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TLM Chapter 15

On the way to visit Maternal Grandfather (2)

Suddenly hearing the remark, a mocking smile emerged on Feng Mingyue’s beautiful face under the white veil.

On the other end, being threatened like this, Mei Li’s voice was still calm: “Oh, please pardon us, this one doesn’t want to know who you are nor who is your master, this one only wants to pass this road peacefully.”

The young man bellowed: “Impudent! You dare to say such a thing in front of Viscount Zhu?!”

The young man was too loud this time, which attracted many bystanders’ attention. Some of the people who heard this even gasped in shock, feeling rather sympathy toward the young lady who said something impetuously.

The Viscount Zhu that the young man referred to was indisputably Yang Wencheng, the Grand Preceptor’s youngest son. Even if his title was just a Viscount, everyone in the Hu Kingdom already knew that he was the Empress’s younger brother, and people in the Grand Preceptor manor also spoiled him greatly. That man was so conceited of himself and always loved to stick with beauty, he also liked to fool around in brothels every day. But, the Grand Preceptor just turned blind eyes and let him do whatever he wanted.

The young man thought that the lady in front of him would be frightened and immediately kowtow to apologize sincerely. Yet, when he glanced at her, she was still as calm as before, her face remained unchanged.

Then before the young man could speak, a magnetic voice sounded from the carriage: “Oh? There’s still someone who dares to behave so courageously in front of this lord?”

A man came out from the carriage. He was wearing gray embroidery, and there was also a fan in his hand.

“My Lord.” The servants hurriedly bow their heads, yet Mei Li was still standing motionless without any intention to bow toward the other party.

Seeing the other person’s appearance, the child who was beaten on the ground, quickly crawled toward Mei Li. He didn’t even dare to shed tears, there was also a hint of panic in his eyes.

“Heh, this lady is not bad looking, who is your master? I want to buy you.” Yang Wencheng’s voice was raucous.

Feng Mingyue who was listening from the beginning to the end inside the carriage immediately turned gloomy. The three other girls’ expressions weren’t different either. They were so angry that they were about to rush out and beat that bastard.

This Viscount Zhu is truly bold, he even dared to humiliate their family Mei Li!

Three gazes directly shifted toward Feng Mingyue whose expression was really dark, as if she would kill anyone at any moment.

How could Feng Mingyue not be angry? That man was already fortunate enough that wasn’t get crushed by her.

On the other hand, Mei Li folded her hand into fists under the sleeves. Her expression was as calm as usual, but it couldn’t hide the anger in her eyes. She told herself to be steady and didn’t have to get mad at such a disgusting person.

“Haha, you don’t dare to say your master name? Is he unworthy to mention? Or is he only a mere young master from an ordinary family?” He laughed mockingly, and this Viscount Zhu didn’t conceal his attitude of looking down on others at all.

The way that Yang Wencheng spoke was totally unpleasant to hear. The expression of the people inside the carriage wasn’t really good. The three maids bared their teeth in anger while Feng Mingyue lips tightened and she didn’t forget to reveal a dangerous smile.

Noticing that the people in the carriage didn’t come out. Yang Wencheng thought that the other party must be frightened by his presence. Thus he said haughtily: “Eh? Your master hasn’t come out yet? Is he scared? Also, are you a slave? And how much did it cost when he bought you?”

Mei Li’s body was already shaking with fury. She really wanted to punch the person in front of her, and without any second thought, Mei Li immediately raised her fist, intending to attack Yang Wencheng.

The guard also noticed her action, hence they shouted: “Hurry, protect the Viscount!”

The bystanders were also shocked by this sudden outcome. Their eyes widened in excitement.

Yang Wencheng’s expression changed when he saw Mei Li dashed toward him, there was also anger and resentment flashed in her eyes.

However, before the powerful fist landed on Yang Wencheng’s precious face, there was a sudden lazy female voice: “I’m her master, you need something?”

Everyone drifted their eyes toward the beautiful lady in white who was just descended from the carriage, followed by three more elegant ladies. The way that the three ladies dressed were the same as the lady who had been humiliated by Viscount Zhu. And everyone assumed that they were also a maid.

Mei Li retracted her hand while bowing her head and walked toward Feng Mingyue and said softly: “Miss.”

“It’s not your fault. Let me deal with this matter.” Feng Mingyue whispered back with a gentle tone which made Mei Li relieved.

Staring at the stunning beauty who had just come out from the carriage. A person liked Yang Wencheng who loved beauty couldn’t hide the desire in his eyes. The lady was wearing a veil, hiding half of her face, but even so, it couldn’t hide her beauty at all.

Upon seeing Yang Wencheng lustful gaze toward their master. The four maids almost exploded on the spot. Especially Mei Hui and Li Qiu, the sound of gritting teeth from time to time clearly came from them. They were the youngest, therefore, they couldn’t conceal their anger like Li Qin and Feng Mingyue.

“Viscount Zhu should be joking right?” Yang Wencheng heard the beauty in white said flatly toward him, without any hint of flattery nor politeness.

However, desire already made him turn silly. Thus, Yang Wencheng ignored Feng Mingyue’s inquiry and he asked her about the extraneous topic instead: “This lord wants to know what family this lady comes from?”

Frowning, Feng Mingyue asked coldly: “I’m asking what you had said a moment ago about my maid, yet you are discussing with me about an irrelevant topic?”

Yang Wencheng seemed to not hear about what Feng Mingyue had said: “You are still unmarried right? Then I will ask my father to visit your family when I return, and you don’t have to worry about the bride price.”

The surrounding air suddenly became stuffy and he also felt hard to breathe. When he looked up, Yang Wencheng saw the aura emitting from the lady in white, only at this moment, he realized that he had offended the wrong person.

“A middle-level spiritual martial artist?” The guard gasped in surprise. This lady looked really young yet she had already become a middle-level spiritual martial artist. No, that wasn’t the point, the main point was they were not her opponent at all. Because the Viscount was visiting the brothel, as usual, he decided not to bring any powerful guard with him. And the guards that Yang Wencheng brought along with were just tiny low-level spiritual martial artists.

Furthermore, Viscount Zhu was also a low-level martial artist. Oh, there was no need to wonder why his strength was only at that level.

Yang Wencheng was already soaked with sweat, his face also turned pale because of the powerful pressure from the person in front of him, and his guards weren’t different. Yang Wencheng was not a fool. He also cherished his life, and he understood that no matter what he did, he might be the one who got beaten. So, it was better to settle everything quickly in case the beauty went mad and beat him to death.

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