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The Hated Ducal Lady – Chapter 1

The reason I was hated

“The reason I was hated”

I, Othily Chevincourt is severely hated in the higher noble society.

I have been well known for being a selfish and whimsical lady when I was merely five year old, and even I believe that my past actions warrants such animosity.

However, It is the truth that I have managed to reform myself… I think.

Every time I head to the town, the townspeople call out to me normally, and I even have countless commoner friends. For some reason, I am just particularly hated by those of the children of the higher houses. Even though being a lady of the House Chevincourt, I am in the same standings as them.

Whenever I head out to the city, the townspeople call out to me comfortably. Furthermore, I even managed to get a lot of commoner friends. The only ones who seem to truly hate my company now are nobilities from the higher aristocracy. It didn’t help the fact that I too, belong to the higher society as a ducal lady myself.

「…Look, it’s Lady Othily. 」

「..Goodness, it makes me a little anxious to be in the same class as hers. 」

Since the very first day that I have attended to this academy for higher nobles, I have been kept distance at.

Normally, a lady coming from the House Chevincourt would be approached by ladies from all directions. That’s just how much influence the Duke Chevincourt has in the noble society.

――However, the reason why not a single soul had dared to keep me company was due to the words of a single person.

「..Miss Louise had said that…」

「So I was told. Miss Louise had also…」

Everyone in the class began whispering about a person they call as Miss Louise. Her full name is Louise Michelin. She is a lady that has been wed to the crown prince of this country, also known as Louise Barshake.

She is also a lady coming from one of the ducal houses, the top most of the noble society. As the prospective Queen, she is the most influential lady in the noble society. However, aside from the customary greetings, we have not made any formal contact.

She was lady with a lovely blond hair, also known for having a heart as gentle as the goddess herself. She was a lovely person that currently stands at the opposite situation as I. She was so beloved that it even gave birth to several nicknames, Fairy Princess being one of them.

She is four years older than me and had already graduated from the academy. In spite of that, she is still very much loved by almost everyone else in this academy.

—Such a lady for some reasons unknown to mine, loathes me severely.

We haven’t even had a proper lasting conversation. As I said before, our contact with one another were at most, only exchange of greetings at the most minimum decorum. Nevertheless, it is a fact that the crown princess hates me very much.

 ――It appears that the reason I was pushed away by everyone else when I was 5 year old were not due to my selfish personality alone.

Lady Louise who is almost four years older than me hates my very existence. That’s the main reason.

I am a hopelessly villainous lady in her eyes and no matter how much effort I put into changing these perceptions, she only sees it as deceptive acting. That’s why no matter how much I try to treat everyone kindly– not a single gram of it will be conveyed to the surroundings.

With ten whole years of my actions being understood, even to this day, there is an unbelievable rumor spreading within the whole higher noble society that I was a villainess.

In the past, I earnestly worked hard to wipe that rumor off the surface. I have done a lot of things in order to earn everyone’s favor but none of those attempts ever worked. All my efforts were in vain and in the end, not a single noble lady ever attempted to get sincerely get close to me.

It is obvious that the crown prince hates me too much like his wife, but for some reason even his younger brother, the 2nd prince do so as well.

They even think that I am lusting to be his wife even though I have done nothing to imply such. I still haven’t got the slightest idea why.

That being said, I have already given up on it after years of tedious efforts. I have already accepted that there’s nothing can be done about the animosity as long as the crown princess’ hatred of me still remains.

On the contrary, it only makes me worry about the future of this country seeing as though everyone else believes the words of the crown princess’ blindly.

That being said, it seemed as though I am the only one especially hated by the crown princess.

For her, I am nothing but a mere lady with irredeemable wickedness beyond saving—to put it in her words, a Villainess.

But of course, because I have not even exchanged a single conversation with her, those words are mere incomprehensible gibberish.  

If I were to add, the reason why nobody even dared to approach me was thanks to my older brother’s influence.

My older brother who is expected to inherit the House Chevincourt soon. He had always realized my whimsical nature during my younger years and had kept his distance from me. When I think about my younger self today, I do recognize that I was quite hateful.

However, that repugnance of my brother were made even more severe due to his reverence to the crown prince and crown princess.

My older brother is the direct associate of the crown prince and have already maintained close relationships with the couple. No matter how much I, his actual younger sister, try to improve myself, none of it seems to get through him apparently.

「Someone as kind as the goddess herself, Louise had seen your true rotting nature. You may have deceived father and mother but you will not do the same to me.」

When he directly told me that before I really bawled my eyes out.

No matter how much father and mother tries to convince him otherwise, he just sees me as the wicked lady who merely pretends to have reformed her ways in order to deceive her parents.

Honestly speaking, its way to incomprehensible that I don’t even know where to start.

In the first place, I don’t even know why the crown princess is so intent in labeling me as a villainess, or wicked lady. I don’t even have the slightest idea why they oh so overestimate my perchance for villainy.

I am hated by all, hence I do not have a fiancée either. And because the next heir of the House Chevincourt, my older brother hates me to death, I have no actual influence in our house either.

Which exactly why I have given up on it and just wants enjoy my loner life to the fullest.

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