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TLM Chapter 37

The Forbidden Technique.

Before he could get the answer from Feng Mingyue, Limu suddenly felt that everything around him turned dark.

Feng Mingyue opened her eyes wide in shock. She hurriedly went over and tried to hold Limu. The four men noticed the situation, and they quickly came to help. Feng Mingyue’s voice was cold. “He used too much spiritual energy, thus he fainted. His current condition is not far from becomes a waste. What’s more, if we can’t find the thousand-year-old ginseng in time, he might be in a life-threatening situation.”

One of the men asked calmly, “What should we do now? The enemies are still here. We are sure that we can’t defeat them, and my master is also in such a situation. Do you have any plans, Lady Mingzhu?”

Regardless of how the assassin leader addressed Feng Mingyue, the man still respected her as Lady Mingzhu, and he also had no intention of wanting to find out about her secret. This attitude of Limu’s subordinates made Feng Mingyue really satisfied, and subconsciously trusted them that even she, herself, wasn’t aware of this.

Besides, Limu’s four subordinates also unconsciously began to take Feng Mingyue as their next master after Limu. Seeing that Limu had fainted, they could only listen to Feng Mingyue, who appeared to be very calm in this circumstance. But these people didn’t know at all that just now, this calm lady was crying silently because of their master.

Feng Mingyue stood up, the tears on her face and in her eyes were already dried. She put away the red whip and took out the red tambourine. Everyone was puzzled when they saw her take this weapon out, they knew that the Mind Controlling Bell was powerful but Feng Mingyue’s current strength couldn’t win against the opponents at all, hence, the spiritual weapon in her hand was also the same.

Feng Mingyue ordered, “You all step back at least five meters away from me. It will be better if you can climb up the tree and stay there.”

The eight people were dumbfounded, yet they found themselves following Feng Mingyue’s command. Within a second, everyone had already stayed on the tree, including the unconscious Limu.

Feng Mingyue turned her head toward the opponents who were still lifting the sword up with a powerful aura that could make heaven and earth shake. She admitted that the Demon King’s power was really strong. If she wanted to defeat this kind of opponent, she needed to work harder in the future.

Feng Mingyue muttered silently, “I have no other choice.”

She then started to play the red tambourine in her hand with her eyes closed. The assassin leader noticed Feng Mingyue’s action, he couldn’t help but laugh derisively. “Young Miss, your current strength can’t compete with one part of the Demon King’s power. Stop wasting your time. You will die here today with that man!”

Feng Mingyue ignored the other party’s words. The red tambourine in her hand continued to ring until various heavy footsteps could be heard from all directions, accompanied by powerful roars.

The assassin leader’s face changed. “Why are there so many powerful poisonous beasts appearing here all of sudden?”

As long as the red tambourine in Feng Mingyue’s hand rang, the heavy footsteps and the beasts’ roars would not disappear, those beasts approached where they were instead.

The assassin leader’s face tightened upon seeing several powerful poisonous beasts showing up one by one surrounding all of them. Even though the power that the Demon’s King lent him was strong enough, it was still not powerful enough to win against these poisonous beasts.

The other eight people who were sitting on the three were shocked. They didn’t know what had happened either, thus Mei Li asked in puzzlement, “Why are there so many poisonous beasts? Are we going to confront them as well?”

None of them could answer her. After all, they had no idea about the situation right now. With only those hateful assassins just now nearly making them walk into the death gate, and if these poisonous beasts were also their enemies, then they might not be able to escape from dying today.

At this moment, Wei Xue was staring fixedly at Feng Mingyue. He frowned. “These poisonous beasts were summoned here by our master.”

Everyone’s eyes immediately shifted to Wei Xue. The young man was dressed in a light green robe. No matter what situation they were in, he always gave people a type of reassuring feeling.

Wei Xue didn’t feel embarrassed when he was being stared at by the others. He understood that everyone wanted to know the current circumstance, so he continued his words, “To be honest, I’m also one of the spiritual martial artists who practice summoning technique, but I’ve never seen the method that Master is using right now. It has never appeared before.”

Sheng Yi wrinkled his brows. “You meant; Master is using the summoning technique to summon all the poisonous beasts in this forest? And this summoning technique has never appeared in this continent before?”

Wei Xue shook his head. “I don’t know. Moreover, I’m not sure either about the number of beasts that Master is going to summon. But, I feel like her current condition isn’t quite right.”

Everyone asked at the same time, “What do you mean?”

Feng Mingyue’s hand that was holding the tambourine was shaking fiercely. Blood also drifted out of her mouth, her mind was so painful that she wanted to stop it halfway. However, there were still lives in her hand, she needed to take them out of here alive. She needed to kill those people since they knew her secret. She couldn’t let them escape, or else, their future might be even more troublesome.

In her past life, there was a forbidden room in the villa. She heard that the room was filled with the Feng Family ancestor’s achievements. All of her family members weren’t allowed to step into that room. Nonetheless, Feng Mingyue used to be the most curious one among all the members of the family. Besides, the more people prohibited her from doing something, the more she would do it.

Hence, she sneaked into that room in the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping. The forbidden room was dim, only four to five candles had been lit in the room. When she continued to move inside, there were numerous ancient books placed on the shelf.

Feng Mingyue was extremely curious at that time, therefore, she picked a book and read it briefly. All the books in the forbidden room were related to soul-controlling music. And this music could make people feel both refreshed and in pain.

The soul-controlling music could also attack the enemies as long as the player played it well. It was also this reason that she created the mind-controlling bell, trying to use this cultivation method in this world to see whether it could be used. And as a result, this cultivation method was extremely powerful, which really helped Feng Mingyue a lot.

There were also some books about forbidden music, the player indeed could play that forbidden music. However, they had to face the outcome.

The forbidden music that Feng Mingyue was interested in the most during that time was the music that could use to summon. And currently, she was playing this music, using the summoning technique to summon all the poisonous beasts in this forest.

This summoning technique could only be used when her strength was weaker than the things that she summoned. It was also because of this reason that it was prohibited. But she had no choice, her companions were still here, she needed to bring them out safe and sound.

Feng Mingyue made the poisonous beasts begin to attack the assassins. She was also not in a good state at this moment, the hand that was shaking the tambourine had turned pale to the extent, yet she didn’t back down nor did she give up halfway. She had already promised herself to protect everyone and kill those enemies as soon as possible.

The bodies of the assassins fall into the ground one by one. Blood splashed everywhere, the scene appeared to be awfully horrible that could make people’s hair stand on its end.

After the killing process ended with many corpses on the ground, the poisonous beasts l retreated one after another. At the same time, Feng Mingyue also couldn’t hold it any longer. Thus, she spat out a mouthful of blood, her knees softened, and she knelt immediately on the ground.

The four subordinates and the four men also witness the whole thing. They hurriedly climbed down the tree and ran to Feng Mingyue. However, before everyone could get close to her, Feng Mingyue was already surrounded by a golden barrier.

And before everyone could react, a pleasing bell sound could be heard through the entire forest. The red tambourine in Feng Mingyue’s hand floated in the air, its body shaking, making a pleasing sound of music that could make the listener’s mind relaxed.

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