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TLM Chapter 31

Brother Yan...

Elder Hao was stunned for a moment. However, when he saw the jade pendant in Feng Mingyue’s hand, he immediately knelt on one knee, cupping his hand together respectfully: “This subordinate pays his respect to the Sect Leader.”

After witnessing Elder Hao’s behavior, Feng Mingyue also relaxed a little, after all, she wasn’t sure whether the other party would accept her as a new master.

“You can get up.”

“Yes.” Elder Hao stood up before he observed Feng Mingyue. For a while, his eyes revealed so much emotion that even Feng Mingyue was stunned.

“I’ve watched your mother grow from weak to strong. Back then, she was really a talented child. I have never imagined that one day the Sect Leader would be able to find you and entrust the entire Heavenly Sect to you.” Elder Hao revealed a smile, “I’m also relieved.”

“Thank you for your trust, I will not let you down.” Feng Mingyue took off the veil, exposing her stunning beauty. When she smiled, her eyes also curved up, which looked really attractive.

Sheng Yi and Wei Xue were both surprised and shocked at the same time. Their master was much more beautiful than they had expected.

On the other hand, Elder Hao’s expression was still calm and composed. He only gave a faint smile: “You deserved this enchanting look.”

“Thank you.”

Elder Hao gestured to Feng Mingyue, indicating that she should sit. Wei Xue and Sheng Yi also hurriedly stood up and left the seat for their master. Elder Hao picked the teacup and took a sip before asking: “I believe that there will be a reason for you to show your identity to me.”

Feng Mingyue nodded: “Grandmother Shi asked me to explain her death to you. Besides, I also want you to be more cautious when staying in the sect. The reason is I will not reveal myself to the people in the sect, nor will I reveal my identity to let them know.” she continued, “So, those old people who want to become the sect leader will take this chance to achieve their wish. Of course, Grandmother Shi asked you to deal with this, she doesn’t want me to show myself much.”

Upon hearing this, Elder Hao’s expression cracked a little: “This…I have to settle every matter that would occur in the sect from today onward?”

Feng Mingyue nodded: “Yes, even if Grandmother Shi didn’t tell me about this, my decision will be the same as her. But,” She paused, and a smile adorned her lips: “If you can’t deal with the matter, I will settle it in person. After that, for those who know my identity, I will not keep them.”

Sheng Yi seemed to understand his master’s words, and added coldly: “They will be killed.”

Feng Mingyue laughed with satisfaction, she didn’t even forget to give Sheng Yi a thumbs up.

Elder Hao was surprised by this girl’s cruelty. She even said that kind of word without changing her expression. Besides, there wasn’t any trace of spiritual energy around her body at all, was this lass really an ordinary person?

Elder Hao didn’t think so. How could his former master choose someone that was useless? What’s more, Murong Jingya’s daughter wouldn’t be so simple as she appeared.

“Since you have decided it like this. Then, I have no objection.”

Feng Mingyue’s lips curved into a gentle smile. She stood up, and said to Elder Hao: “Our conversation will end here. I still have something to do, so I will take my leave first. Elder Hao, please take care.”

Elder Hao also stood up and sent Feng Mingyue off respectfully. But, when they arrived at Heavenly Sect’s entrance, Feng Mingyue had already hidden in the dark.

When the duo gathered once again, Feng Mingyue told everyone that they would descend the mountain and go to the Deadly Poisonous Forest. The four subordinates were stunned when they heard the name of the forest.

Li Qin was the first to oppose her master’s decision: “That won’t do. How could you go to such a dangerous place?!”

Mei Li also agreed to Li Qin’s words: “Ah Qin is right. Miss, that place is too dangerous.”

Wei Xue on the other hand also heard a little or two about this Deadly Poisonous Forest, so he also expressed his opinion: “I think what Sister Qin and Sister Li said is true. From what I heard, there are too many poisonous plants and beasts there that can kill people. No, even the demons don’t dare to go to such a harmful place.”

Feng Mingyue crossed her arms, leaning against the tree, while lifting her brows and listened to them. When Wei Xue finished his words, Feng Mingyue didn’t say anything, she only shifted her eyes to Sheng Yi. Her behavior was also obvious, which was like ‘It’s your turn to talk.’

Sheng Yi was somehow different from the other three, his posture was extremely relaxed. He said nonchalantly: “Oh, my opinion? Why do I have to waste my words? After all, even if you persuade her until your mouth turns dry, she will never change her mind. So no need to waste your words.”

The other three suddenly realized this, they couldn’t help but smack their forehead. How could they forget about the Second Miss’ personality?

Feng Mingyue chuckled: “Then…shall we set off now?”

Even if the other three were unwilling, they still nodded. Since their master decided to go, they should accompany her. Although the place was dangerous, their master’s safety came first.

The duo took four hours to arrive at the Deadly Poisonous Forest. And it was already evening, the five people looked at the massive forest that was filled with calmness, then all of them turned their eyes to Feng Mingyue at the same time.

Feng Mingyue raised her brows, and said in amusement: “Go in, why are you looking at me like this?”

Afterward, she moved into the forest with a relaxed posture. Apparently, she didn’t care at all whether there was a dangerous existence beside her. The four subordinates quickly followed their master’s footsteps and they didn’t dare to go further away from their master, in case, if anything happened, they could help each other in time.

The trio proceeded to walk forward until they appeared to be in the middle of the forest without any harm. This was unexpected to everyone, even Feng Mingyue was also a little surprised, she even became suspicious.

Li Qin was nonplussed: “This…what happened to this forest?”

Wei Xue: “Until now, we haven’t encountered one poisonous beast or plant.”

Just as Feng Mingyue wanted to voice out her viewpoint, there was a sudden commotion ahead of them. Therefore, she smiled faintly: “This is just what I want to tell everyone here. Those poisonous beasts and plants might currently gather in the same place. I don’t know what they are doing, but we can go and take a look.”

Feng Mingyue didn’t wait for her subordinates to respond, she had already rushed to where the disturbance had occurred earlier. The four people who were left behind by their master could only look at each other before they followed Feng Mingyue at the fastest speed.

However, when they reached where their master was, they suddenly realized that there was something wrong with their master. They saw their master looking into one direction without blinking, hence everyone followed her gaze.

What they saw was a man wearing a black mask, with half of his face covered. At this moment, the man’s lips had already turned purple, evidently he was being poisoned. In front of him were two poisonous beasts and three poisonous plants, none of them knew how powerful those poisonous beasts and plants were.

But they all were very clear in their heart that the man in black was so powerful that even they couldn’t beat him. Besides the man in black, four other men were wearing black masks as well. Nevertheless, these four people were already kneeling on the ground, their condition didn’t seem to be good, and these four people weren’t weak either. So, in conclusion, those poisonous beasts and plants were so strong that even five powerful people still couldn’t defeat them.

And as for their master, the four turned to look at their master, only to notice that the other party seemed to be lost in thought.

Feng Mingyue clenched her trembling hands into fists. She was sure that the man in black was the person that she had saved before. At this moment, he still gave her a familiar feeling, and it was even more obvious than before.

Even though he was facing too many powerful opponents, the man’s expression was still calm, as if even the mountain collapsed in front of him, his face was still unchanged.

His cold eyes were staring fixedly at his opponents. But, this kind of behavior made Feng Mingyue have the urge to go forward and remove the man’s mask.

Long ago, she remembered that her ‘brother’ had once protected her from the kidnapper. Those cold eyes were staring rigidly at the kidnapper, and they weren’t different from the man in black’s eyes, it was precisely the same.

Feng Mingyue couldn’t help but blurted out softly: “Brother Yan…”

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