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TLM Chapter 2

Curing her own illness

“Second Miss?” The young girl’s voice made Feng Mingyue return to reality. She regained her senses, she then glanced at the girl in front of her with calm eyes. This girl should be Li Qiu, the original Feng Mingyue personal maid.

Among all those servants that had served the original host, only four people were loyal to her and these people were also chosen by her mother. Feng Mingyue sighed again in her heart, the former madam was truly considerate. It was a pity that she had such a daughter, but it couldn’t be blamed on the original host entirely either, the original Feng Mingyue had a very bad memory since she was born.

No matter what she had learned, it would be forgotten after some time. And that was also the reason that she couldn’t learn anything. Even if she learned, she couldn’t catch up with it. As a result, she became good for nothing in other people’s eyes.

For some reason, looking at the Second Miss staring at her with such a calm gaze made Li Qiu nervous. There wasn’t any hint of panic, fear nor anxiety in her eyes, which was different from what she used to be. Li Qiu had never seen the Second Miss being so calm like this before.

Feng Mingyue tried to get up, but her body was too weak and she had been sleeping on the bed for a ghost know since when, so Li Qiu came forward and helped her.

“W-water.” Feng Mingyue’s voice was slightly hoarse. Her pale and thin lips were also dry. Hearing this, Li Qiu quickly filled a cup of tea for her master.

Feng Mingyue drank the tea and felt that her body was somewhat a bit better than earlier. She had already detected the illness in her body, it was just a small cold. But, because no one had invited the doctor to check on the original Feng Mingyue, the illness became severe. However, this illness was just a piece of cake in Feng Mingyue eyes, and unequivocally she could cure it.

Feng Mingyue leaned her back against the headboard, she looked around carefully, noticing that this room was really decent and neat. This must be her mother’s courtyard, after her mother passed away, Feng Zhongshan did treat the original host badly.

But, the former madam was the Young Miss of the General of Gan household. So, Feng Zhongshan dared not act impulsively and he decided to leave this courtyard for the original Feng Mingyue to live.

Sudden footsteps were coming from the outside. Soon, a beautiful maid in her twenties came in with a worried face. She came toward Feng Mingyue and checked on her body: “Miss, how are you right now?”

Feng Mingyue looked at the sudden appearance of the other party before she answered slowly: “I’m fine, just my body is too weak.”

“This servant really want to look for the doctor, but if this servant go out right now, those who are in the courtyard will report this to the Family Head.” Li Qin was really anxious, Feng Mingyue had already been in a coma for a week. And right now she was relieved when she saw the Second Miss had woken up.

Feng Mingyue brow pulled together tightly. It turned out that, not only was Feng Zhongshan didn’t want to treat the original host, but he also ordered people not to let the original host find the doctor herself. It seemed that the original host’s father had intended to get rid of her by using this method.

In a second, Feng Mingyue eyes turned cold, a murderous aura that emitted from her body couldn’t be hidden. Li Qin and Li Qiu, who was standing in front of Feng Mingyue, couldn’t help but shiver in fear.

Feng Mingyue closed her eyes, tried to calm down. Reminding herself again and again that she couldn’t act rashly, right now she didn’t have any power in hand yet.

“Cough, cough—” Feng Mingyue coughed rapidly, which made her pale face appeared to be more white as a ghost. Li Qin and Li Qiu were frightened by this, they quickly came to check Feng Mingyue, Li Qiu went to fill another cup of tea for her.

“Miss, this servant will find the doctor, we cannot continue like this, even if this servant get beaten by them.” Li Qin’s eyes were determined. Feng Mingyue looked at her for a moment before revealing a soft smile. Sure enough, the people that were chosen by her mother were born to be loyal.

“No need, bring me a piece of paper and a brush.” Feng Mingyue shook her head and said faintly.

Even if Li Qin was puzzled, she didn’t dare to ask, so she went to look for them. After a moment, Li Qin returned with a piece of paper and a brush in her hand.

Feng Mingyue took the brush and the paper from Li Qin. She began to write down the herbs that would use to treat her current illness.

Feng Mingyue waited for the ink to dry, then she handed the paper to Li Qin: “Buy these herbs. Remember, don’t let others know that you are going out.”

“This servant understood.” Li Qin took the paper and went out. While Li Qiu was helping Feng Mingyue back to rest. Her body was still weak, it was already a miracle for Feng Mingyue to hold on until now to talk to the two maids.

Time went by, when Feng Mingyu woke up again, it was already the next day. Therefore, she let Li Qiu boil the medicine. And after drinking the medicine, Feng Mingyue felt that her body was a little better, her complexion was also not as pale as before. She then took another day to rest in order to make her health returned to normal.

The two maids were also happy and surprised at the same time. They had never thought that the Second Miss knew medical skills. However, Feng Mingyue had told them not to reveal this matter to others, thus the two girls nodded and promised her to do so. They were loyal toward the Second Miss, no matter what she ordered them to do, they would do it without any hesitation.

Today, Feng Mingyue was sitting lazily in front of the mirror, waiting for the two maids to finish their duty.

“Miss, we’re done.”

From the beginning to the end, Feng Mingyue had been closing her eyes all the time. And when she opened her eyes, her expression changed instantly, the lady in front of the mirror was in her eighteen. However, the makeup and clothes that she wore were extremely old-fashioned.

Feng Mingyue said coldly: “What do you mean by this?”

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