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TLM Chapter 32

This lady, have we known each other before?

The four subordinates immediately shifted their eyes toward their master. Shock and bewilderment had already written all over their face.

No matter how Feng Mingyue had lowered her voice earlier, as long as they were spiritual martial artists, they could still hear it even if they were standing only two feet away from their master. Therefore, what Feng Mingyue had blurted out just now happened to be captured by her subordinates.

Li Qin and Mei Li shared a glance. They had served the Second Miss since they were a child, and in these past years, the Second Miss had never shown her interest in anyone. She always mind her own business, doing something that could make herself become a fool.

So, in conclusion, since she was a child, the Second Miss had never been in a relationship nor was she in love with anyone. Hence, when they heard her blurted out someone’s name like this, they couldn’t help but reckon their brain and tried to find a man’s name in the Shing Capital that matched with the name that the Second Miss had just blundered out.

On the other hand, Feng Mingyue realized what she had said. Thus, she closed her eyes, trying to calm her emotion that suddenly poured out a moment ago. Her emotional gazes just now had already been replaced with a calm and playful look like she used to be.

The man held a small knife in his hand, the knife suddenly flew out from the man’s wrist and slashed one of the poisonous plants in front of him. However, the plant didn’t die, it released more powerful poison instead. The man wanted to avoid it, but the plant had already spread the poison in its body to the surrounding area, making the man had nowhere to escape.

One of the poisonous beasts used this opportunity to rush toward the man in black. Feng Minyue who was watching from afar instantly felt her heart tightened again, she subconsciously stepped forward, wanting to help.

Right at this moment, when the poisonous beast leaped up and was about to bite the man’s neck, a bright golden light appeared and covered the man’s whole body, the bell sound also rang at the same time. The beast was caught off guard because he was attacked by the sound, thus he staggered backward and fell onto the ground.

Everyone in the scene was stunned. Especially Wei Xue, Sheng Yi, the man in black, and the other four men that were kneeling on the ground. As for Feng Mingyue, Mei Li, and Li Qin, the three of them were only startled, then it took only two seconds for them to realize the thing that had saved the man in black.

Seeing that the small golden bell was really effective, Feng Mingyue did not hesitate to take out another two small golden bells, and gave them to Wei Xue and Sheng Yi: “This is the small golden bell that can save you when you are in danger. But remember, it can only save you three times.”

Wei Xue wanted to inquire more about the item that the master gave him. However, Feng Ming didn’t give him a chance at all, she hurriedly explained: “Let Mei Li and Li Qin tell you about what you want to know later on. Right now we still have something more important to do.” Feng Mingyue glanced at the five men that were all seriously injured, and she gave a firm statement to her subordinates, “We must save them.”

The four people were surprised. No, it should be said that their master was not a really soft-hearted person, nor was she a generous person that took the initiative to help others. There must be a reason for her to do that.

Neither Wei Xue nor the other had an objection, thus he asked: “What is your plan, Master?”

Feng Mingyue touched her chin, pondered for a moment, and said: “Since we can’t win against these poisonous plants and beasts with spiritual weapons. Then let us use poison weapons, and fight them by using poison as well.”

The four subordinates couldn’t help but praise Feng Mingyue silently in their hearts. It seemed like their choice to follow such a powerful and smart master was not in vain, they could experience something new too.

Feng Mingyue began to instruct them seriously: “Ah Xue, you can also summon poisonous snakes, so you will be focusing on attacking the Foxglove, this plant will release the poison through its flowers. And what you need to do is to let the poisonous snakes spit out the poison into the flowers.”

Wei Xue: “Understood!”

Feng Mingyue: “Mei Li, you will be attacking the Lily of the Valley, this plant is even more toxic than foxglove. So what you have to do is directly cut off its stem.” Then she turned to Li Qin, “You will be attacking the Wisteria, this vine never uses a long-range attack, it will attack you head-on. Mostly, it will wrap around you before it releases the poison. So be more careful.”

When she finished instructing the three of them, only Sheng Yi was left behind. Feng Mingyue turned to the young man and said with a smile: “Sheng Yi, you have the most important role in this plan. Your weapon is a crossbow. I assumed that you not only have ordinary arrows but also fire arrows, right?”

Sheng Yi was startled, he then nodded solemnly: “Yes.”

Feng Mingyue’s expression eased a lot: “All you have to do is; whenever the other three in your team attack the poisonous plants, you will shoot the fire arrow and burn that plant immediately. In case, when it dies, it will release the poison.”

Sheng Yi: “Understood!”

Feng Mingyue took out a red tambourine and a red whip from the spiritual ring. When the four subordinates saw the newly dazzling red whip that their master took out, they couldn’t help but open their mouths in shock.

On the other hand, Feng Mingyue sighed while looking at the red whip in her hand: “Darling, this is the first time you show yourself, so it’s better to not let me down.”

Li Qin was curious: “Miss, your new weapon can understand human language?”

Feng Mingyue rolled her eyes: “Of course not.”

The others: “…” Then why are you talking to that whip?!

Feng Mingyue didn’t notice her subordinates were blaming her in their heart at all. She only left a sentence to them: “Let’s go!”

Then, she moved forward while playing the red tambourine in her hand, her expression was extremely cold. When the Wisteria wanted to wrap itself around the man in black, Feng Mingyue did not hesitate to use the red whip in her hand to attack that plant.

The Wisteria seemingly aware of the danger, hence it immediately retreated a few steps backward. At that moment, Feng Mingyue had already landed in front of the man in black. She saw that her subordinates also arrived one by one. So, she immediately turned around, took the man’s hand, and checked his pulse.

Feng Mingyue frowned even more deeply, she couldn’t help but look up at the man in front of her and asked softly: “The poison in your body six months ago, you haven’t nullified it yet, right?” She didn’t wait for the man to respond, and asked again, “Why don’t you ask me for help?”

The man in black’s mind was already in chaos, the poison in his body began to act up, making him unable to even stand straight. Thus he could only kneel. Seeing the man’s action, Feng Mingyue was surprised, she also squatted down in front of the man, then she heard him say: “I don’t want to…”

Feng Mingyue subconsciously said the other half of the man’s sentence: “You don’t want to bother someone that you don’t know. You don’t want to owe other people…Am I right?”

The man in black was stunned, he raised his head, only to see a lady in white, half of her face was covered with a white veil, but a medicine and flower scent that came from her body made him remember the lady in red that used to save him. And without a doubt, the person in front of him right now was the same person that had saved him once.

The man tried to open his mouth and asked hoarsely, but his voice was really cold: “This lady, have we known each other before?”

The author has something to say:

All the plants I had written above are indeed poisonous in reality, but it’s not that toxic. Since I couldn’t think of any good name, I decided to pick up the name of the poison plants in reality. And just like I had said earlier, these plants are indeed poison, but some aren’t that highly toxic^^

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