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TLM Chapter 24

Lady Mingzhu and Dark Lord Limu

After everyone presumed that Lady Mingzhu was also an expert. There was another sudden piece of rumor.

Two months ago, the demons unexpectedly appeared and made trouble by killing many commoners in Hu, especially people who lived near the city gate.

The sudden appearance made the Emperor caught off guard. Even if he sent his underlings to deal with this matter, nonetheless, he was unable to stop those demons.

One day, there was a man who came back from visiting his paternal family. The man was walking on the desolate path that people usually didn’t dare to wander during the night. They were afraid that they would run into the demons.

However, this unfortunate man had been away from the Shing Capital for some time. Thus, he wasn’t aware of this news at all.

Walking on the soundless road in the gloomy night, the man began to shiver uncontrollably. He felt chill all over his body, yet before he could proceed forward, there was a figure appearing in front of him.

The figure was tall and strong. But, within one glance, the man could determine in an instant that the figure that was standing in front of him now was a demon.

The man was frightened out of his wits. The demon’s appearance was extremely ugly, this was probably a low-level demon that couldn’t change into a decent human form yet.

The man started to retreat, intending to escape from the demon claws. Nevertheless, how could the demon let him run away so easily?

Before the man could flee, the demon had already caught his right arm, pulling him over. Then, the man saw the demon raising his powerful hand, and moved toward him.

The man trembled, he closed his eyes, thinking that this was his last moment. Yet, there was a bell sound that came from the dark, breaking the quietness.

The demon’s hand that was currently holding the man quivered. Then, the demon hurriedly let go of the man, it used its two hands to press on its ears before screaming painfully.

However, the bell didn’t end, the sound became more and more intrusive. The demon couldn’t hold on anymore, it knelt on the ground, clutching its own head while shrieking in agony.

Blood flew out of the demon’s eyes and nose. The demon’s howl also became softer than before until it was inaudible.

Then, the demon’s body fell to the ground. It was dead. The whole area was silent and returned to its calm atmosphere once again. The man stood stunned on the spot.

Before he could react, a figure in red appeared in front of him under the moonlight. The lady’s face was covered entirely, making him unable to catch a glimpse of the beauty hidden inside it. She also held a red tambourine in her hand, that should be the weapon that had killed the demon earlier.

Nonetheless, seeing the sudden appearance of this lady. The man had already guessed that she was the one who saved him a moment ago, thus he hastily knelt on the ground, kowtowed to the lady in red three times, and said gratefully: “Thank you, benefactor, for saving this lowly one life.”

“Um, you can leave. The demon is already dead. There’s no harm for you to continue moving forward.” A gracious voice came under the veil, then the lady in red disappeared into the darkness.

The man recalled the appearance of the benefactor once more before he continued to walk home. The next day he told this incident to his neighbor and his family.

He also said that the lady was dressed in red, she had a red tambourine as her weapon, which looks really powerful. From that day onward, everyone had already assumed that the lady’s identity after the Mingzhu Residence emerged.

In one of the tea houses near the city gate. Many people, both old and young, men and women, were gossiping endlessly about everything that had occurred in the Shing Capital.

At the corner of the tea house, sat two young men. Suddenly one of the men asked curiously: “I’m wondering whether Lady Mingzhu is a married woman?”

The other man, who appeared to be his companion, took a sip of tea before responding: “Ah Zhao, why did you ask about this out of the blue?”

The man named Ah Zhao waved his hand. Sighing, he said: “You know, two days ago, I just went to the book shop. And what I’ve seen at the time was the novels that were written about Dark Lord Limu and Lady Mingzhu.” He hesitated, “Er…it seemed to be romance novels.”

Ah Zhao’s companion laughed. He asked casually: “You are just aware of this now?”

“Ah? What do you mean?” Ah Zhao was puzzled.

“What I wanted to say is that during these months, lots of people thought that Lady Mingzhu was Dark Lord Limu’s partner.”

Ah Zhao’s eyes were about to pop out, he inquired in surprise: “…Aren’t they afraid that Dark Lord Limu and Lady Mingzhu would be displeased?!” Then he whispered: “Especially Dark Lord Limu…”

Three years ago, it was the day when many demons came out of seclusion and started to slaughter people in the Hu Kingdom. At that time, many commoners in Hu died, the emperor was also helpless. Yet, three days after the incident, the demons in the Hu Kingdom suddenly reduced by half within one night.

The demons were killed one after another every night, as for who was the one behind this massacre, no one knew. It was only until the demons began to retreat, seemingly afraid of death, did the rumors spread around the Hu Kingdom, and this event was also known by the other three kingdoms.

The rumor said it was a man, wearing a black robe, half of his face was covered with a black mask. His name was Limu, and since he always appeared during the night to slaughter, everyone began to call him Dark Lord Limu.

Besides these sorts of rumors, there were some other mocking and insulting words such as-

“Legendary Dark Lord Limu?! Heh, this is really absurd!”

“What kind of legendary figure is this?! It was all fake!”

“If he’s really that powerful, why not appear during the day?!”

“That was all fake, he only wanted to show off, act as a hero. In fact, he is just a weak chicken!”

However, it was only one day, the people who had ridiculed Dark Lord Limu suddenly came out and asked for forgiveness from him. Within what had happened that day, no one dared to insult this legendary hero again. And there were also several people saying that Dark Lord Limu was a type of person that liked to take action more than talk.

He was cold and aloof, simply an existence that made people feel hard to approach. But, these were all just rumors. Still, some people said that they had seen Dark Lord Limu with their own eyes when he saved people. Just by seeing his appearance and behavior, they had already guessed in their heart that this expert was indeed difficult to approach.

Ah Zhao’s companion also remembered what had happened those years, he said softly: “I don’t know. But, since the day that everyone began to gossip saying that Lady Mingzhu was Dark Lord Limu’s partner. Nothing has happened, so everyone becomes bold and assumes that what they had said was true. After all, the two legendary figures didn’t disapprove of this.”

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