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TLM Chapter 34

I should be qualified enough to be your wife, right?

The ten people were sitting around the bonfire. Feng Mingyue put the raw meat that she had brought with her on the branch, then she sprinkled the seasoning on it. After finishing the process, she asked Li Qin to hold it and roasted it in the fire. 

Feng Mingyue repeated this action again and again until everyone had held each raw meat in their hands. It was only Limu who had held nothing, yet his expression was still emotionless. 

Limu’s four subordinates thought that Lady Mingzhu was giving their master a hard time. Hence, one of them wanted to open his mouth to ask, but before the words could slip out of his mouth, he saw Lady Mingzhu stood up with one cooked meat in her hand, and walked toward his master. 

Feng Mingyue handed the cooked meat to Limu and said informally: “You have a strong taste which is different from the others. So yours is a bit later. Anyway, you should have a taste.”

Limu’s four subordinates opened their eyes in shock. Their master indeed had a strong taste, so the foods that were usually served needed careful consideration. What’s more, Master didn’t like to talk, thus the taste that he usually had shouldn’t be known to Lady Mingzhu since he didn’t tell her about it. But Lady Mingzhu’s attitude toward their master from the beginning really made them amaze. 

She even knew the taste that their master preferred. Was this lady a prophet?

The four men hardly believed in their own eyes. What even made them more shocking for today’s event was their master’s behavior toward Lady Mingzhu. It could be said that their master didn’t like to talk to strangers nor did he like to act intimate with those who he didn’t know. 

However, the way their master conversed with Lady Mingzhu was too natural, as if they were an old acquaintance, or to put it another way, it was like they were really familiar with each other. In their eyes, this attitude was more than an old acquaintance, it was even more than a friend. Uh…it was more like an old husband and wife?

The four people were shocked by their imagination and they immediately pressed their lips together tightly, fearing that their thoughts would leak out and be known to their master. 

Limu was also surprised. He knew this lady only for about four to five hours, yet they didn’t talk about anything personal when they chatted. In other words, how could this lady know what he liked? 

If it were to be said that they used to exchange words with each other before, or they used to be friends before, why didn’t he remember any of this? But this lady did give him a familiar feeling as if he had met her somewhere before. 

In fact, after waking up from a coma, he had a feeling that he wasn’t born in this world. As for where he came from and how come he was in this world, he didn’t remember any of this. But he was sure that he had the same appearance as the owner of the body that he resides in. Besides, there was still a piece of his memory that was missing. Nevertheless, he had been an austere person since young, so he usually didn’t care much about the matter of whether that piece of memory was important or unimportant to him.

Moreover, it was really fortunate that the owner of this body had the same appearance and the same personality as him. So, even if the soul had changed, the people that used to know the owner of this body before would still be unaware of this. After all, the two people’s personalities were so similar that many people weren’t able to distinguish them.

Limu had lived in this world for three years. All the people that he met still gave him an unfamiliar feeling until he met this lady. The feeling she gave him was so familiar as if they had been in a really close relationship before. However, there wasn’t any memory about this lady in his mind. So he guessed that the piece of his missing memory must be related to her. 

Tossing all this complicated thought to the back of his head. Limu took the roasted meat and said to the lady in front of him lightly: “Thank you.”

Feng Mingyue laughed, she leaned toward him and teased: “I should be qualified enough to be your wife, right?”

Everyone choked upon hearing Feng Mingyue’s shameless words. The four men were already sweating for Feng Mingyue, they knew that their master didn’t like this kind of joke, he also didn’t like to be too close to women. They were afraid that their master would open the battle and fight with this lady in an instant, so the four men hurriedly stood up, preparing themselves to stop them in time, or else that situation might really occur.

However, Limu’s behavior was still usual, he ate while answering Feng Mingyue calmly: “Not enough.”

Feng Mingyue was baffled: “Ah? What’s else?” She immediately sat down beside Limu, and began to count with her hand, “I am beautiful, talented, can cook, I’m also powerful and smart. What else do you need?”

Limu turned to Feng Mingyue and said seriously, yet his eyes were still emotionless: “Bear a child for me.”

One of the four men who had just stood up, immediately fell back onto the ground when he heard his master’s remark. The other people who heard this opened their mouths wide in shock. Alright…things really went out of their expectations.

Feng Mingyue’s eyes curved up. She wasn’t surprised, or it should be said that her Brother Yan’s behavior when joking was really like the man in front of her. Limu said those words in an extremely serious way, but in fact, he didn’t take it seriously at all. Feng Mingyue supposed that sooner or later, he would tell her that he was just joking.

Therefore, Feng Mingyue also played along with the other party. She pretended to be interested: “Oh? You want a child? Do you want a boy or a girl?”

Limu said without hesitation: “Either is fine.”

Feng Mingyue touched her chins, and said thoughtfully: “How about twins?”

“Also fine.”

“But we aren’t married yet.”

The four men suddenly felt their faces hurt. They didn’t know how many times their master had slapped them on the faces. Master was usually cold and always wore a poker face. How could he suddenly become like this in front of Lady Mingzhu?

Wei Xue was really shocked about Feng Mingyue’s behavior today, he couldn’t help but ask his companions: “When did Master become so flirty?”

Li Qin shook her head: “I don’t know. I’ve never seen her flirting with anyone before.”

Mei Li pondered: “Maybe she is interested in Dark Lord Limu? Don’t you think his personality is somewhat cool?”

Wei Xue stroked his chin and said with a sly smile: “A taciturn and cold person like him is really suitable for a chatterbox and cheerful person like Master. Don’t you think so—eh? Where is Brother Yi?”

Mei Li’s surprised voice could be heard: “Oh my God! Is Ah Yi crazy? He actually dared to go and disturb those two great gods?!”

Both Li Qin and Wei Xue immediately turned their heads over, they saw Sheng Yi was walking nonchalantly to where Feng Mingyue and Limu were. 

Sheng Yi stopped in front of the two, he looked back and forth between them. As if he couldn’t bear it anymore, he asked: “Are you two really serious about this?”

Limu glanced at Sheng Yi, Feng Mingyue laughed, then the two answered at the same time: “We’re joking.”

The others: “…” This joke is too realistic.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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