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TLM Chapter 1

New World

Feng Mingyue tried to open her eyes as much as she could. However, there seemed to be a strong force that made her eyelids turn numb, while her head hurt so much that it was about to split into two. Every corner of her body was burning and itching, it was really painful that it became senseless.

Even if her body was in pain, Feng Mingyue couldn’t forget about what had happened earlier. As far as she remembered, she got into a car accident and died. Halfway through her thought, Feng Mingyue suddenly heard people talking, it was not too loud nor too low. The voices seemed to be in the distance, and she could only hear it vaguely.

Once again, Feng Mingyue struggled to open her eyes. Then, a white curtain emerged in her field of vision. Her eyes became blank for a moment before it turned into focus.

Right now she was laying on the bed, the white curtain dropped down blocking the outside views. Feng Mingyue struggled hard in an attempt to get up, however, because her current body was too weak, she fell back heavily onto the bed.

“Second Miss! You’re awake!” A young female voice could be heard from the outside. The white curtain was lifted, revealing a seventeen years old young girl.

Feng Mingyue stared at the girl for a moment. Then, a memory that didn’t belong to her suddenly crashed wildly into her mind. It turned out that after the car accident, she wasn’t dead. Yet, she was transmigrated into the Second Miss of the Marquis of Ushi body.

The host was also named Feng Mingyue. But, she was really different from her, the original owner’s life could be counted as tragic because she was not a genius, nor was she good at anything.

The original host’s body was fine, she had spiritual energy. However, she couldn’t learn martial arts, thus she couldn’t become a spiritual martial artist. Furthermore, she couldn’t even learn how to dance, couldn’t play guqin, couldn’t draw, couldn’t ride a horse, and she even couldn’t become a good archer.

Last year, on the crown prince’s birthday. Feng Mingyue had made a fool of herself because of her sisters. They asked her to dance while praising that she could dance beautifully. Hence, the original Feng Mingyue was tempted by those words, she decided to dance. But, she clearly knew that she couldn’t do it, yet she resisted doing it, thus she ended up as the laughing stock in the entire Shing Capital.

Everyone always called her good for nothing, but no one dared to ridicule nor insult her because the original host’s mother was a divine doctor, and her martial art skill was also high, that could be count as an expert. Therefore,everyone didn’t have the guts to treat the original owner harshly. Still, if the original host was alone or her mother wasn’t by her side, there would be her stepsister who came and bullied her.

And why did they have the courage to do that?

Wasn’t it because the original host just stood on the spot and let them curse? What’s more, the original host didn’t dare to even open her mouth and tell her mother about what had happened, so those sisters began to bully her more and more.

Nevertheless, not all the siblings in the family did that to her. Most sisters that dared to act like this toward the original Feng Mingyue were her first and third sisters. It could be said that, after the death of her mother, their mother became the madam in the manor.

And those two sisters came to be more and more violent. They slapped her, framed her, kicked her, and sometimes, those two didn’t even let the servants serve her food.

Yes, the courtyard was her authority. But, she was a good nothing Second Miss without her mother as a backer. And the two sisters who harmed her every time had their mother, the current madam, as the backer. So, the servants who were clever enough would, without a doubt, listen to the two sisters.

Regardless of what had happened toward the original host. Feng Zhongshan, as the father didn’t even bat his eyelids. He simply turned blind eyes to everything that had occurred on his second daughter. Since she was good for nothing, why waste time caring about her?

Day went by, the original host lived in a life that was tantamount to hell. Because she had been tormented so many times, her body gradually weakened, plus her mental state that was also about to collapse, the original Feng Mingyue became ill. First, she didn’t want her maids to notify her father about this matter.

However, the illness in her body began to become more and more severe. In the end, Feng Mingyue decided to let her father know. But, what was the result?

Feng Zhongshan turned deaf, he tossed this second daughter aside, ignoring her existence. He didn’t even invite any doctor to check on her. Only at that time, the original host realized how naive she was.

Before her death, the original Feng Mingyue hoped that someone could take revenge for her, and could make those who used to hurt her die thousand times more miserable than her. And thus, the soul of the current Feng Mingyue who had just died in the car accident came to reside in her body.

After going through all these memories of the original host, Feng Mingyue sighed inwardly. They had the same name, yet their fate was truly different, just like heaven and earth. In her past life, she was the Young Miss of the Feng Family, a business family that could be counted as the most powerful and rich, the Feng Family was equal foot to the Long Family, and these two families also had a really good relationship, which they regarded each other as sworn brother and sister.

Since heaven gave her a second chance to live, Feng Mingyue would cherish this life, and she would also take revenge for the original host, as a repayment that the host allowed her to live in this body.

The author has something to say:

Hi there~~

I am just a nobody who loves to write and read in my free time, this is the first story that I write in English and it had been on my writing list for about seven months already. So, in the end, I decided to release it in public, just to give myself a try, and see whether I can walk on this path^^

If there is any grammatical mistake in the story, do tell me and I’ll correct it in the future. Also, please have some mercy on me. Hehe~

Our female lead is typically a genius. She is also lazy and playful, but the person that she teased the most is clearly our male lead. And what is our male lead reaction at that time?

[Small theatre]

Feng Mingyue: Handsome~

A certain lord: [expressionless]

Feng Mingyue: Hubby~

A certain lord: [wooden face]

Feng Mingyue: Husband~

A certain lord: Yes. [a deadpan face]

Feng Mingyue: …

Feng Mingyue: I quit! [storm off]

This story is indeed lead onto the cultivation path, however, everything was all my imagination, including name, place, and so on. This is also a slow burn, mostly focus on the female lead, but don’t worry there is still a romantic partsヽ(^O^)ノ

Once again, this is my first time published an English novel, there should be many mistakes but I will try my best to improve myself as fast as possible.୧〳 ^ ౪ ^ 〵୨

Lastly, I hope everyone will enjoy this story^^

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