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TDRA Chapter 54

Gu Ning looked at Lu JiaZi and continued: “If it’s possible, I think it’s best if we stop seeing each other again in the future.”

She spoke so calmly without the slightest hint of tantrum or blame.

When he saw Gu Ning with such calmness, Lu JiaZi felt a sense of powerlessness that he couldn’t do anything about it. He rubbed his brows, a little inexplicably annoyed but still patiently said to Gu Ning: “NingNing, I don’t know what happened in the past three months when you went missing….. I shouldn’t have come today and should have let you rest longer……”

Gu Ning suddenly seemed to remember something and asked: “How far have you progressed with Jiang Yu?”

Lu JiaZi froze for a moment, but his furrowed brow suddenly relaxed, and his unconsciously tensed nerves slowly relaxed as he smiled helplessly and replied: “Is that why you’re angry with me?” It had to be said that Lu JiaZi was very good-looking, and when he smiled like this, it was easy to give off the illusion that he was pampering the other party like a lover with infinite tolerance.

When he saw that Gu Ning was still silent, he made a gesture of raising his hands in surrender and then explained: “I haven’t made any progress with her, the last time we met was during your birthday last year at your house and you were the one who asked me to send her back. Afterward, she asked for my number, we had a few calls occasionally but it was mainly for some advice on her work……”

“She asked me out after you had disappeared to talk about your disappearances incident, yet after that, I haven’t seen her again until now. She did show a desire to take things further with me, but Gu Ning, you knew that I’m very busy and don’t have any time for relationships. Also, she’s not my type, so there’s absolutely no need for you to worry over someone unrelated to our relationship. If you’re still unhappy, I will never pick up her calls again…..”Lu JiaZi subconsciously paused after saying this sentence, his brows knitted suddenly, stunned that he actually made such a promise just because of Gu Ning’s little temper……

Gu Ning replied seriously: “I’m not unhappy. If you two can be together, I am genuinely happy for both of you. I’m not joking or angry, Lu JiaZi, I really don’t like you anymore.”

She was just curious as Lu JiaZi and Jiang Yu had ever crossed paths was when they happened to meet once on her birthday last year, and how did they develop into such a relationship, later on, was strange.

Finally, it had been resolved. It turns out that Jiang Yu already had her eye on Lu JiaZi since that time, and wanted to even take things further with him when she knew fully well that Gu Ning had liked him for so many years. Recalling those little details, those times when Jiang Yu asked her stories about her crush, Lu JiaZi, out of curiosity, she was probably deliberately trying to get more information about Lu JiaZi out from her.

In fact, if she had been a bit more sensitive at that time, Gu Ning would have been on her guard. Yet she didn’t know if Jiang Yu’s tactics were too superior or if she believed too much in her sisterly love with Jiang Yu…… It would not have dawned on her if the apocalypse didn’t arrive or until the day the two of them were holding hands in front of her then she would realize it.

However, at this moment, listening to Lu JiaZi’s words, it seems that he had indeed not yet progressed to that stage with Jiang Yu. When Gu Ning was reborn, she didn’t even have the slightest thought of breaking them up for revenge. For her, Lu JiaZi and Jiang Yu were really compatible. She was too busy strengthening herself to survive properly in the post-apocalyptic world and really couldn’t spare any time and brainpower to devise revenge. As long as they stay far away from her and didn’t pop out now and then, all would be good.

Gu Ning had even thought about it, that once she was wealthy, she would move her house and stay far away from these people. Preferably to cut off all ties with them.

Lu JiaZi was silent for a long time, he gazed fixed on Gu Ning who was under the laurel tree, staring at her familiar yet somewhat unfamiliar face, and suddenly asked: “Is it because of the man who accompanied you to the hospital that day?”

Gu Ning froze for a moment before she realized that he was referring to Fang Fa, she knew that Lu JiaZi must have misunderstood. Gu Ning hesitated for a moment before answering: “No.”She didn’t want to bring unnecessary trouble to Fang Fa.

On the contrary, Gu Ning hesitation for a slight moment made Lu JiaZi suspicious, he frowned slightly but didn’t dwell on it and said: “I know you’re tired, I heard from Auntie that you’re now working as a home tutor which pays well. Yet it’s not something you can do for a long run, what I’ve offered last time at the hospital still stands……” He didn’t give Gu Ning a chance to refuse but continued: “You don’t need to reject me in a hurry, I hope you can think it over, even for the sake of your parent, you need a more stable job. If you’ve thought about it, give me a call.” He paused before continuing: “My Dad knows that you’re back and has asked me a few times to bring you back for visit. You know he hasn’t been well in recent years and it’s not easy for him to get around, so when you have time, do come over and visit him. Well, you should go back now.”

Gu Ning then opened the gate and went back, not even bothering to bid goodbye.

This was the first time Gu Ning had turned away first in front of Lu JiaZi.

After Gu Ning had left, Lu JiaZi stood under the laurel tree for a little while longer before driving off in his car.

“You’re back.” Gu Ning received a warm welcome from Mother Gu as soon as she entered: “Have you met JiaZi downstairs?”

Gu Ning gave a muffled acknowledgment, then collapsed on the sofa.

Mother Gu continued: “I heard from him that their company has a position available for you to apply, did he tell you about it?”

“I’ve told him that I’m not going.” Gu Ning sat up from the sofa, then looked seriously at Mother Gu and Father Gu before explaining to them: “Dad, Mom, I don’t like Lu JiaZi anymore. To avoid any unnecessary trouble, I’m not going to contact him again in the future. I’m satisfied with my job for now, and it’s quite stable in the meantime. I will keep a lookout for a better job if available.”

Mother Gu was stunned for a moment, not expecting to hear this from Gu Ning, then she replied with a sigh: “If you don’t like him, then forget about him. You’ve liked him for so many years anyway, and he never even said he liked you. If he really liked you, you would have become his girlfriend a long time ago. Although JiaZi is good, my daughter is not bad either. I think Xiao Fang is quite good, and he is so active in introducing you to jobs too. If you two can make it work, it will be fate.”

Father Gu pushed up his glasses and chimed in: “Then you shouldn’t lessen your visit to Lu family. Although his parent like you, yet since you don’t like him anymore then you should keep some distance from his family too. Better to draw a line now than later.”
Gu Ning wasn’t expecting Father Gu and Mother Gu to have such a reaction and she couldn’t help but ask: “I always thought that you all, wanted me to be with Lu JiaZi.”

Mother Gu explained: “Yes we hoped, he is not only good-looking, highly educated and now has a successful career. Also, his parent like you so much so you won’t have to worry about the relationship between your mother-in-law and you in the future. No matter how good he is, there is always a problem. Your dad always felt the JiaZi is too scheming and unable to gauge his underline. You like him more than he likes you, and we, are afraid that you will be at a disadvantage. In the past, we didn’t mention that because you were so fond of JiaZi and wouldn’t listen to anything we said, but now that you say that you don’t like him anymore, we’re very relieved.” She changed the subject and went back to Fang Fa: “But Xiao Fang seems to be a very honest person, nice and sweet, especially with that sunny smile! It makes people happy. Seriously, you should consider him.”

Gu Ning stood up helplessly and rebutted as she walked back to her room: “What consider him, it’s not as if he like me. Mum, you are overthinking.” After saying that, she returned to her room.

Mother Gu was still a bit unconvinced: “What doesn’t like you? If he doesn’t like you, why did he come to our house on purpose? I think Xiao Fang is very nice. If he were to become my son-in-law, I would bring him out everywhere.”

Father Gu shook his head and shrugged while continuing to watch his TV.

The door shut out the voice of Mother Gu nagging, and the bedroom was Gu Ning’s personal space. She went to her desk and launched her computer, which she hadn’t touched for over three months. She searched for “Five Stars Brigade” quickly.

Gu Ning searched around the internet suggestion for at least ten pages, and all that came up from the search was a mess of locations, some taobao shops, or guilds, or five star villages, and so on. All were random things with no useful information that she required.

She didn’t hold too much hope, yet she just wanted to try and search to see if she could find any information. Gu Ning wasn’t too disappointed when she didn’t find any either.

It was still night time in the post-apocalyptic world right now. She still had long hours to spend over here, and Gu Ning unexpectedly found herself with nothing to do at this point. This made Gu Ning, who had been in a state of urgency since her rebirth, feel a little at loss. She had been detached from being an ordinary person for so long that it was uncomfortable to be idle all of a sudden.

She leaned back in her chair and sat quietly for a moment, then braced herself and began to search the vast online world for some cold weapons.

She typed and searched for cold weapons.

The first suggestion was an advertisement for a cold weapon shop promotion.

The second suggestion was a cold weapon thread.

Gu Ning clicked opened the cold weapons posting page.

After a quick browse, Gu Ning didn’t find the information she was looking for. Before closing the webpage away, she spotted a post with the title “Private collection, please enter if you can appreciate it.”

The mouse arrow moved away from the x in the top right corner and then clicked into the thread.

The ground post started with the owner sprawling out a lot of great information about the swords in his collection.

Then the second post started to upload lots of pictures.

A series of photos chained down.

Mostly were swords, and a few oddly shaped weapons.

Finally, the owner started to say that he had recently had some financial issues and decided to sell the weapons at a low price and that anyone interested should contact him. He left an email address at the end.

The messages that follow were all from the owner.

For example, no one? Does no one really want it? Just this once, don’t regret it or something along that line.

However, no one seemed to be interested and only a few people replied to the post stating that the knives and swords looked nice or pretty and so on.

Afterward, the owner never appeared again.

Gu Ning noticed the posting time was half a month ago.

She shifted her mouse again to swipe over those pictures above, she had her eye set on the oddly shaped knives on the third picture. Two knives with hilts combined that could be used in combination or separately. The owner’s comment on the knives was that they were very sharp till the point of severing hairs in just a glance and extremely deadly.

She checked the email address then logged on to her email and sent a message regarding that knife.

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