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TDRA Chapter 5


When Gu Ning said this, everyone was taken aback.

Gu Ning turned to the stunned Cheng Ming and said: “Cheng Ming, thank you for giving me a ride. I hope we’ll have the chance to meet again. Take care.” Then she turned to Brother Xiao Chen and said: “Please open the gate and let me out.”

“Hey! Wait a minute, little girl, take me with you. If we go out together, at least we have each other’s company right.” Jia DaoZhang suddenly made an unexpected decision. To make his position clear, he even shifted to stand beside Gu Ning.

“Sister, it’s very dangerous outside, not to mention you are a girl, even if there are a lot of us, no one dares to spend the night outside, and you…” Cheng Ming gritted his teeth then said: “If you have to go out, then I will also join you.”

“Cheng Ming, do you know what you’re talking about?!” Huang MengYao screeched.

The others were also taken aback by Cheng Ming’s words, their eyes hovered and swam alternatingly between Cheng Ming and Gu Ning.

Even Gu Ning was startled by Cheng Ming’s words, a bit baffled. Was this Cheng Ming a heroist?

“Forget it forget it! I’ll make an exception to take you in for once for the sake of being a weak woman.” Brother Xiao Chen begrudgingly let her off. Cheng Ming is a good fighter, if he really followed this woman, it would be a huge loss for the group.

Cheng Ming was immediately overjoyed.

This made Gu Ning feel a little strange, although they were from the same school, Cheng Ming was too enthusiastic towards her. Something was odd, it would be better to keep a little distance. With this in mind, Gu Ning imperceptibly moved a few steps to the side and distanced herself away from Cheng Ming.

After talking, Brother Xiao Chen rummaged a few times in the sack which they brought, then found the ten or so individual packets of biscuits and tossed them to Cheng Ming, who was leading the group: “That’s all you’ve found, and that’s all there is for you.” Then led his men away.

“This is not even enough for us to have a meal right?” Xie YuHong could not help commenting in a low voice.

“Forget it, compared to the rest, we can be considered as better.” Zhang Chao said.

The rest of them glanced at the longing gazes of the people looking at their way and fell silent.

They returned to their spot, and Cheng Ming divided the twelve mini packets of biscuits, two packets for each of them. Then he passed his own two packets to Gu Ning, and whispered: “We’ve already eaten them secretly outside.”

Gu Ning froze, then shook her head: “No need, I’ve already eaten, thank you.”Gu Ning did not feel hungry at all as she had her dinner which Father Gu had personally cooked braised pork and Kung Pao chicken.

Cheng Ming thought she was being polite and was about to convince her, then he heard Huang MengYao sarcastically said: “Cheng Ming, can’t you see that she doesn’t want to take your kindness? So why do you keep *showing your enthusiasm when she gave you the cold shoulder?”

(T/N: 热脸贴冷屁股rè liǎn tiē lěng pì gu hot face sticking onto the cold butt. It means one’s enthusiasm is met with another person’s cold attitude.)

Cheng Ming was a little embarrassed. The biscuits in his hand were neither handed nor accepted.

Gu Ning had no choice but to say: “I’m really not hungry right now, and I don’t have any pockets on me. You can help me by holding on to it for now. When I’m hungry I’ll approach you okay?”

Cheng Ming immediately kept the two packets of biscuits into his pocket and happily said: “Okay then.”

He was very tall, about 1.8 meters tall, with fair skin, short hair, and a baby face. He looks even younger when he smiles.

“If you don’t want it, you can give it to me. I haven’t eaten anything since noon.” Jia DaoZhang muttered while clutching his stomach.

In the middle of the night, that Jia DaoZhang had already fallen asleep next to her and snoring slightly.

Gu Ning leaned against the wall but did not feel like sleeping. She could not help but think, what if her parents suddenly entered her room and saw that she was not in the room, they would be frightened. Also, she did not know why she suddenly moved from that world to this world. Gu Ning’s thoughts were like thousands of twisted threads that she could not sort out.

“Sister, why don’t you sleep?” Cheng Ming crawled over from the other side and whispered.

“Can’t sleep.” Gu Ning replied in a whisper.

“Me too.” The happy mood in Cheng Ming’s voice made Gu Ning a little puzzled. What was there to feel happy about not being able to sleep.

At this moment, an ambiguous moan sounded faintly in the silent darkness, and more than one place.

Cheng Ming and Gu Ning were stunned at the same time, and they both felt a little awkward when they looked at each other.

Gu Ning stiffened for a while, and then quickly relaxed. In the post-apocalyptic world, decency, justice, integrity, and shame have been thrown away, and she was not surprised that people have surpassed their bottom line time and time again. On the contrary, Cheng Ming was a little bit embarrassed and whispered: “Goodnight, Gu Ning.” Then he crawled back.

Gu Ning watched him carefully shifting in the dark to avoid stepping on others, and found it a little bit amusing, but just as her smile blossomed a little before it suddenly froze on her face… She finally realized why she felt something was off all along the way.

It was night time and to save power, the whole garage had no light source turned on and it was dark everywhere, yet she could see every corner in the dark…

Gu Ning was not elated by the sudden ability to see at night, instead, she was more frightened by the unknown.

Gu Ning began to retrace carefully about her bizarre experiences these few days.

Everything happened after being bitten by a zombie, the black door in that strange white room. When she opened it for the first time, she travelled to another world that was the same. There were also her family and friends there, the only difference was that it had not been eroded by the apocalypse… And when she opened the door for the second time, she went from that world back to this post-apocalyptic world again…

Moreover, the wound on her body healed themselves, not even leaving a scar. And now she had the night vision ability.

Right now if she was not still wearing the pyjamas from before, then she might really have doubts again. She was almost certain that both sides of the world were real now!

However, how could there be two almost identical worlds? Gu Ning felt that she was a little schizophrenic, she finally stopped the swirling thoughts in her mind and struggled to find her ability to think.

Gu Ning made a bold assumption if the door was opened the next time, would she be back in that world again?

Gu Ning was taken aback by this bold assumption. Her heart pounding violently! If all these hypotheses came true, did that mean that she could travel back and forth between these two worlds?!

Gu Ning pressed her chest, her heart was beating too fast that it almost made her feel a little uncomfortable.

It took half a day to settle her heart down.

It was now time to start thinking about the other issues.

So the first thing to consider now, was how to get back to that space?

The first time was bitten by a zombie, which was a prerequisite that could and should not be copied.

What about the second time? Gu Ning tried hard to recall every single detail at that time. She woke up from a nightmare, her parents walked out the door after comforting her, and then her lying in the bed alone… Thinking of her parents in the apocalypse…

Something flashed through Gu Ning’s mind… Because of her nervousness, she could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. Then, she closed her eyes, and she was about to start picturing the faces of her parents in that world. Suddenly! A cold hand touched her ankle! Slowly and tentatively sliding upwards.

Gu Ning was shocked and almost without any hesitation, she kicked it hard!

That’s a solid kick to the man’s face!

All that could be heard was a cry of pain and the man was kicked over onto his heels, smashing directly into the sleeping man on the side which was followed by a scream of curses.

Many people were woken up.

Gu Ning stood up from the floor and coldly stared at the thirtyish-year-old man who was kicked by her.

“What’s wrong?! what’s wrong?! Are the zombies coming?!” Jia DaoZhang who was soundly asleep next to her suddenly jumped up nervously from the ground when he heard the commotion.

“What’s going on?!” Someone came over from the other side with a flashlight, shone a light on the frosty-faced Gu Ning, and then on the men who had fallen to the ground, he immediately understood what was going on and said to the guy: “Old Gui, are you so useless to be beaten up by such a little girl?”

The man covered his face without saying a word but stared darkly at Gu Ning.

Jia DaoZhang immediately caught on to what was happening and his expression turned somewhat unsightly. He tugged Gu Ning behind himself and then asked her: “You didn’t get hurt, right?”

Gu Ning shook her head.

Cheng Ming also rushed over quickly: “Gu Ning, are you alright?” He said and stood along with Jia DaoZhang and looking at the two men.

“What are you looking at, break it up, break it up.” The man with the flashlight said and pushed the other man: “You’ve found the wrong person, what are you looking at, let’s go!”

With that, they walked away together.

“You sleep on the inside” Jia DaoZhang pushed her lightly towards the inside of the wall, then sat cross-legged at the outer area from Gu Ning, and patted the place next to him and said: “Here, boy,  you sleep here.”

Cheng Ming obediently lay down beside him.

“Gu Ning, go and sleep. The two of us will guard the door for you.” Jia DaoZhang said and gestured to the knife in his hand.

A commotion ended just like this.

Gu Ning lay on the floor staring at the high-hanging concrete roof, listening to the soft snores from Jia DaoZhang, who was less than a meter away from her and his back to her. She closed her eyes, and her mind pictured her parent’s face in that world…With her closed eyelids, she could feel a quick flash of intense light——

Gu Ning’s eyelids twitched violently, and then opened her eyes ——

In front of her was the familiar white wall.

Gu Ning just sat there frozen on the floor, then jerked up and ran towards that door. This time she twisted the doorknob and opened it without hesitation. In the next instant, she was standing in her bedroom at home and the clock on the wall was pointing to three-thirty in the morning.

Gu Ning covered her mouth tightly to stop herself from screaming out in excitement!

Father Gu and Mother Gu found that their daughter seemed to be a new person after one night. After returning home, she swept away the dishevelled and listlessness and became radiant and full of vigorous energy.

“Dad, Mom, I want to go out today.”Gu Ning said after breakfast.

Mother Gu and Father Gu looked at each other, and they were a little overjoyed and said: “Sure, Mom will go with you.”

Gu Ning had intended to go out alone, but looking at the happy expression on her mother’s face, she swallowed back the words of refusal in her mouth.

“Then Old Gu, you’ll be responsible for keeping the house clean. When NingNing and I get home, we’d like to have a hot pipping meal too!” Mother Gu informed Father Gu before she left the house.

Father Gu answered without raising his head and continued to read his newspaper. When the door closed, he adjusted his reading glasses and muttered: “It’s as if I’m not the one who usually does the cleaning and cooking.”

As soon as they went downstairs, they ran into Aunt Wang who was famous for her enthusiasm in the apartment building. She was heading upstairs with a bag of fruits. When she saw Gu Ning, she was taken aback and then said with a smile on her face: “Oh my! NingNing! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you! Why don’t you come out for a walk more often?”

Gu Ning looked at her expressionlessly, without a single hint of a smile on her face, ignored her, and just stared at her coldly from a high position.

Aunt Wang was a little shaken by the stares from Gu Ning, cursing the evil in her heart, and a trace of awkwardness appeared on her face. She turned to Mother Gu and asked: “Sister Jiao, what’s wrong with NingNing? Something’s not quite right.”

Mother Gu did not know what was wrong with Gu Ning all of a sudden, so she could only say: “Sorry, MeiFang, NingNing might not be feeling well, don’t mind it.”

“Excuse us. We’re in a hurry to go out, so we won’t continue chatting with you.” After Gu Ning finished speaking, she held onto Mother Gu’s hand and went straight downstairs.

“Bah, missing for three months, and came back with hair dyed, who knows if she had been abducted to become a prostitute. Yet still pretending to be so virtuous.”

Gu Ning’s brows frowned, her hearing had also improved, and even the voice of Wang MeiFang on the third floor could be heard. It seems that her good hearing was also a nuisance.

“NingNing, why did you treat Aunt Wang with such a bad attitude?” Mother Gu asked puzzled.

Gu Ning wanted to brush it off but suddenly changed her mind and said: “When I went out to throw the trash yesterday. I overheard her telling someone that since I was missing for three months, maybe I was tricked into becoming a prostitute.”

Mother Gu exploded almost instantly: “Wang MeiFang really said that?!” With that, she was about to rush back: “I’m going to find her!”

“Forget it, mom. Even if we confronted her, she would still refuse to admit it. There is no point in making a big fuss out of it. Let’s just stay away from her in the future.” Gu Ning hurriedly pulled Mother Gu back.

“This Wang MeiFang is really unbelievable, we had been neighbours for over twenty years, and she watched you grow up!  Usually, we’re all smiling and laughing together, but I didn’t expect her to be bad-mouthing you behind our backs. NingNing, let’s ignore this kind of person! Next time when she wants to talk to you, you just treat her as invisible, and ignore it!” Mother Gu said.

Gu Ning smiled and said: “Isn’t that what I did today.”

“It’s mom who has put you through this.” Mother Gu’s eyes turned watery. Thinking that Wang MeiFang, who usually acted as a good person, but despite all that bad-mouthed such things. Other people might as well had said it in an even more unpleasant manner, and NingNing even heard it with her ears, how sad would her daughter be.

“Oops! Mom, do you still want to go shopping with me? If you still act like this, I’ll make you go back.” Gu Ning felt a pinch in her heart but put on a smile on her face. This Wang MeiFang laughed with everyone during peaceful times, but when the apocalypse broke out, there was once where she used Mother Gu as a shield for her own life. If Gu Ning was not there, her mother would already be bitten by a zombie.”

Mother Gu hurriedly wiped away her tears away and said: “Go go go, I’ll stop talking.”

Then the two of them chatted and laughed while walking away.

“Eh, NingNing why are you buying another pair of reading glasses? Doesn’t your dad already have a pair.” Mother Gu asked when she saw Gu Ning bought a pair of reading glasses.

“Well it can be stored at home for later use, otherwise it will be troublesome to buy it if it gets broken.” Gu Ning replied with a smile.

“Eh, NingNing, what are you doing with buying such a big knife!” Mother Gu watched in shock as Gu Ning stopped a middle-aged man who was walking around the street with a backpack carrying knives for sale.

Gu Ning listened attentively to the knives introduced by the ethnic minority uncle, and casually replied to Mother Gu: “Bringing it home to cut watermelons.”

(T/N: Sometimes I really think that the author is trying to raise the word count but I have no proof~(=.=)~ )

(Editor: De Vile)

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