly, there are still some new dresses that I’ve never use before.”

Hence, the two maids began to dress Feng Mingyue again, this time, they were more careful. In their heart, the two were already shed tears with joy, only heaven knew how much they had suffered in the past, they always tried to persuade Second Miss, trying to let her change the way she dressed, but the Second Miss was so persistent. In the end, they couldn’t do anything, they could only do as she was told.

Feng Mingyu looked at the mirror with satisfaction. Li Qin and Li Qiu’s mouth was already wide open, the Second Miss was really beautiful!

The red dress on Feng Mingyue was extraordinarily eye-catching, there was a small hairpin inserted into her black silky hair. She had round eyes, with crimson pupils, there was also a red mole under her right eye, which looked a bit tempting.

“Miss, you are so beautiful!” The two maids were in awe.

Feng Mingyue had already been used to this kind of admiring gaze since her past life, so she just glanced at them indifferently without any hint of pride.

“Is there anything to eat?”

Li Qin bowed and said respectfully: “The meal has been prepared.”

Feng Mingyue nodded. She walked out and turned her heel toward the dining hall, Li Qin and Li Qiu also followed.

The surrounding air in the dining hall was stuffy, Li Qin and Li Qiu held their breath, they didn’t even dare to utter a single word. A moment ago, when the Second Miss saw the food that the chef had served, they noticed that their master’s face was really gloomy, and they sensed that the Second Miss would immediately slaughter the chef at this moment if she saw him.


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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