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TLM Chapter 39

Maybe the current owner of the blue dragon sword has some sort of connection with you.

Feng Mingyue was surprised, she immediately raised her head, looking at the voice’s owner. It was a lady dressed in red, the hem of her red robe swayed when she walked. The lady still had a smile on her face, it was a gentle smile, but whenever people glanced at her, there was always a feeling of being tempted by that smile of hers.

There were also two other ladies walking behind her, a trace of seduction always appeared in their eyes.

After a while, Feng Mingyue became stupefied. “When did I have another subordinate?”

Fen Xiu stood on the side of the bed, which was opposite from Feng Mingyue’s four subordinates. She then laughed. “I almost forgot to inform you. My former leader once said if Lingrou accepted other people as its owner apart from the descendants of the demonic fox clan by signing a spiritual contract, we will have to obey their command from then on.”

She also added, “When you were in a coma, Lingrou really wanted to sign a spiritual contract with you, so Lingrou urged me to drop a little of your blood on it. If you die one day, Lingrou will also disappear. My former leader had never thought of signing a spiritual contract with it nor did it want to sign a spiritual contract with her. You are the only, who made Lingrou do this.”

Feng Mingyue looked at the red muslin that wrapped around her right arm. “I still don’t understand. I never have any connection with Lingrou, if it accepted my mother as its owner, I would believe your words more.”

Fen Xiu chuckled. “I would say that your existence might be special, or maybe the current owner of the blue dragon sword has some sort of connection with you that led Lingrou to recognize you as its master.”

Feng Mingyue frowned. “The owner of the blue dragon sword?” She glanced at her subordinates with inquiring gazes. “Have you heard of this person before?”

The four people shook their heads blankly. “No.”

Seeing their dazed expression, Feng Mingyue could only wave her hand. “Forget it. If that person and I are bound together, then we will meet sooner or later.” Then as if she suddenly remembered something, Feng Mingyue asked Fen Xiu, “How is Limu?”

Fen Xiu: “He left a moment ago.”

Feng Mingyu was shocked, she asked worriedly. “He left? Wasn’t he in a coma? What about the poison inside his body?”

Fen Xiu smiled. “Because the poison inside his body can’t be delayed, he immediately set out after he woke up, but you don’t have to worry. Our elders have temporarily suppressed the poison in his body. And it should be enough time for him to find the thousand-year-old ginseng.”

“That’s great.” Feng Mingyue sighed in relief and took the tea from Mei Li while leaning her back against the headboard. She opened the toplt, lifted the teacup in her hand toward her nose, and sniffed it gently. “Since you’re under me now. I want the demonic clan to reappear in front of the world once again.”

Fen Xiu was stunned when she heard this statement. “But you also know that our clan has become everyone’s target in the martial art world.”

Feng Mingyue sipped the tea and shook her head. “No, hiding is not a way to solve a problem either. Lingrou is now with me, it’s useless for them to find you. Besides, I don’t want to see the demonic fox clan being weak like this. Your clan once used to be powerful, people feared and were respectful whenever they heard of your people. But now…those spiritual martial artists would undoubtedly let out some mocking words when they heard about your clan.”

She looked up at Fen Xiu seriously. “My people have never written the word fear in their mind. They are all courageous and never afraid of death. I also want you to restore the original power of the demonic fox clan, make those people fear whenever they hear about the current demonic fox clan.”

Feng Mingyue’s lips curved up into a smile. “What’s more, I believed that Clan Leader Fen would not disappoint me.”

Fen Xiu was surprised. This lady’s speech surely could restore people’s confidence. No wonder Lingrou accepted her as its master. She was indeed a powerful woman.

Fen Xiu bowed her head respectfully. “Thank you master for believing in me. However, the elders’ cultivation had been unable to breakthrough for a period of time already. This is also one of our current disadvantages.”

Feb Mingyue gave the teacup to Mei Li. She twisted the spiritual ring in her hand for a while, then as if she had thought of something. Feng Mingyue took out a small jade bottle that was filled with dozens of pills from the spiritual ring.

“This bottle contained the energy-upgrading pills in it. Please let everyone take each one, you will be able to breakthrough to another level.”

Fen Xiu was surprised. She knew that pills were really precious in the Guanyu Continent. However, her current master got so many pills in her hands, and she even gave it to her people generously. Fen Xiu could only accept it humbly and said thanks to Feng Mingyue so many times.

Feng Mingyue waved her hand lazily, “It’s fine. You’re now my people so I have to cultivate everyone well into becoming a powerful person.”

Fen Xiu laughed. Just as she wanted to ask her master whether the other party would continue to stay here a few more days. A golden sparrow suddenly flew in through the window and landed on Feng Mingyue’s shoulder.

Feng Mingyue took out a note that was tied to the golden sparrow’s leg and read it. After she finished reading it; her expression changed. She turned her head to Fen Xiu, “I’ll set out immediately. Do you have any path that can walk out of this forest safely without encountering any danger?”

Everyone was stunned by Feng Mingyue’s urgent attitude.

The two maids knew that if there wasn’t anything important, Mei Hui and Li Qiu would not report to their master. But it must be something that had happened. Li Qin couldn’t help asking, “What’s the matter, Miss?”

Feng Mingyue sighed. “Concubine Xu is dead.”

“What?!” Li Qin and Mei Li cried out in shock at the same.

Mei Li: “How could this be possible?”

As far as Mei Li and Li Qin remembered, Concubine Xu was the most low-key person among all the concubines in the Marquis of Ushi. She had never caused any trouble, nor did she ask her son to bully Feng Mingyue. Even if she was the only person who gave birth to a son for the Marquis, she had never been arrogant. So the people under Feng Mingyue always thought that Concubine Xu should be a good person, and she was also gentle.

But they didn’t understand why she suddenly died like this. She shouldn’t have offended anyone, right?

However, they suddenly thought of the current Madam in the Marquis of Ushi, Wu Zhisu. This woman was so scheming that she wasn’t afraid of killing people at all. Besides, after knowing that Concubine Xu had a son, Wu Zhisu had always tried every means to bully her. It should be said that; the second person who should have suffered after Feng Mingyue was Concubine Xu. And after she gave birth, Wu Zhisu didn’t hesitate at all to torture a child.

Feng Mingyue stroked her chin, and said thoughtfully, “We should go. I want to investigate this matter. I have never held a grudge against Concubine Xu, so I will find justice for her.” As if remembering something, Feng Mingyue asked the two maids, “How old is Concubine Xu’s son?”

Li Qin said, “He should be fourteen years old this year. But that kid’s personality is a bit odd…”

Feng Mingyue became interested. “Oh?”

Li Qin: “I think it might be because he had been bullied since he was born so after growing up, his personality was too cold. He rarely talks, even the servants, sometimes, thought the kid was muted.”

Listening to this, Feng Mingyue suddenly felt that the host was not as miserable as Concubine Xu’s son. She couldn’t help but feel a little pity for the boy, so she asked, “What is his name?”

Mwi Li and Li Qin were surprised. “You didn’t know his name?”

Feng Mingyue coughed and immediately found an excuse. “After waking up from a coma, I can’t remember most of the things.”

Mei Li understood this. “His name is Feng Baiming.”

While the master and servants were discussing. One of the ladies leaned over Fen Xiu’s ears and whispered, “Clan Leader, why did you erase that part of those people’s memories?”

Fen Xiu looked at her and sighed, “That was Dark Lord Limu’s people’s request, so I have to fulfill it.” She added, “Besides, Those four men are loyal toward Dark Lord Limu, they were afraid that Master’s people would find out the truth about their lord’s identity, so I could only accept their request and erase those parts of these four people’s memories.”

The lady who asked said with hesitation, “But I feel that Master’s people are not bad people either.”

Fen Xiu nodded slowly, “I know. But about that matter; the fewer people know, the less trouble would arise.”

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