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The Hated Ducal Lady – Chapter 2

A stroll around the city

A stroll around the city

I may be hated in the higher noble society but it’s not as though the whole world is repulsed by my existence.

The social life of a noble lady are principally, attending to the parties in order to secure social connections, indulging one’s self in tea parties, taking up lessons to prepare for eventual marriage, and lastly, improving one’s relationship with her own fiancée. 

In my case however, I am only called to banquets in which my attendance is absolutely necessary. However, my parents who are sympathetic of my current predicament, still hopes that even hated as I am, I will still be able to find a proper husband and seize my own happiness in the future.

I have had many fiancée candidates but none ever managed to get to become one. The main reason is that the crown princess always calls for them telling them that they should just refuse if they found it undesirable.  This makes it even harder to use my peerage to secure myself a future partner. If I try to do just that, it will make my infamy even worse than before.

No matter how much the ducal couple deny them, the words of the crown princess still reigned in the end and were spread as the truth. On the contrary, the society even pities by parents for being deceived by their villainous daughter.

That being said, even though I still undertake studies typical for a noble lady, I have nothing else to do other than that. I don’t have a person in the higher nobility that I could call my friend. I am just indulging in my sad loner life most of the time. That’s why before I even attended the academy, I take walks in the city of the Chevincourt territory instead.

In result, I have made a lot of commoner friends. Back when I was 5 year old, I had always spoken with noble verbal tone but because of spending time with other commoners I know speak in a more relaxed one. I have even learned several colloquial terminologies from my commoner friends.

It’s to the point that even if I ended up not getting a fiancée and become commoner, nobody would probably notice that I am a former noble.

Nowadays, considering that I can’t make a single friend in the academy, I decided to just make acquaintances in the city and indulge myself in their company.

I mean, having commoner acquaintances would help me if I truly became commoner in the end. Furthermore, I would still feel lonely if my only conversation partners are the employees of the ducal house.

With that being said, I now take a city tour with Mirda, my personal attendant, in tow. The higher nobilities barely take these kinds of walk in the city anyway and I avoid places that they often visit when they do, so it is very unlikely to meet them.

However, it would still be quite a trouble if they see me, so I changed my own appearance with the assistance of magical tools.

「Isn’t it such a huge city, Mirda? Everyone looks like they’re having fun.」

「You’re absolutely right, Olly.」

Because we’re going to the city incognito, Mirda talks to me in a casual tone.

By the way, Olly is what my parents call me, but it is also the name my friends and the house employees call me when I take strolls in the city incognito. I do not have anyone in the higher noble society close enough to call me such endearing nicknames.

During our first time, Mirda was a little bit reserved and awkward to call me Olly, but now she’s grown accustomed to it.

This city in which the academy resides in is so large that there are also other several educational institution than royal academy itself.

Now that I’ve liven up, I just can’t help but get excited on what I may find in my city stroll adventures.

My first stop was a bakery that sells delightful looking breads so I headed towards the end of the long line of customers. Seeing how crowded they were, it is very highly likely that they have lots of delectable offerings.

When my turn came after a moment of waiting, I talked to the shop baker.

「Mister, which do you recommend?」

「I highly recommend the apple pie, little miss.」

The apple pie that the baker recommended was the last one so I hurriedly ordered one. It would be bad to have others take such a delicious looking pie that the baker himself recommended so I was a little frantic.

The other customers who saw my panic looked at me with such pleasant looking smiles so I was a little embarrassed.

Afterwards, I also ordered their other offerings and headed towards the city park with Mirda. There were a lot of people in the park, some children playing while others are dating couples. In the midst of them all, we sat on one of the park benches and ate our food.


「So delicious!」

「It sure is, Olly!」

「It’s no wonder that they recommended this apple pie. It’s so delightful!!」

Eating such a delectable meals at such a beautiful day. I couldn’t be any happier. With my stomach completely full, I laid down the park lawn in satisfaction.

That may be improper behavior for a noble lady, but I am soon to become commoner anyway. I must get used to the ways of the commoners as soon as possible, or so I tell myself but that’s just an excuse. In the end, I just truly want to lay myself down.

Being able to relax and gaze at the vast blue sky like this without thinking about anything. That alone brings so much happiness in me.

This is usually how Mirda and I fully enjoy our city adventures.

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  1. Avatar Ya Think? says:

    Me, praying really hard that her wish to become commoner be granted.
    All the people who believed in rumours doesn’t deserve her. And I hope her brother do something in future that make him not suitable to be the successor.

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