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TLM Chapter 19

Middle-level Spiritual Martial Artist (2)

Murong Shen narrowed his eyes slightly: “Five days? How can you do that in five days?”

Feng Mingyue inhaled a deep breath and blew it out slowly: “I…last time when I woke up from a coma, I suddenly remembered everything that I had learned before. At that time…I-I was really excited so I decided to give it a try whether I could become a martial artist. Thus…this is the result…”

If the four maids were here and heard what Feng Mingyue had said just now. They would certainly become doubtful again. Feng Mingyue waited patiently for the others to react, somehow she was confident. After hearing her explanation earlier, everyone would not suspect her again.

“This is a miracle!” Sure enough, Murong Nuying brushed her palm together excitedly. Her eyes were already shining brightly when staring at her little cousin.

Murong Shen also nodded in agreement, there was also a hint of blithe in his tone: “That’s great, your mother must be very happy if she knows that you will become strong in the future.”

Wen Yan couldn’t hold back anymore, thus she sobbed silently. Murong Zhu hurriedly went to pat his wife’s back to comfort her. He knew that his wife also love Yue’er as much as their daughter. However, in these past years, Yue’er didn’t seem to really like his wife very much, which made her really upset.

Therefore, what Wen Yan could do was only watching Yue’er from a distance, and sometimes she also protected her secretly. Now, knowing that Yue’er had already become a martial artist and could protect herself, only Murong Zhu knew how happy his wife was.

Feng Mingyue also caught a glimpse of Wen Yan and Murong Zhu behavior. She put on the spiritual ring and stroked it leisurely, while her brows furrowed, trying to look through the original host memory that was related to Wen Yan, her first aunt-in-law.

It turned out that the original Feng Mingyue didn’t like this first aunt in law that much because Wen Yan always lectured her about her safety. Furthermore, she also advised the original host not to be too close to those stepsisters. This was Wen Yan’s good intention toward the original Feng Mingyue.

However, the other party obviously didn’t appreciate it, she even thought that Wen Yan was really an irksome person and liked to bug her every time about those matters. The original host even compared her mother to Wen Yan and one day, the original host said it frankly toward Wen Yan without hiding her disdain: “You are not my mother, you don’t have the right to lecture me!”

This sentence was enough to make Wen Yan distracted for the whole day. She was still in a state of disbelief, however, from then on, Wen Yan had never meddled in the original host life again, which made the original Feng Mingyue quite satisfied.

None of the people in General of Gan knew about this matter. After saying that sentence toward Wen Yan on that day, the original host had already forgotten about it and she also didn’t have any intent on bringing up this topic again. As for Wen Yan, Murong Zhu had noticed his wife’s feelings, and he also understood his wife really well, thus even if Wen Yan didn’t say anything, he could still guess that the matter was related to the original Feng Mingyue.

Feng Mingyue shook her head speechlessly. She had never thought that such a person could really exist in this world. Moreover, It wasn’t strange for everyone to call the original host a fool, this girl indeed had no brain. After pondering for a moment, Feng Mingyue decided to talk to Wen Yan and apologized to her.

Of course, she wasn’t as stupid as the original Feng Mingyue, it was better to correct herself and leave a good impression on Wen Yan. Even though she knew that first aunt-in-law had never regarded her as an unprincipled child, Feng Mingyue still couldn’t ignore what the original host had done.

“First Uncle, First Aunt.” Feng Mingyue called the two softly.

Wen Yan was startled. Thus, she quickly wiped the tears off her face, Murong Zhu was also stunned.

“What’s the matter Yue’er?” Wen Yan asked nervously.

“Nothing, I just want to talk to you.” Feng Mingyue shook her head and said with a smile, then she turned toward Murong Zhu: “First Uncle, can you give us some time?”

Murong Zhu apparently was a little hesitant, worrying that his niece would say something that made his wife countenance again.

Web Yan understood her husband’s concern, so she reassured him: “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Since his wife already stated this, Murong Zhu could only reluctantly leave.

“First Aunt, I’m sorry for what I had done in the past. That was all my fault, I shouldn’t have said those kinds of rude words toward you. It was my stupidity that I didn’t realize your good intentions at that time.” Feng Mingyue bowed her head and apologized to the person in front of her humbly.

She was the sort of person who didn’t like to bow to others. However, if she was the one who was in the wrong, then she didn’t mind admitting her mistake.

Wen Yan was obviously surprised by this. She had never thought that one day this little girl would bow toward her. Therefore, When Yan hurriedly replied: “No, I don’t mind about it at all. Or to put it bluntly, I already forgot about it. It is in the past anyway so we shouldn’t think about it.”

Feng Mingyue knew that Wen Yan had never forgotten about what had happened. She sighed helplessly, thinking that this First Aunt was really a respectable woman. The original host was really imperceptive, she actually overlooked such a kind-hearted woman.

Feng Mingyue pondered for a moment before she suggested: “If that’s the case, then can I hug you as an apology instead?”

Web Yan was stupefied. After a brief moment did she react. She nodded promptly, there was also a hint of adoration in her tone: “Yes, yes.”

Hence, the two hugged each other lovingly, just like a pair of mother and daughter. After they separated, Feng Mingyue saw Murong Nuying run from the distance toward them.

Murong Nuying came over: “Mother.”

Wen Yan also nodded back with a smile: “If you have something to talk about then go ahead. I will look for your father.”

After Wen Yan walked away, Murong Nuying shifted closer to Feng Mingyue before she whispered: “Look, grandfather was already shaking. From the beginning to the end, we haven’t heard him say anything after you reveal your strength. Don’t you think our old man is furious?”

What Murong Nuying had said, by some means made Feng Mingyue at a loss for words. Looking at her grandfather’s stern face, yet his body was trembling. Feng Mingyue believed that her old man was furious right now, but he couldn’t blame her either for concealing the matter.

In the present situation, this was only her secret advantage!

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