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TLM Chapter 25

The Legendary Red Muslin

On the first floor of the tea house, there were coughing sounds coming from behind the white silk curtain. It was the lady in white, with half of her face covered, one of the maids hurriedly passed the handkerchief to her master.

“Miss, are you alright?” Li Qin patted the back of Feng Mingyue lightly with a worried face.

“Damn! This completely caught me off guard!” Feng Mingyue wiped her mouth with the handkerchief that was handed by Li Qin before she cursed softly. Earlier, she was drinking tea leisurely, listening to those people gossiping, she felt that they were interesting.

However, who would have imagined that the topic suddenly shifted to Dark Lord Limu and Lady Mingzhu?

Feng Mingyue, who had just taken another sip of tea, was choked by this ‘Lady Mingzhu was Dark Lord Limu’s partner’ sentence.

Mei Li covered her mouth and chortled silently, yet Feng Mingyue still caught a glimpse of her.

“Ahem!” Mei Li sensed that the Second Miss was looking at her. Therefore, she immediately straightened up, trying to retrainted the urge to laugh once again.

Still, in the end, Mei Li couldn’t hold back. Thus, she hastily apologized: “Please pardon me, miss.”

After that, she laughed until tears fell from her eyes. On the other hand, Li Qin who had controlled herself not to laugh also couldn’t hold back anymore. After seeing Mei Li laughing, she also followed.

Feng Mingyue looked at her two maids who were bursting into laughter with a grievance, feeling a bit embarrassed.

It wasn’t hard for her to guess the reason why the two were laughing. Since her past life, Feng Mingyue had always been carefree and idle, sometimes she was also a thick skin person, seemingly not minding much about people talking bad or good about her, and she always gained an upper hand when she counterattacked with words.

Nevertheless, there was still an exception. For example, if someone suddenly came and declared that she was his woman; Feng Mingyue would be stunned speechless on the spot.

Glancing at the two beautiful maids who had already laughed enough. Feng Mingyue cleared her throat and asked: “By the way, who is that Dark Lord Limu? Seems like everyone really admired him.”

After listening to the people in the tea house gossiping about many things. Feng Mingyue suddenly became interested in this Dark Lord Limu that everyone talked about. It seemed like this person was also powerful and mysterious, even the monarchs from each kingdom didn’t dare to offend him.

As for the other sects that were located outside, even more unwilling to provoke this legendary figure. So, in other words, who was exactly this person? Feng Mingyue was really curious.

A moment ago, the two maids were laughing heartily. However, at this time, they were momentarily speechless. Cough, their master was really an ignorant person who clearly didn’t care much about the outside world.

The three had been sitting in the tea house for about two hours already. Besides, the Second Miss appeared to be interested in the topics that those people had discussed, she didn’t have any intention to move forward yet.

Nevertheless, after listening for the whole two hours, the Second Miss only revealed a slight curiosity and asked them ‘Who is the Dark Lord Limu’?

In other words, for the whole two hours after listening to the people around here gossiped. How much news did their master know?

Li Qin could only hold back the corner of her mouth not to twitch, and explained to Feng Mingyue calmly: “As you already heard, Dark Lord Limu is the powerful expert that most people didn’t dare to offend. Furthermore, he is also the true master of the Dark Palace. There are many experts in the Dark Palace, and those people are also mysterious. Even if you meet them face to face, you can’t even see their true appearance, they all wore a black mask, just exactly the same as their master, Dark Lord Limu.”

Feng Mingyue raised her brows in interest: “Oh? Really that powerful and mysterious?”

Mei Li on the side added: “What even makes everyone amazed about the people from the Dark Palace is because this Dark Palace is located on Jiangshi Mountain. There are a lot of demons and demonic beasts residing on that mountain. Yet, after the Dark Palace appeared, those demons and demonic beasts, some died and some were under the Dark Palace control.”

Feng Mingyue placed her left elbow on the table, resting her chin on her left hand, a dazzling smile adorned on her lips: “Do you want to be like them?”

“Ah?” The two maids were bewildered.

Feng Mingyue ignored the puzzlement on Mei Li and Li Qin’s faces. She continued: “Powerful as them. Do you want to become like that? Becoming someone that everyone admired.”

Li Qin scratched her nose in a somewhat shy manner: “Miss, during these six months, you already helped us progress a lot.”

Mei Li also nodded in agreement: “Besides, our brothers and sisters also improved so much. Everyone felt really grateful toward you, I think it doesn’t take long for us to shine.”

Yes, the brothers and sisters that Mei Li referred to were actually the people from the Phoenix Shadow Guard and Black Panther Shadow Guard. Within these six months, besides the four maids who were teaching them, Feng Mingyue also counted as one of their mentors.

Whenever Feng Mingyue taught, those people didn’t dare to complain. Because this gorgeous lady was really fierce when teaching people. Her expression was so serious that they even had an illusion that the lady in front of them was not the cheerful and idle Second Miss.

Feng Mingyue laughed upon hearing this. She glanced through the window, looking at the scene outside with a thoughtful gaze: “I’m not sure when we will return to the capital.”

The two maids were surprised, since the beginning, the Second Miss was really meticulous. This was the first time that she did things without any plan beforehand.

Mei Li suddenly recalled something. Thus, she asked: “Miss, aren’t we here today to find two more subordinates?”

Feng Mingyue withdrew her gaze, picking up the tea to take a sip: “Yes. But there is another thing that I have to do.”

Li Qin was curious: “What is it, miss?”

Feng Ming didn’t say anything further, she put the teacup on the table. Then, she played with the spiritual ring in her hand for a few seconds before taking out an ancient scroll by placing it on the table for the two maids to take a look.

Mei Li was taken back by the sudden appearance of the scroll: “Miss, this is…?”

Feng Mingyue opened the scroll, revealing a portrait of a demonic fox sleeping in a cave. There was a floating red muslin behind it.

Li Qin and Mei Li’s eyes widened in shock. Li Qin finally found her voice: “This is the legendary red muslin?!”

Feng Mingyue lifted her brows, glancing at Li Qin with interest.

Li Qin hastily explained: “Legend said that this red muslin was created by one of the most powerful demonic beasts, nonetheless it didn’t mention which demonic beasts who created it. But…” She paused, looking at the scroll with shining eyes: “There was a scroll that was drawn by the demonic beast itself about the red muslin. However, it had been hundreds of years, but no one could find that scroll. I have never thought that it would fall into your hand, miss.”

Mei Li also added: “Furthermore, this red muslin was really powerful during that era, it said that the red muslin could burn people to death after they were wrapped by it. The red muslin itself also had consciousness, and it could hide its own aura that couldn’t make people recognize it as well.”

“However, after the demonic fox’s death, the red muslin also disappeared. Many experts from all over the continent had never given up on finding this powerful spiritual weapon.”

Li Qin pondered a bit before she said: “But why did they never give up on this spiritual weapon? As far as I remember, the red muslin is also a picky spiritual weapon. Even if you found it, it might not even recognize you as its master.”

Hearing this, Feng Mingyue raised her eyebrows once again: “Really that troublesome?”

Mei Li revealed a gentle smile: “Miss, this is the legendary red muslin, many people valued it so much. Moreover, it also had an intelligence like people, indeed, it couldn’t speak. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t an arrogant spiritual weapon.”

“Oh? This is interesting.” Feng Mingyue tapped her finger on the red muslin portrait, her eyes flashed with mysterious light.

Li Qin asked: “Miss, are you planning on finding this legendary red muslin?”

Feng Mingyue looked at Li Qin lazily: “Yes, this scroll had been in my spiritual ring since the beginning but I have never paid any attention to it. It was only a week ago, I suddenly caught a glimpse of this thing.”

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