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TDRA Chapter 10

Get into the car!

“Just when I thought her energy was too high.” Fang Fa shook his head and then focused on both sides of the road for any sights of the yellow minibus.

The car maintained its speed all the way, and about an hour later, he saw that the cars that had driven past them previously were all parked in front of him and the whole road was completely blocked.

“What’s happening?” Fang Fa spoke to himself, as he drove the car over and slowly stopped. He subconsciously glanced at Gu Ning next to him and then saw that Gu Ning was already seated up with her eyes open, not knowing when she woke up.

“When did you wake up?” Fang Fa asked in surprise.

“Just now.” Gu Ning glanced at her watch when she woke up. She only slept for less than an hour but she no longer felt any sleepiness.

“I don’t know what happened in the front, it’s blocked. Wait in the car and I’ll go down and ask around.” Fang Fa said and cautiously took the knife with him, opened the door, and walked out.

He walked to the nearest car and knocked on the window.

There was no reaction at all as if there was no one inside.

Fang Fa changed and knocked on several other car windows but no one responded to him. Then, he saw a car, an off-road vehicle.

This off-road vehicle was conspicuously bright red, radiating a dazzling brilliance under the sun. And its huge model was particularly enormous among the small cars. This was the Russian Kärcher heavy-armed vehicle?!

Fang Fa marvelled for a moment, he was about to go around the car to knock on someone else’s window instead. Just as he was about to leave, a voice stopped Fang Fa: “Hey! That policeman, wait!”

Fang Fa was stunned and then turned around, he saw that the window of that car was lowered, and inside was a beautiful young woman with long red curly hair, which looked exceptionally gorgeous seated in it. He was taken aback, with a confused expression on his face. She looked at Fang Fa with some displeasure and said: “What’s the matter with you? I saw you asking all over the place but why didn’t you ask me when you reached here. Do you think I’m the same as those cowards?”

Fang Fa was a little bit awkward, and then he replied: “I’m sorry. Uh, hello. I just want to ask what happened in the front and why did everyone stop?”

“Blockage for robbery.” The red-haired beauty said contemptuously: “Someone drove these cars and jammed the front and would only let them go when they handed over some of their stuff.”

Fang Fa did not grasp it and asked: “Hand in something? What should you hand in?”

The red-haired beauty looked at Fang Fa with an expression of how silly could you get before replying: “What else can you rob in this world nowadays? Of course, it’s food!” After finishing the sentences, she frowned and continued saying: “If there weren’t so many cars in front of me, I’d have already rushed straight past it.”

“How many of them are there?” Fang Fa asked.

“Not many people, but they have guns in their hands. Why, police uncle, are you going to catch the criminals?” The red-haired beauty said with a smile.

Fang Fa’s brow furrowed, as a policeman, he was inherently sensitive to the word criminal, but he knew in his heart about what kind of the world it was now. Law and justice were now useless whereas power decided everything. As a law enforcement officer, he was a bit depressed. He thanked her, then turned away and went back.

The red-haired beauty then raised the window boringly.

“Alright checked.” Fang Fa returned to the car and said to Gu Ning: “Someone used the cars and blocked off the front road. The passing vehicles have to hand over some supplies to cross over.” He paused and said: “Moreover, they have guns.”

Gu Ning asked: “How much do we pay?”

Fang Fa paused for a moment and replied: “I don’t know.”

Then he saw Gu Ning picked a few small pieces of bread and sausages from the backpack and stuffed them into her pockets, after that went to the back seat and hid away the backpack.

Finally, she sat back down and said to Fang Fa: “Later when we were asked to hand over items, just say that we had all our things here.”

Fang Fa said, worrying: “What if they search the car?”

“They won’t.” Gu Ning replied: “This is not about robbing money, also money can still be earned, but no one will take all their savings with them. But now it’s different, these rations are life-saving. If people come to kill you, you won’t just stay still right. Besides with so many cars, a little bit from each car will be enough for them to eat. There’s no need to force others to fight for their lives over just a little bit of food, also the gain is not worth the loss.”

Fang Fa nodded, agreeing with Gu Ning’s statement: “That makes sense.”

“You don’t look well.” Gu Ning looked at him after a while and said.

“Really? I’m fine.” Fang Fa forced a smile.

Gu Ning was silent for a while, she had no idea what to say as she was not good at comforting others.

Fang Fa broke the silent atmosphere and said: “Gu Ning, have you seen that car? That red off-road vehicle.”

Gu Ning nodded and saw it in a glance.

“Do you know what kind of car it is?” Fang Fa tone was a little amazed: “That’s Kärcher heavy-armed vehicle! The best off-road vehicle in the world at present, the whole vehicle is equipped with a safety armour system, and there are seven centimetres of armour, and the glass is bulletproof. Driving this car is equivalent to driving a tank on the road, and there is no fear of going rampaged on the zombies. This is my first time seeing the actual car. But Gu Ning, do you know how much the car is? Nearly ten million! If the two of us can get a car like this to drive, that would be great.”

“What about our car?” Gu Ning asked.

“It’s good if we compare our car with an ordinary car, but if you run into Kärcher on the road and the two cars collide, we will be the ones who’ll die.” Fang Fa replied.

When Gu Ning heard those words and looked at the car in the distance, her glance suddenly became tinged with a little hint of envy. She did not know much about cars, but now, after listening to Fang Fa’s explanation, Gu Ning suddenly had the desire of getting a good car to drive.

“But it is best to get an authentic armoured vehicle.” Fang Fa said: “Hey, don’t tell me, it’s possible to get it now. Shall we go to the army first? Maybe I can get some guns or something.” Fang Fa swept away the gloomy mood and became excited.

Gu Ning poured a bucket of cold water over him: “I won’t go anywhere until I find my parents.”

Fang Fa kept quiet.

More than ten minutes had passed, and finally, there were only five cars ahead, and at the same time, there were a lot of cars queuing behind theirs.

Gu Ning glanced back and frowned. If there were a large number of zombies coming, their car would just be stuck in the middle and could not move.

“I’ll take a look.” Gu Ning pushed open the car door, then swiftly climbed onto the roof of the car and looked at the rear.

There were still trails of cars heading over here.

No sights of zombies yet but with so many cars over here and causing such a loud commotion, also the smell of humans gathered, it was just a matter of time before the zombies would arrive.

Gu Ning looked in front, the van passing over there seemed to be in conflict with those people, and they had been quarreling all this while. Those people blocking the road were around a dozen of them, all young men in their twenties and thirties, and they all had guns in their hands.

Many people who had been waiting impatiently in the car noticed Gu Ning acting like this, and they all followed her and climbed onto the roof to watch the commotion.

Suddenly, a loud “Bang!” was heard! Someone fired a shot!

All the people who had climbed onto the roof of the car were so scared that they were either lying down on the roof or some jumped off and quickly got back into the car.

Gu Ning did not move, she turned and looked back. No zombies were seen from her sights but the wind blowing in the distance brought an unusual smell.

Gu Ning’s complexion changed slightly, she suddenly retracted her gaze and shouted: “Zombies swarm are coming!”

After shouting, she quickly jumped off the car, opened the back door, took out the backpack from underneath the seat, and carried it over her shoulder while saying to Fang Fa: “Hurry up and put away everything you need! The zombies will be here soon!”

Fang Fa did not ask, and hurriedly packed all the things he needed and put them into Gu Ning’s backpack. Then the two of them rushed towards the entrance with their knives.

Someone heard Gu Ning’s shout, and after a panic, someone else shouted from the roof of the car: “No! That’s a lie! There aren’t any zombies!”

“Gu Ning, what’s the matter?” Fang Fa asked while he wanted to help Gu Ning to carry her backpack, but she refused. Gu Ning quickly adjusted her backpack and rushed forward and said: “I have reminded them, I can’t help it if they don’t believe me.”

“What about our car?! Don’t you need it?!”

“Do you want your car or your life?”

Fang Fa instantly shut up.

Gu Ning walked to the red off-road vehicle mentioned by Fang Fa, and after a quick knock on the window, Gu Ning said to the beautiful woman seated inside who was looking at her curiously: “There’s a horde of zombies coming soon from behind, you better leave quickly.” Having said that and without further ado, and ignored the woman’s shout, she quickly passed through the traffic with Fang Fa.

At this time, they quickly reached the road blockage, took out all the food in their pockets, and placed them on the front cover of the car. She glanced at them dragging away the corpse, which they blew its brain off, out of the car and threw it away randomly with the rest.  Then she prepared to take Fang Fa and leave.

“Hey! Stop there! Did I let you go?” A voice sounded from behind Gu Ning.

Gu Ning stopped at the same time with Fang Fa, turned, and looked over.

A twenty-four or five-year-old man was standing on the roof of the car and aimed the gun at Gu Ning while pointed twice in the air and said: “You seem to have a lot of stuff in your backpack. Are you just leaving so little things? That’s too stingy little girl.”

Fang Fa took an angry step forward: “You guys don’t have to go so far!”

Gu Ning frowned and pulled his hand, disapproving of his action that he was getting into a conflict with those people at this time.

“Yo! Wearing a police uniform, so you are a policeman. Come, you can come over now and catch me back to the police station, come, come get me!” After speaking, the guy spat on the ground and looked at Fang Fa contemptuously: “Do you think it’s still the same as in the past?” He pointed to the corpse on the ground: “Did you see that? Whine some more, and this is how you’ll end up!”

Immediately after the sentences ended, only a loud thud was heard!

The red off-road vehicle directly smashed into these two vehicles. The man who was standing on the roof of the car just now was hit and flown directly to Gu Ning’s feet. The man struggled to get up from the ground, but Gu Ning was quicker and reached out to step on his hand which was holding the gun. Then she grabbed the gun in his hand and threw it to Fang Fa: “I don’t know how to use a gun, so you’ll use it instead!”

As soon as Fang Fa caught the gun, there was a terrifying scream from the back of the traffic!

Fang Fa was shaken and he could not help but look back, and then he saw at least fifty or sixty zombies swaying out from both sides of the road in the back!

Then came the endless waves of terrifying screams!

The sound of the cars igniting and the sound of car crashes was loud and clear! The cars were lined up too densely, and there was no order to the panic-stricken people who started their cars aimlessly and collided into the group of cars like headless flies.

The zombies slapped the car window desperately, screaming with hunger and excitement.

Many people abandoned their cars and ran in this direction frantically, but many were thrown to the ground by the zombies as soon as they got a few steps out of the car.

A place that was incomparably quiet just a moment ago became incomparably chaotic all of a sudden as if hell was released on earth.

Fang Fa watched the terrifying picture folded out in front of him, the blood in his body was all drained.

Suddenly! Someone yanked him hard and then shouted in a low voice: “Run!”

He woke up immediately in a cold sweat before being dragged by Gu Ning in a mad dash!

The both of them ran around less than 30 meters away, the red off-road vehicle overtook them from behind and stopped in front of the two of them. The red-haired beauty opened the door and shouted to the two of them: “Get in!”

Before Fang Fa could react, Gu Ning already dragged him into the car. Then the red-haired beauty stomped on the accelerator and raced away. Seeing that the cars blocking the road were being smacked away, the people behind quickly stepped on their accelerator and followed the red off-road vehicle in a hurry!

Screams could be heard from far behind, the gunshots and shrieks continuously rang out.

The red off-road vehicle had already disappeared into the far distance.

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(Editor: De Vile)

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    The grammar of the translation is not too bad, but there plenty of small mistakes here and there. Nothing too big, I can read it just fine tho. Also, the story is going pretty okay~

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      Aha, thanks for reading it and letting me know. If there are any problems or error spotted, please join our discord and let me know there. So that I can better improve my translation haha. =)

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    I had to run a few lapse, idk where my excitement came from LMFAOOO.

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