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TLM Chapter 30

Shi Anling's adopted granddaughter, Feng Mingyue.

Sheng Yi’s eyes widened: “You…how did you know?”

“In this whole continent, only the Han Kingdom royal family take the surname Sheng.” Feng Mingyue shrugged nonchalantly.

She continued: “Don’t worry, I’ll not reveal your true identity to others nor will I question you about your past experience. That is your personal issue, I will not muddle in, but right now you are my people, and what I want from you is loyalty.”

Sheng Yi nodded seriously while cupping his hand together and bowed to the lady in front of him: “Since I decided to follow you, I’ll be loyal to you. You can rest assured, Master.”

Feng Mingyue nodded in satisfaction. She then glanced at Shi Anling’s body, and after a moment, she opened her mouth again: “Sheng Yi and Wei Xue, I have a special task for you to do.”

The two who were called immediately straightened up, as they listened solemnly to what their master would say next.

Feng Mingyue: “I can’t reveal myself for the time being. The death of Grandmother Shi will be an uproared in the whole continent, maybe this is also the other reason that she didn’t allow me to show myself. So, you two will be the one who brings Grandmother Shi’s body back to the Heavenly Sect, while Li Qin, Mei Li, and I will hide in the dark. After you arrive at the Heavenly Sect and settle Grandmother Shi’s body, you have to meet Elder Hao, telling him that there is an important matter to discuss. At that time, I will appear. Do you understand what I mean?”

Both Sheng Yi and Wei Xue nodded seriously: “Yes!”

Feng Mingyue smiled, she took out two black veils from the spiritual ring and handed them to the two men: “Good. Let’s hurry. Also, take this to cover your faces”

Wei Xue took it in puzzlement: “This…?”

Feng Mingyue said jokingly: “You two are so good looking. If people saw both of you, I’m afraid that the situation would be even more troublesome.”

Wei Xue heard this and became embarrassed. He quickly put on the veil. On the other hand, Sheng Yi was a little different from Wei Xue. He realized something: “When we go out in the future, do we have to cover our face like this every time?”

“Yes, You only recognized that I’m Lady Mingzhu after you saw my weapon. But, that isn’t my true identity. And I’ll tell you everything later on. Now let’s finish this matter in hand first.”

The two men nodded. Sheng Yi hurriedly carried Shi Anling’s body on his back and the duo continued to climb the mountain.

When the two arrived at the Heavenly Sect’s entrance, they were stopped by the two disciples of the sect. Both of them had an arrogant look, seemingly didn’t taking Sheng Yi and Wei Xue into their eyes at all.

However, these two disciples still expressed their concern upon seeing their sect leader being carried by Sheng Yi. The young man hurriedly went in to inform the Elders about the matter, while the young girl that looked around fourteen years old helped Sheng Yi put down Shi Anling’s body onto the ground with white silk placed under her body.

After that, the young girl glanced at Sheng Yi and Wei Xue lightly, her eyes were a little red. No one knew if this was really her true emotion or it was just her acting skill.

“Thank you for taking our sect leader back. You can leave.” Her tone carried a hint of domination, it was as if she was commanding Sheng Yi and Wei Xue. There wasn’t any hint of modesty nor gratitude in her tone.

Too arrogant, Wei Xue couldn’t help but think about this word in his heart.

Nevertheless, no matter how the other party’s attitude was, he still needed to complete his task. Therefore, he revealed a gentle smile and said: “We just happened to pass by. Unfortunately, we wouldn’t be able to save her in time, and before she died, Sect Leader Shi also asked us to bring her body back.”

The girl only listened without any intention to respond.

Hence, Wei Xue reluctantly continued by himself and showed his purpose: “Besides, we also want to meet Elder Hao. We want to convey our master’s words to him.”

The young girl finally reacted at this moment, she wrinkled her brows in disapproval: “Who is your master? Do you think Elder Hao is someone you can meet at any time you want?”

Wei Xue’s and Sheng Yi’s expressions immediately turned cold. Even though Feng Mingyue just became their master, they respect her very much. She was not overbearing, and she usually did things in the dark without showing off. What’s more, they noticed that Feng Mingyue’s relationship with the people under her was very good, it could be said to be really close. So, after hearing someone looking down on their master, Sheng Yi and Wei Xue were not happy about it.

On the other hand, after hearing it, Feng Mingyue didn’t take what the young girl said into her heart, she even chuckled happily, which was different from her subordinates who were wearing long faces.

Sheng Yi said coldly: “Watch your words.”

To be honest, he had already endured this girl’s behavior to an extent.

The girl scoffed, apparently she wasn’t afraid of Sheng Yi’s warning at all. She looked up at the two men’s appearance once again. The man that had warned her just now was wearing a dark blue robe, while the other man, who appeared to be gentle, was wearing a green robe, both of them were covering their faces with a black veil. In the end, she couldn’t see their real appearance at all.

Nonetheless, no matter how mysterious these two people were, her Heavenly Sect was still more powerful than them. In any case, she wasn’t afraid of them: “What? Who do you think you are? What right do you have to say this phrase to me?”

Noticing that Sheng Yi’s anger was about to burst out. Wei Xue immediately stepped in to talk, his tone was still as gentle as before: “Please inform Elder Hao first that we want to meet him. And if he doesn’t want to meet us, then we will leave after that.”

The girl let out a mocking laugh, yet before she could she could reply. There was an old man’s voice coming from behind.

“Do these two gentlemen need something from this old one?”

An old man dressed in white walked out from the inside. One of his hands was stroking his long beard, while revealing a smile toward Sheng Yi and Wei Xue.

Seeing their target appear, Sheng Yi’s anger vanished a lot, Wei Xue also breathed a sigh of relief. If they continued to converse with the young girl, maybe in the next second, the battle between Sheng Yi and this young girl might have arisen.

Elder Hao glanced at the girl indifferently, his tone also carried a hint of superiority, with a slight disdain as well: “Just because of your master and family protection, your tail is about to soar up to sky, huh? Shu Ting?”

The girl named Shu Ting turned pale in an instant, she hastily bowed her head, didn’t dare to talk back.

Elder Hao didn’t want to waste his time on such an ignorant child. Thus he ordered: “Go back, and write down the sect rules to reflect yourself. And inform your senior brother that there’s no need for him to call your master over. I’ve already received the guests.”

“This disciple understood.” Shu Ting bowed her head respectfully before she retreated.

Elder Hao looked at Shi Anling who was laying on the ground with her eyes closed. He then ordered the disciples in the sect to take Shi Anling’s body inside, and let them prepare the funeral.

Even though Elder Hao’ face was calm, the emotion in his eyes couldn’t be hidden. After he prepared everything, he invited Sheng Yi and Wei Xue into his personal place.

When the three people were sitting inside the main hall of Elder Hao’s courtyard. None of them spoke, Sheng Yi and Wei Xue looked at each other helplessly, and after knowing that Elder Hao might need to face many problems afterward, they decided to talk first.

“In fact, we are here because we want you to meet your new sect leader.”

Just as Sheng Yi finished this sentence, there was a gust of wind brushed past them, making the hems of their robes swayed. Before Elder Hao could react, the lady dressed in white, with half of her face covered, had already stood in front of him.

The lady raised her slender white hand that was holding the jade pendant up, showing it to Elder Hao, and said lazily: “Shi Anling’s adopted granddaughter, Feng Mingyue.”

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