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TLM Chapter 26

Two more loyal subordinates

A week ago, Feng Mingyue wanted to know how many items her mother had stored in the spiritual ring. Hence, she checked through the spiritual ring one by one until she came across this ancient scroll.

When she read every information that was contained in the ancient scroll, Feng Mingyue became interested with this spiritual weapon. Therefore, she decided to take a trip to the place where the ancient scroll mentioned.

However, Feng Mingyue had never imagined that the spiritual weapon she was interested in was actually this famous and it even became the main target of many experts. Somehow, she felt that it would cause an uproar if this legendary red muslin emerged in the continent once again.

Nevertheless, as long as it was the thing that Feng Mingyue wanted. Of course, she had to obtain it.

Mei Li was a little worried: “Miss, if we leave the manor for too long. People in the manor will become suspicious.”

Feng Mingyue smiled: “Don’t worry. Aren’t Mei Hui and Li Qiu still there? The two will handle this matter.”

Both Li Qin and Mei Li breathe a sigh of relief. How could they actually forget these two girls? Although Mei Hui and Li Qiu were younger than them, they couldn’t underestimate the ability and cleverness of these two.

Feng Mingyue stood up, with a smile, she said: “Alright, let’s go. Let’s ascend the Celestial Mountain first. We have to rely on fate whether we can find any martial artist there that can attract my attention.”

Three elegant ladies were walking up the mountain leisurely, Feng Mingyue hummed a tune while glancing around. The Celestial Mountain was actually living up to its name. The mountain itself was really beautiful.

While the duo were walking happily, they suddenly sensed the demon’s aura from a distance. Feng Mingyue stopped her pace, she turned to look at Mei Li and Li Qin. The two maids nodded their heads, indicating that they also sense the demon’s aura.

Hence, the three of them didn’t back down, yet they advanced forward to where the aura came from. When they were getting closer to the destination, the three heard the sound of people battling.

Feng Mingyue and the trio didn’t have any intent to proceed forward. They stood a bit far away from the scene while looking at the demon and two men fighting. Feng Mingyue raised her brows, looking at the two men with interest. These two guys were obviously not weak, but it was a pity that they had encountered a demon that was one level higher than them.

Besides, one of them was already injured. Therefore, the demon had already gained an upper hand. Feng Mingyue gave Mei Li and Li Qin a look. The two immediately nodded their heads before they moved forward to join the battle as well.

The demon and the two men were surprised by the sudden appearance of another two women. Mei Li and Li Qin didn’t waste any words with the three of them, they just continued to attack the demon. Because these two ladies just appeared out of the blue and fought with him, the demon also didn’t let down his guard.

Seemingly, he was already in a disadvantageous situation. These two ladies clearly had the same martial art level as the two men. Furthermore, these two people haven’t been injured like the two men yet, hence if the demon didn’t take the fight seriously, he might be the one that got harmed instead.

Feng Minyue wasn’t at all worried about the battle between the demon and her two maids. After all, she was already confident in her heart that the two would win, even if the demon was stronger than them by one level. As long as these two joined hands, the situation would reverse.

The two men were already sitting on the side. One of them was helping his companion dealing with the injuries. Feng Mingyue walked over, squatting down in front of the two. She gave each one of them a pill, there was a hint of a smile in her tone: “Take this pill. It will help you recover your energy and also slowly heal your injuries.”

The two men share a glance. Then, they turned to look at the lady in front of them at the same time. One of the men asked: “Why did you want to save us?”

Feng Mingyue also responded to him casually: “I took a fancy of your talent and courage. You two are only an Earth Level Spiritual Martial Artist, yet you dare to fight head on with the demon. Apparently, you are not afraid of death at all.”

The two were stunned upon hearing what Feng Mingyue had said. They finally understood one thing, this lady in white was more powerful than them!

First, after seeing her give them pills, they thought that she was a pill master or a doctor, yet the two of them had never thought that the lady who had no spiritual energy emitting from her body at all, was actually a Spiritual Martial Artist!

Seeing that the two didn’t react for so long. Feng Mingyue quickly urged them to take the pill, otherwise, their injuries would be more serious.

The two men took a look at the light blue pill in their hand. For some reason they felt unreal.


No matter what type of pills it was, they were all precious. Most people didn’t even have the heart to give it to others since the things were really valuable. But, there was still an exception. For example, the gorgeous lady in front of them.

After they thought twice, the two men put the pills in their mouths. After swallowing the pill, they suddenly felt the spiritual energy that had been weakened just now flowing in their bodies once again, and the amount of the spiritual energy was much more than that of the previous one. Even the injuries on their body also began to heal one by one.

The two men quickly knelt on one knee, cupping their hands together. While bowing their heads, they said gratefully to the person in front of them: “Thank you so much benefactor for saving our lives.”

Then the two glanced at each other before they revealed a smile and said to Feng Mingyue: “Since you saved our lives. We are willing to serve you for the rest of our life.”

Feng Mingyue stood up, feeling really satisfied in her heart. After all, she had already decided to take these two talented people under her. And since the other parties were already willing to serve her, she also had no problem with it.

She waved her hand lazily: “Alright, alright. Since you are ready to be my people, I will let my girls explain to you two in detail about us.”

Just when the guys were about to respond. They heard a commotion on Mei Li and Li Qin’s side, and when the three of them looked over, they saw the demon was being held down by the two beautiful girls.

Feng Mingyue clapped her hand and said proudly: “You two have improved quite a lot.”

Li Qin hurriedly sealed the demon’s amputation point. The two maids cupped their hands together and said modestly: “You flatter us, miss.”

Feng Mingyue didn’t say anything, she just let out a laugh and walked unhurriedly toward the demon. The beautiful lady in white squatted down in front of the demon.

Her eyes turned cold in an instant: “Since they already become one of my people, then I can’t let you die so easily.”

The two men who accidentally heard this were surprised, they couldn’t help but feel warmth in their hearts.

The demon seemed to be not afraid of the person in front of him at all. He sneered: “You want to kill me by relying on your two maids?” The demon guffawed: “You all truly underestimate me.”

Just as the demon finished this sentence, the rustling sound of many footsteps could be heard from the distance. The demon aura was so strong that Mei Li, Li Qin, and the two men had already knelt on the floor and spit out a mouthful of blood.

Feng Mingyue turned to look at her people, then she shifted her gaze to the demon in front of her with a cold look.

There wasn’t any hint of panic in the lady in white’s eyes. Feng Mingyue’s behavior suddenly made the demon feel uneasy. Nevertheless, he tried to comfort himself, he still had many people by his side, while this lady’s people had already been injured by the demons’ aura. Hence, after solacing himself like this, the demon somehow felt a bit better.

On the other hand, Feng Mingyue stood up. She crossed her arms, raising her brows, looking down at the demon, who was still kneeling on the ground. She then said to the demon languidly: “Don’t regret it later.”

The demon: “???”

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