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TLM Chapter 35

This woman should be your weakness, or maybe she might be your weakness in the future. Is my guess correct, Your Highness?

Suddenly, the young man that had asked Feng Mingyue earlier raised his head and looked up at his master: “Master, What was the special item you used that could protect you and even injure the opponent earlier?”

Limu frowned, he then took out a small golden bell from his sleeve. This bell was given to him by the lady that had saved him at that time, and now this lady was also with him. So he could only look at Feng Mingyue, wanting her to explain about the small golden bell.

Feng Mingyue took out four more golden bells and let Sheng Yi pass them to the four men. She then smiled and explained to everyone patiently: “I put a barrier in this small golden bell to protect the owner’s safety. However, It can only protect its owner three times.”

The four men took the small golden bells and said thanks to Feng Mingyue, the other party just nodded her head with a smile.

Everyone was eating and chatting happily until nightfall, they arranged the place to sleep. Some of them were leaning against the trees, and some were sleeping on the ground leisurely. Feng Mingyue was sitting a bit further away from the other, she leaned against the tree and closed her eyes, soon afterward, she fell asleep.

Limu also sat remotely from them, he looked up at the night sky with a thoughtful gaze. His face was still expressionless. The surrounding area was quiet and calm, everyone was sleeping soundly, only Limu was still awake, and appeared to have no intention of wanting to sleep at all.

Just when he was deep in thought, a rustling sound could be heard. Everyone was a spiritual martial artist, so immediately afterward, the people who had been asleep were woken up in an instant.

A group of people in black suddenly appeared one by one surrounding the ten of them.

Limu gazed at those people without any emotion in his eyes. Feng Mingyue was awakened by the sound, she opened her eyes coldly, the murderous aura around her couldn’t be concealed.

The four men were frightened by Lady Mingzhu’s sudden killing intent. During the day, this lady was really easygoing and a carefree person. Why did she suddenly become expressionless and cold during the night? This appearance and expression of her at this moment made them think of their master.

Li Qin muttered softly to her friends: “These people probably appeared at the wrong time.”

Mei Li also nodded and said certainly: “Today, none of them will survive.”

Li Qin sighed: “It’s fine if they want to assassinate us during the day, but if they do it at night. They will be doomed to be dead.” She couldn’t help but add, “A tragic death.”

The four men, Wei Xue, and Sheng Yi instantly turned their heads toward the two women. Wei Xue was really curious: “Why?”

The two women answered in unison: “They had woken up Lady Mingzhu.”

Everyone: “…” So, in other words, Lady Mingzhu didn’t like people to disturb her during her sleep?

Limu asked the opponents coldly: “Who sent you here?”

One of the men in black said with a mocking tone: “Your highness, how could you ask us like this? I think you know clearly in your heart about our master.”

Your highness?

Feng Mingyue frowned. So the title ‘Dark Lord Limu’ was certainly not his only identity, he might have a special identity, or maybe the identity that he was using right now wasn’t his true identity at all but his second identity, just like her.

Seemed like Limu was not that a simple person and he was also too mysterious.

Feng Mingyue didn’t have the feeling to smile right now even if she was feeling satisfied to know more about Dark Lord Limu. She wanted to go back to sleep, and it’s best to deal with those assassins as fast as possible so that she could continue her sleep.

The assassin leader also noticed Feng Mingyue, he laughed and said meaningfully: “Young Miss, thanks to you that I happened to hear about the legendary red muslin. This should be another good news for my master.”

Feng Mingyue’s brows tightened together, her expression turned abruptly cold. He addressed her as Young Miss instead of calling her Lady Mingzhu. To put it another way, this person might also know her true identity.

Just who on earth were these people?

Feng Mingyue said coldly: “Do you think after saying all those nonsense words, you can leave this place alive?”

The assassin leader laughed again: “Haha, it’s true that I’m not confident enough. However, his power is not at its peak now since he has been poisoned.” Then he turned to Limu, and asked with a smile, “Am I right, Your Highness?”

Limu’s face didn’t change, he was still expressionless. Even if the person in front of him exposed his true identity, his expression would remain the same.

Feng Mingyue crossed her arms over her chest, she stared coldly at the leader of the assassins: “I don’t care about who you are or whoever your master is, but if you know something that you shouldn’t. Then I will not keep you alive.”

The assassin leader clapped his hands and said with an admiring tone: “Until this year, not many women wanted to become spiritual martial artists. Young Miss, it seems like those rumors about you are indeed false.”

This time, Feng Mingyue was extremely certain that the other party knew her true identity. At first, Li Qin and Mei Li only felt suspicious whether the man knew the Second Miss’ true identity, and upon hearing the man’s last remark, their expression changed slightly.

Everyone also noticed the current atmosphere. Mei Li’s and Li Qin’s expressions became cold, they immediately ran toward their master and stood behind her. The two girls also took out their spiritual weapons.

Sheng Yi and Wei Xue glanced at each other before they walked toward Feng Mingyue as well.

The assassin leader didn’t feel any threat, he continued to talk nonchalantly: “These two ladies don’t need to worry that I’ll reveal your master’s true identity.” Then as if thinking about something interesting, the assassin leader added while pointing to Limu, “How about you help me kill him, and I’ll spare your life.”

There was a moment of silence. Nobody spoke or responded to the man. Just when everyone thought that this moment of silence would last for another minute, they heard Feng Mingyue laugh.

Feng Mingyue said sarcastically: “Want me to kill him? I think you should wake up from your daydreaming.”

As she said, she walked leisurely toward Limu. Hence, the ten people gathered together and stood confronting the assassins in front of them.

The man lifted his brows: “I’ve never seen you close to any women before.” He touched his chin, and said meaningfully, “This woman should be your weakness, or maybe she might be your weakness in the future. Is my guess correct, Your Highness?”

A dagger suddenly flew toward the man, and the other party also reacted by dodging to the side. He didn’t even forget to complain: “I’m here to chat with you. Why did you always want to kill me?”

Limu frowned even more deeply upon hearing this, he said with a frosty tone: “You are so annoying.”

The more the man spoke, the more Feng Mingyue felt that something was wrong. These people clearly came to kill, and their target was without a doubt the Dark Lord Limu. However, since the beginning, these people didn’t make a move at all, they even talked patiently and revealed what they knew one by one as if they were here to only chat and without any other intentions.

Nevertheless, things wouldn’t be this simple. Besides, Feng Mingyue’s instinct told her that the man was somewhat delaying time. But why did he have to do that?

Just when Feng Mingyue was deep in thought. Limu, who was still alright just now suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, his face immediately turned pale.

“Master!” The four men hurriedly went forward to check on their master.

One of Limu’s subordinates said worriedly: “His poison is acting up again. If we can’t find that thousand-year-old ginseng, he might…”

The four men were truly anxious at this moment. Feng Mingyue frowned, she finally understood the opponent’s intention of delaying time. He just waited for Limu to become weaker so that Limu couldn’t even have the strength to fight back. But with her here, how could she let those people do whatever they wanted?

Limu knelt on the ground with one knee, his hand was clutching his chest, there wasn’t any emotion on his face. But everyone could hear him asking the assassin leader coldly: “Are you waiting for this moment?”

The other party laughed: “You‘re right, Your Highness.” Then he ordered his people, “Go, kill them. Don’t let any of them leave this place alive.”

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