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TLM Chapter 33

Since you trust me, there is no loss for me to trust you either.

Feng Mingyue was stunned, she immediately raised her head, glancing at those cold and sharp inky eyes. She somehow felt uncomfortable, there was a burst of pain in her heart. Her beautiful rosy lips that were hidden behind the veil were trembling uncontrollably, no one could express her agony at this moment.

Feng Mingyue closed her eyes, the memory in her past life with that man replayed in her head from the very first time she met him until the time that he had gone. That memory was like a video that had been played back one by one. 

When she opened her eyes once again, Feng Mingyue had already turned to her normal self. Right now heaven had already given her a new life, a new path to begin with. How could her Brother Yan come to this place? Even if there was a person that had the same appearance and figure like him, that person shouldn’t be her Brother Yan anyway.

All she had to do was to start her life again, make friends with him. At least maybe their relationship could be the same as her past life. After she calculated the pros and cons, Feng Mingyue smiled slightly. She then said: “Yes, we aren’t familiar with each other. But I happened to pass by and saved you at that time. Since we are destined to meet, we can be considered acquaintances, right?”

The man in black was silent for a while before he said coldly: “Limu.”

Feng Mingyue chuckled softly, there wasn’t any hint of surprise in her tone: “Mingzhu.”

She already had a guess in her mind when she saw this man’s appearance. The legendary Dark Lord Limu usually wore black, he was indifferent and cold. Generally speaking, he didn’t like to talk much. But in Feng Mingyue’s eyes, this man’s characteristics were cold, tough, and sharp.

She glanced back at the situation behind her. After seeing the four subordinates battling seriously with the poisonous plants and beasts, she breathed a sigh of relief. Feng Mingyue turned back to face Limu, she took five light green pills from the spiritual ring and gave one to the man.

Feng Mingyue said firmly: “You eat this pill, it will recover your energy. I need your help to defeat the poisonous plants and beasts.”

Limu didn’t say anything, he took the pill from Feng Mingyue’s hand and shoved it into his mouth. His attitude of trusting her without asking made Feng Mingyue couldn’t restrain the smile on her lips. 

After seeing Limu swallow the pill, Feng Mingyue stood up and walked toward the other four men. She passed each pill to them, the four men didn’t hesitate either. Their master had already eaten so they could only follow after.

Limu began to sit with his legs folded, he put both of his hands onto his laps, closing his eyes, and started to meditate, letting the spiritual energy in his body recover. 

Five minutes later, Limu opened his eyes, looking at the opponents coldly. Feng Mingyue noticed that the man was done with his meditation, so she walked to him: “Can we start now? My subordinates wouldn’t be able to hold so many powerful opponents.”

Limu nodded and stood up.

Feng Mingyue: “Actually, I already have a plan, I only need your cooperation.”

Limu nodded again: “Say.”

There was a hint of a smile in Feng Mingyue’s tone: “I will attack those two poisonous plants and that poisonous beast. What you have to do is whenever I attack and injure them, you will immediately find their core and destroy it.”


Feng Mingyue couldn’t help but look at the man in front of her once again. This man was surely a taciturn person, he was really too cold to approach but for her, this was the type of person that she preferred. 

Feng Mingyue: “Let’s go.” 

The two people immediately moved forward. Feng Mingyue raised her hands and lashed the red whip that contained an extremely toxic poison toward the two poisonous plants in front of her. 

The poisonous plants that were hit by the whip screamed in pain. They hurriedly searched for the attacker, and upon seeing the lady in white appear in their field of vision, the two plants instantly used their poisonous branches to attack Feng Mingyue.

However, the other party seemed to have guessed it beforehand. Hence, she avoided it without any harm, and she directly counterattacked by thrashing that red whip toward the poisonous plants once again repeatedly until the branches fell out of its stem.

Limu also used this opportunity to directly destroy the core of the poisonous plants. Feng Mingyue on the other hand quickly shifted her target to the poisonous beast, she lashed the whip accurately on the poisonous beast’s eyes, making it roared furiously. Because the poisonous beast was much more powerful than the poisonous plant, Feng Mingyue didn’t dare to let down her guard, she fought extremely seriously. She lifted the red tambourine and rang it, the sound of the tambourine bell was harsh and shrill. The poisonous beast became dizzy, it felt that its mind was so painful as if it had been pricked by countless needles.

Feng Mingyue used one hand to play the red tambourine while her other hand thrashed the whip onto the poisonous body fiercely, she also did not forget to turn to Limu: “Hurry and find its core. My Mind Controlling Bell can only hold it for five minutes!”

Limu nodded and moved forward, he circled the crazy poisonous beast with keen eyes. Then he immediately stopped in front of the poisonous beast, his hand holding the knife tightly, and with his emotionless eyes, Limu used the knife to stab the poisonous beast’s eyes.

The poisonous beast suddenly paused. Afterward, it let out an ear-piercing howl, its body fell straight onto the ground. A fire arrow flew toward it and pierced through its body, burning the poisonous beast into ash.

The group stood still looking at the ashes around them. The four subordinates sat on the ground while gasping for breath, the battle a moment ago was too fierce and also tiresome. But this was their first time fighting with these types of powerful opponents, it was somehow very thrilling for them.

On the other hand, Limu spat out a mouthful of blood, and it was the same goes for the other four men in black. Feng Mingyue unhurriedly walked toward them, she then chuckled: “Looks like I don’t need to force your poison blood out.”

Feng Mingyue crouched down in front of Limu. She took out a package of medicines from the spiritual ring and passed it to Mei Li: “Boil this medicine.”

Mei Li walked over and took the medicine, but she stood still behind Feng Mingyue. In the end, after struggling for some time, she decided to ask: “Miss, we don’t have a pot here. Uh…where can I boil the medicine?”

“Oh, I have one.” Feng Mingyue took out a small pot made of clay from the spiritual ring and gave it to Mei Li. Her expression was still the same as if it was already her habit to bring a pot with her.

The corner of Mei Li’s mouth twitched slightly. The other people naturally saw Feng Mingyue’s action just now and they were momentarily speechless. Among the four men in black, one of the young men who seemed to be the youngest couldn’t control himself from asking: “Lady Mingzhu, why are you bringing a pot with you like this? Is it really important?”

Feng Mingyue looked over at the person who asked her and nonchalantly replied: “Of course it is. Look, we will not get out of the forest tonight. And staying in this place, what can you find to fill your stomach?”

The other party was silent, it was obvious that he didn’t know how to answer.

Feng Mingyue had already expected this. So she said: “Don’t worry, I’ve got everything here. Everyone will not die of hunger.” 

As she talked, she also pulled out a seasoning, meats, as well as a wooden spatula. The other people were dumbfounded when they saw the beautiful lady take out all those things.

Especially the young man who had just asked Feng Mingyue a moment ago. He really wanted to kneel and worship this lady. Coming to this sort of place, she still had the heart to care about those trivial things.

Feng Mingyue put everything back into the spiritual ring, and said: “Okay, I’m showing you this so that you all don’t have to worry about being starved.” Then she turned to Sheng Yi: “You go find some branches but don’t go too far. Also, be careful.”

When everyone had some work to do, Limu sat up straight, his expression was still cold like before: “Why did you come to this kind of dangerous place?”

Feng Mingyue casually sat down beside Limu: “Because I need to find the legendary red muslin.”

There wasn’t any trace of surprise or greed in the man’s eyes: “Aren’t you afraid that I will snatch it away from you by telling me this?”

Feng Mingyue laughed, her posture was very relaxed: “Since you trust me, there is no loss for me to trust you either.”

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