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TDRA Chapter 55

The Cactus that came back from the dead

After sending the email, Gu Ning started to fret again.

She was unsure of what she should do now.

At this very moment, the message ringtone on her phone rang, it was a reply from Brother San: Roger. Have you discussed that matter with your parent yet?

Only then did Gu Ning remember that she hadn’t told her parents about moving out yet.

She thought for a moment, then found Fang Fa’s number and dialed it.

Fang Fa happened to be back from work, after he came out of the shower, he received a message from Gu Ning. He took the phone and thought for a long time, hesitating whether to return a cool message or just call her but he didn’t know what to chat about if he called…… Just when he was hesitating, his phone rang and Gu Ning’s name was flashing on the screen.

He deliberately waited after three rings before picking it up: “Hello?” In his mind, he wondered if they were *telepathic like lovers’ hearts were closely linked?

(T/N: 心有灵犀一点通 xīn yǒu líng xī yī diǎn tōng means like thinking are alike, telepathic etc. yet in this context, it was more of like a lover’s who had dated for a long time, knew what each other were thinking about.)

Gu Ning got straight to the point: “It’s like this……”

Before Fang Fa could get too depressed over the fact that Gu Ning phoned him because she had something to ask from him, he sat up violently from the bed and asked in consternation: “Wait, you mean you’ve passed the preliminary test for the army now?”

Gu Ning replied calmly: “Yes. Because my house is too far away and it would be a waste of time to go back and forth. Also, the following training is very important so for my parent’s side, I will like you to help me to cover it up.”

Fang Fa swallowed dryly before agreeing: “That’s no issue, tell me first, how you passed the preliminary test?”

Gu Ning on the other end of the phone paused before replying: “Actually, my marksmanship is quite good.”

How good of marksmanship did one have to have to be selected by the Five Stars Brigade? Fang Fa didn’t understand the concept but he only knew that when he was still in the military school, the top shooting champion at the school was abused by the Five Stars Brigade when they came to the school for selection.

He was a bit speechless for a while, as far as he understood Gu Ning’s family background, her father was a teacher and her mother was just a housewife. Gu Ning grew up and went through college and then graduated. There was no shooting hobby and the only questionable thing was her disappearance in the past three months. Yet with just three months, it couldn’t turn a girl who had never touched a gun into a marksman, right?

He still remembered the first time when he saw Gu Ning on the roadside covered in wretchedness and looking dazed…… Fang Fa could not bear to pry into what had happened to Gu Ning during those three months. Thus, he didn’t ask anything else and just said: “If you do get into the Five Stars Brigade, I only have one request.”

Gu Ning asked: “What?”

Fang Fa replied: “Treat me to a big meal.”

Gu Ning was stunned for a moment then smiled before agreeing: “Deal.”

Fang Fa continued: “Well, then if there are any problems with uncle and auntie, let them know that they can call me anytime.”

“Alright. Thanks. Bye.”

“Goodbye.” Fang Fa replied, and then hung up the phone. He collapsed on his bed with the phone in his hand and stared at the ceiling, still feeling a little unbelievable.

After hanging up the phone with Fang Fa, Gu Ning walked out of her room and talked to her parent: “I want to discuss something with the both of you. It takes me almost an hour and a half to get to the class, and that’s three hours of a round trip. I was late this morning, and the students’ parents have talked about this problem. So I’m planning to rent a house near there so it will be more convenient.”

Mother Gu reacted fiercely: “How can you do that? It’s so unsafe for you to live alone?! No, no, I don’t agree.” Thinking back the past three months when Gu Ning had suddenly disappeared, it was understandable for Mother Gu to be so worried.

Gu Ning had guessed Mother Gu’s reaction and replied: “I have considered this and asked Fang Fa, he said that he found a house for rent near his and it was a shared room with two other girls that are university students. Three rooms and one living room, monthly cost around a thousand five hundred, Fang Fa had accompanied me to check the surroundings and it was quite nice. The two girls are very nice to talk to and Fang Fa was also in that same neighbourhood. Thus, we can look out for each other too.”

Once Mother Gu heard that it was in the same neighbourhood as Fang Fa, her attitude immediately loosened up: “So it’s quite good then…… and how far is it from the family where you’re teaching?”

Gu Ning answered: “It’s a ten-minute walk from the neighbourhood, so it’s particularly convenient. Also, because it was so convenient and safe that’s why I am so tempted to move to there in the meantime.”

Mother Gu glanced over at Father Gu, ready to listen to his opinion.

Father Gu spoke: “I don’t have any problem with that, Gu Ning is already old enough to know how to handle it herself.”

Mother Gu hesitated for a moment and asked: “So when do you plan to move?”

Gu Ning knew that this means Mother Gu had agreed, and after letting out a sigh of relief, and answered: “I’ll move over tomorrow, I’ve already spoken to them, there’s everything prepared. It’s very convenient, all I’ll need was to bring a quilt and a change of clothes will do. “

Mother Gu continued: “Since I’ve nothing to do tomorrow at home, I’ll help you with the moving.”

“No need.” Gu Ning hurriedly interjected: “I’ve already asked Fang Fa to pick me up.”

Mother Gu immediately perked up upon hearing this: “Loot at you, look at you… You still say that Xiao Fang doesn’t like you, if he doesn’t like you, why will he be so helpful? Both of you have only known each other for a few days.”

Gu Ning replied while strolling back into her room: “Fang Fa is just a police officer, it’s just his professional instinct. So mum, just don’t misunderstand that all the men in the world like your daughter, okay?”

Mother Gu surrendered: “Then we must agree that you must come back home at least once a week.”

Gu Ning replied: “I’ll fight for it.” Then she entered her bedroom.

She sent a message to Brother San to get the room ready for her. Then sat down in front of the computer and saw a new email.

The email address was the address from the owner of that post, Gu Ning didn’t expect him to reply to the email so quickly and immediately came back to sense and clicked opened the email.

“You all used to ignore me! Today I’ll let you all feel the same! I’m not going to sell my knife! ! ! Muahahahahaha!”

Looking at this line of a deliberately enlarged and bolded font. Gu Ning froze for a moment and burst into laughter, what kind of person was the other party that would write such a childish reply?

She thought for a little while and replied to the email back with a single word.


Then Gu Ning left him alone, she hadn’t held out much hope on this either.

Gu Ning sorted out her luggage, which was actually simple, just two sets of sportswear and a few thick jackets and that’s all she would be bringing. The time was only seven o’clock, which was still very early. Gu Ning decided to head out for a stroll and some shopping.

After leaving the room, she gave her phone number to her parent and informed them that she would go out for a stroll and call her if they needed anything. She then went down the stairs with her purse.

As resources were scarce in the post-apocalyptic world, Gu Ning went out and turned left then right to a nearby night market.

The night market was just starting, with the sound of music and promoting coming out of the speakers and the street shops hanging up big posters of huge clearance sales.

The first thing that Gu Ning shopped was the place that sold winter jackets. There was a pile of long black men’s jackets on the floor, which was the style of many companies’ winter security uniforms, all at a special price of eighty yuan apiece. Gu Ning touched them and felt that they were quite thinking and took twenty of them for fifty yuan apiece after bargaining with the shop owner. The boss found two large bags for her to carry all these clothes. Gu Ning carried the two large bags of clothes into an isolated alley and transfer them into the space after making sure no one was around, then walked out empty-handed to continue shopping. She purchased some acceptable quality quilts and other miscellaneous stuff at a very cheap price before Gu Ning loaded them all into the space.

Thinking of the children who had caught a cold a few days ago, Gu Ning made another trip to the pharmacy and bought a bunch of cold and fever reducer medicine. Just this one night, Gu Ning spent more than five thousand dollars. The gold necklace had been sold for a total of over 30,000 yuan, and the money they owed her relatives would probably be needed to be paid up soon. Gu Ning couldn’t wait to go back to the post-apocalyptic world and “ransack” another jewellery shop.

However, getting Fang Fa to help and “sell” the loot wasn’t going to be a long-term solution, so she had to find another way.

If only the money from the post-apocalyptic world could be used here, otherwise she would never have to worry about money again if she robbed a bank.

Gu Ning lay in her bed, feeling depressed.

Unable to fall asleep, she made a trip back to the space.

The area near the door was neatly arranged with the items she had largely purchased, piling up into a small mountain and Gu Ning felt a sense of accomplishment.

The grass along the shore was still so tall, Gu Ning stepped out a path to allow herself to walk through, then she headed straight to the sea. She glanced at the large green sea, thinking about the relationship between the sea and the psychic energy. She had a vague sense of her connection to the sea, and suddenly she had a very bold idea that she would like to try and see if she could control it. Just as this thought surfaced in her mind, the seawater in front of her feet instantly stirred up, then a finger-sized whirlpool appeared. It slowly turned into a whirlpool as big as her palm, the centre of the whirlpool was spinning rapidly as if the water was rolled up with a tornado. Gu Ning’s heart thumped as she carefully controlled this whirlpool of water and led it towards the door.

A stream of water from the whirlpool diverted out and slowly headed towards the door under Gu Ning’s control before it picked up the speed and slammed towards the door!

With that, it passes through the door silently and just disappeared ——

Gu Ning was stunned as she stared at the water that seemed to be absorbed by the door. The water flowed out as if it had evaporated and she couldn’t understand what was going on for a long while.

She tried a few more times and it was all the same, the stream of water went through the door steadily and then vanished.

Returning to her bedroom, she didn’t find anything unusual either.

However, she was unable to see that her room was filled with floating dots of green light energy that were flicking gently in a very strange and mysterious way. It floated through the doors and passed layers of walls before falling into the soil of the plants.

The cactus on the balcony, which had been soaked in water for too long and the roots were rotten, suddenly took on a new life and began to grow in the night breeze.

Gu Ning got up early the next day.

Perhaps because Gu Ning was moving away, Mother Gu was in a bad mood and went to the balcony to check out the cactus after serving Gu Ning breakfast.

After a while, Mother Gu went back to her room and said to Father Gu: “Aiya, Old Gu, it’s really strange, didn’t I say a while ago that you had soaked my cactus to death by pouring tea into the pot where it was kept? I just went to check and somehow it came back to life? That’s so strange.”

Father Gu took a sip of the soy milk and replied slowly: “I think you are the one being strange. Cactus plants are very tough plants, so how can they be so easily soaked to death? You’ve nagged at me for a while. Now look, it’s still alive isn’t it?”

Mother Gu nagged: “Nope! Go take a look, not only does it come back to life, it has even grown taller. I’ve been planting it for almost a year and it hasn’t grown that much, how could it grow so tall in just a single night?”

Father Gu responded casually: “You’re overthinking it.”

Gu Ning drank the last mouthful of soy milk, then went back to her room, took the packed quilt and her backpack before informing them: “I’ll go off first then!” After saying that, fearing that Mother Gu would come after her, she flew out the door, with a duffel bag of quilt and pillow that were slightly heavy and left as fast as she could.

Mother Gu lost sight of Gu Ning in a blink of an eye and immediately complained: “This child, why does she run away so fast?!”

Then she continued to mobilize Father Gu: “Come with me and take a look, you will see if it’s my problem or not.” She then dragged Father Gu over.

When Father Gu took a look at the cactus on the balcony, he too was so shocked and pushed up his glasses while exanimating: “Hey? It seems to be true. How did this grow so tall in just one night?” The cactus had indeed grown taller and not just by a little bit, but at least more than ten centimetres which could be easily differentiated by just a glance.

“Aiya! Old Gu, come and take a look at this garlic head! I planted it here yesterday when I was peeling it, how come it’s sprouted another head so fast?!” Mother Gu exclaimed in amazement as she held the garlic head in her hand.

Father Gu stared at the cactus that had come back from the dead and then at the garlic head that had sprouted out and was very confused: “This is just so strange.”

(T/N: Awwww… Fang Fa just too cute haha and now we roughly know how Gu Ning’s psychic power works. Simple and slow chapter for today. Thanks for reading so far! <3)

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    i hope Gu Ning will repay the favors properly to Fang Fa cuz she asking him a lot out of sudden😭😅(to sell sus gold, to lie to her parents etc.) despite their current relationship. and its weird that Fang Fa help and trust her just like that.. bc he like her ?🤨

    Gu Ning didnt give him chance to talk,
    feeling sorry to puppy Fang Fa🥴

    Thank you, Runicle

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