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TLM Chapter 38

It is destined to be her spiritual weapon.

Nevertheless, only Feng Mingyue knew how terrible this music was. This was the consequence of her using the forbidden technique. As soon as the music drifted into her ears, her mind suddenly became painful as if it had been pricked by a thousand needles. Feng Mingyue was soaked with sweat, she laid on the ground, clutching her head painfully. 

She didn’t cry out in pain, but the gritting sound that came from her mouth could be heard. Her lips that were stained with blood also became paler and paler. The four subordinates and the four men were baffled when they saw Feng Mingyue’s current condition.

They didn’t know why Feng Mingyue became like that when she heard the music. Mei Li and Li Qin also tried to step forward in an attempt to help their master. But the golden barrier had already blocked them from getting close to Feng Mingyue.

Feng Mingyue didn’t know how many minutes or hours had passed. But what she knew was that she couldn’t hold on any longer, her eyelids turned heavy as if they would close at any moment.

At this time, a red rope suddenly shot out from another direction of the forest. It flew toward the barrier that covered Feng Mingyue, the red rope shone a shining red light, and it began to attack the barrier until the barrier shattered, revealing the pale-looking face of a beautiful lady, laying on the ground, with sweat soaking her body.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the power of the red rope that could break the barrier. Li Qin and Mei Li regained their senses, they hurriedly stepped forward and helped Feng Mingyue up, only to discover that their master was already unconscious.

“You sure run fast, Lingrou.” A sudden female voice came from behind them. The four men and the four subordinates immediately turned their heads, looking at the owner of the voice warily.

Then what they saw was seven beautiful ladies dressed in red coming toward them, they each had two fox ears on their head. These women were undoubtedly the demonic fox. However, rumors were saying that the demonic fox bloodline had disappeared a long ago since the day when the most powerful demonic fox in the demonic fox clan was killed by those spiritual martial artists.

Sheng Yi’s eyes were sharp. “You are the demonic fox?”

One of the women replied with a smile, “My lord, you are right.”

Mei Li was perplexed. “Didn’t the demonic fox bloodline vanish long ago?”

“I’ll tell everyone about what had happened to us at that time. Please return to the fox clan with us.” As she said, she turned to look at Feng Mingyue who was laying unconscious near Limu. “We need to treat their wounds. You can call me Fen Xiu, I’m the current leader of the Demonic Fox Clan.”

The four men were still on guard against these women. One of them said coldly without any emotion in his tone, “How can we know that you’re a friend or foe?”

Before Fen Xiu could answer the man’s question. They saw the red rope fly toward the man, knocking his head harshly, making the demonic foxes couldn’t help but laugh. Even the others also laughed as well.

The man was baffled. He had no idea why this red rope suddenly came and knocked his head. Seeing how puzzled he was, Fen Xiu explained, “That red rope is the legendary red muslin, Lingrou. It is destined to be her spiritual weapon, so that’s why Lingrou insisted on coming to save her today.”

Even Fen Xiu didn’t voice out the name, everyone knew instantly who she was referring to.

Fen Xiu shifted her eyes toward the unconscious Limu. “Did your master own a blue dragon sword, Liko?”

At this moment, the men didn’t hesitate to bring out their weapons, and they stood in front of Limu with cold eyes. It was clear that they would fight at any time as long as the other party made a move.

Fen Xiu was speechless about how protective these people were toward their master. “Calm down. I really have no ill-intention toward you guys. My former leader, Lingrou’s master, and the former leader of the dragon clan had created a pair of weapons to express their love for each other. And those weapons are Liko, the blue dragon sword, and Lingrou, the legendary red muslin. They both have intelligence that can understand human language.”

The others besides the demonic foxes were bewildered. They had never thought that the legendary red muslin and the blue dragon sword in the legend had this sort of connection.

Sheng Yi frowned slightly upon hearing the demonic fox mentioned the blue dragon sword. He seemed to have heard of this weapon’s name somewhere before but he couldn’t remember it at all. 

Seeing their reaction, Fen Xiu revealed a gentle smile. “In fact, even if I didn’t tell you about all of these things. You still have no choice but to follow me in the end. Because in this forest, there is no one else beside our demonic fox clan that can treat your masters.”

Li Qin said calmly, “In that case, we will have to trouble you then.”

Fen Xiu bowed her head respectfully. “This is what I should do.”

After the group had a good talk, Lingrou finally placed itself under Feng Mingyue and Limu’s body before it carried them to the west. The demonic foxes also followed Lingrou, and the other people had no choice but to go after them as well since their masters had already been carried by them.

The territory of the demonic fox clan located in the deepest part of the Deadly Poisonous Forest. However, there wasn’t any trace of poisonous beasts or poisonous plants could be seen along the way, as if they had been wiped clean by the demonic fox clan.

Wei Xue couldn’t restrain his curiosity so he asked, “This is weird. Why haven’t we encountered any poisonous beasts or plants until now?”

“Even though the poisonous beasts and plants in this forest are mostly powerful, our lineage is one of the King Beasts, so none of the poisonous beasts dare to mess with us. As for the poisonous plants, we can still deal with them.” Fen Xiu smiled. Her appearance was tempting, after all, their ancestor was a fox, so no matter how they dressed, the members of the demonic fox clan still couldn’t hide their seducing aura.

Wei Xue nodded in understanding. Soon afterward, everyone arrived at the demonic fox clan, they also got a warm welcome. Feng Mingyue and Limu were immediately sent to the elders in the clan in order to treat their wounds.

It took seven days for Feng Mingyue to wake up. As for Limu, he was still in a coma, and none of them knew when he would wake up. Feng Mingyue was sitting on the bed, her complexion was still pale at this moment. The four subordinates were happy when they knew that their master had woken up, so they came and visited her directly. 

Li Qin sighed. “Miss, please don’t do something risky like this again next time.”

Feng Mingyue smiled and nodded cooperatively. “Don’t worry.” After observing the surroundings, she asked, “What is the current situation?”

Sheng Yi stepped forward and reported everything that had happened. “We are staying temporarily in the demonic fox clan right now. Both yours and Dark Lord Limu’s injuries have been treated by the elders of the clan. And you have been in a coma for seven days already.” 

Feng Mingyue stroked her chin with interest. “I’ve never thought that the demonic clan territory would be in this dangerous forest. But again, this is also the safest place for them. Only because of one spiritual weapon, those crazy people really have no sense of humanity.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. Just when they wanted to continue the discussion, a red rope suddenly flew in toward Feng Mingyue at the fastest before it wrapped itself around her right arm.

Feng Mingyue was stunned. “The legendary red muslin, Lingrou?”

As if it confirmed her answer, Lingrou’s body glittered with red light.

Then, a female voice came from the door. “You’re awake, Master.”

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