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TDRA Chapter 38

Special Abilities

Gu Ning didn’t dwell on why Xiang Xu had gained such an ability, but instead, she milked her for all the information that might be useful.

This includes the coloured cores to enable one to develop psychic powers, while the transparent cores could only be used as replenishment for the consumption of psychic energy.

With this question in mind, Gu Ning asked: “Do the powers deplete?”

“Yes.” Xiang Su nodded seriously: “Just like today at the front gate, the maximum number of fireballs that the woman could send out was probably around twenty. Usually conjuring each fireball would consume a certain amount of the psychic energy in her body.”

“What about you?” Gu Ning asked.

“I can cover this whole campus with my spiritual power. That means any place that I want to see can be seen.” Xiang Xu said confidently.

The sighting that Xiang Xu speaks of was not viewing it with the naked eye. Spiritual power cannot be described as eyes, but it was more like a feeling, like countless tentacles that touch things.  It was through the touching and feeling from the tentacles like a blind man’s hand touching something and then transmitting the clearer information through the conduction of spirituality.

It was as if Xiang Xu’s spiritual power could sense the people coming from which direction immediately, and if it was more detailed, she could also tell whether if it was a man or a woman based on the shape of their clothing. Moreover, if more information was required, then she would need to use more spiritual energy to analyse the detailed work.

It was not like the naked eye that could see at a glance the gender, sizes and height of the several people walking past.

Gu Ning nodded, then asked: “So you don’t have any other abilities besides being the radar?”

…… Xiang Xu was stunned for a moment at Gu Ning’s description, then after thinking carefully, she replied in a deflated voice: “At least for now, yes.” But she added quickly: “But I’m working on other uses for the spiritual power right now. You know, I have only eaten the bead a few days ago. If I had more time, I would become much more powerful. Also, just the effect of a radar alone could help you to avoid a lot of danger.”

Gu Ning, however, didn’t continue to dwell on the utility of the radar, but asked with interest: “How old are you?”

Xiang Xu was firstly stunned by the sudden change of topic, then she realized what Gu Ning meant by asking this question, so she said with a little imperceptible pride: “I’m eight years old. I’m in grade three of the junior high school.”

Gu Ning didn’t ask her what grade she went to school in, but she took the initiative to say it, and this was a tactic she used to score extra points in front of Gu Ning. Proving that she was smart and far cleverer than what Gu Ning thought she was.

Yet Gu Ning’s reaction was a big disappointment to Xiang Xu, as she merely nodded coldly, and wasn’t impressed by it.

This was a little frustrating for Xiang Xu. She was born differently, from the first moment she opened her eyes, she could already remember things. She spoke at half a year old, and by the time she was one, she could already carry on a fluent conversation. As for her studies, which were a headache for most people, she had an easy time of it, and at the age of just eight, she had already skipped a grade to junior school. She even made a lot of headlines from it and was offered several TV shows and interviews, but she turned down all of them.

Xiang Xu could not hold a conversation with people of her age at all, and even some adults were inexplicably in awe of her.

She was a good observer of others behaviour and easily catches others’ weaknesses.

However, with this Gu Ning, she had been carefully testing out the waters. Yet apart from the time when she revealed her biggest secret, that she could see the future, Gu Ning only showed normal surprised expression. After that, all the rest of the conversations, she was so calm that it was a little intimidating.

Also, it had been a long time since Xiang Xu felt what it meant to be afraid.

At this moment, Gu Ning did not have time to focus on Xiang Xu’s feelings, but she carefully pondered over what Xiang Xu had said, and after thinking about it, she had come to a conclusion. The development of one’s psychic power after eating the crystal core dependent on one’s potential.

“You said that the chance of a crystal core allowing someone to develop wasn’t certain.” Gu Ning said.

Xiang Xu quickly pulled herself out of that frustration and answered Gu Ning’s question: “Yes. A lot of people develop special abilities, but the rest remained as ordinary people. Maybe zero percent, or even lower than that.”

Gu Ning was not in a good mood currently, even felt slightly depressed: “So, now I belong to the group of ordinary people.”

It was a declarative sentence. After she had eaten the bead, she hadn’t noticed anything different about herself at all, and she would probably be even more depressed now if the space hadn’t changed much. Aside from the changes in the space which was dispensable and now the only thing it did was to help her relax. Gu Ning was more eager for her strength to increase instead. After all, she had already tried, and that space could only be entered by her alone.

“It’s strange.” At this point Xiang Xu’s light-coloured eyebrows couldn’t help but frown like an adult: “I can clearly sense a very strong wave of psychic energy in your body and your eyes also show the changes that would only occur if you had developed psychic powers. But you can’t emit out any psychic power, and I don’t know what’s going on.”

Gu Ning secretly speculated in her heart, could it be because the psychic power that was supposed to be in her body had been robbed by the space and then evolved the space. Although she had developed the special ability, she had no psychic power to use, this was really…… Gu Ning sighed in her heart, feeling depressed.

Gu Ning and Xiang Xu’s conversation went on for a long time.

In conclusion, Gu Ning’s final words were: “You are very clever, but clever people often have too many ideas of their own. I can promise that you will never starve or freeze as long as you follow me, but I need a promise from you too.” Gu Ning continued with a cold and solemn face: “I will not treat you like a child, and it is entirely possible to squeeze dry your psychic power. Also, you must obey me completely, show your intelligence appropriately and discipline that brother of yours. If you can do these things, then you may move into this dormitory of ours.”

Instead of being intimidated by Gu Ning’s words, Xiang Xu gave a relaxed smile, a light dimple appearing on the right side of her face, adding a bit of cuteness to her as she replied: “Before that, my brother and I had been worried about how are we going to survive through the winter. Both of us had made a vow when we buried our parents that we will live well. However, the two of us are still too young, and this world is so treacherous that we might be killed before we can become strong.” She looked at Gu Ning, her eyes filled with genuine gratitude: “I am indeed very smart, so I understand very well that if I lose this opportunity, there will never be a second one. And we will prove to you that you have made the unbelievably right decision today.”

It was only after Xiang Xu walked out of the dormitory door then she felt a pang of fear.

No matter how thrilling or touching her words were, Gu Ning always gazed at her coldly with those light-coloured pupils. It was as if this conversation was a life-or-death decision for her, while for Gu Ning, it was just an optional decision. The attitude which Gu Ning displayed, forced her to play without reservation and revealed her trump card that she had not planned to reveal all at once, and even made a promise that she would never otherwise agreed to.

However, for some reason, she should have gained the initiative advantages in her plan, yet things went far beyond her expectations. Also, the outcome was very different from what she had envisioned, but she felt happy, unexpectedly happy……

Facing Xiang Yi’s slightly worried look, Xiang Xu gave him a nod before spreading one of the brightest smiles she had since the apocalypse happened.

Therefore, the outcome was that the two siblings, Xiang Yi and Xiang Xu, moved into the dormitory.

Cheng Ming, Jia DaoZhang, and the rest who were completely unaware of Xiang Xu’s psychic powers showed their surprises openly.

After all, Gu Ning really didn’t seem like the kind of person with such a sympathetic heart.

Gu Ning allowed Xiang Xu to give a short introduction to her psychic powers and everyone’s face, except Xiang Yi, showed a very astonished expression. Obviously, Xiang Xu’s psychic ability had shocked them.

Jia DaoZhang lamented: “High-tech radar, huh.”

Another brief self-introduction was made to each other.

Then Gu Ning got down to the business.

“I am going to send the news of the crystal core to Brother San, then go out with them and the others to kill zombies and collect the cores. We must take advantage of the fact that not many people know about this news yet, and take the initiative. The time we buy during this period will be the time we overtake the others.”

Jia DaoZhang nodded his head and replied: “Gu Ning has a point. Once this news spreads, it will drive people crazy.”

Everyone agreed.

Moreover, they were all vaguely excited. Both Jia DaoZhang and Cheng Ming, had seen Yan Yu used her ability with their own eyes. Whereas Huang MengYao and Xie YuHong, had only heard about it through their discussion, and they were all very keen on obtaining the kind of special ability that was similar to conjure fireballs from their empty hands.

Gu Ning’s gaze swept around the faces of the crowd and said: “So, which one of you is willing to go with me.”

All of them looked at each other and then gave a solemn nod.

It was clear that no one wanted to miss out on this opportunity.

“Very well.” Gu Ning said: “Xiang Xu, you are in charge of monitoring the gates of the colony, if any military trucks came back, then they are Brother San’s men, do inform me immediately.”

Xiang Xu nodded, her pupils slightly shrinking, while the invisible spiritual power had already dispersed out, heading straight to the entrance’s gate.

While monitoring the main gate, she was still focusing on Gu Ning, waiting for Gu Ning’s next arrangement.

Huang MengYao asked: “If we all leave, then who will take care of Uncle and Auntie?”

Gu Ning replied: “I will send them over to Brother San’s place.”

Even if Yan Yu and Wang JiZhong group of people wanted to find trouble while she was away, they would have to go through the guns in the hands of the soldiers of the Third Company if they would agree.

Gu Ning continued: “When we develop our abilities, we can try to head over to the downtown area where the zombies are denser. Seeing as winter is approaching, we need a lot of supplies and warm clothing and quilts.” It wasn’t just them, but also the soldiers of the Third Company and the children too. Gu Ning could never forget those curious and well-behaved eyes. H-Province was as hot as a furnace in summer and notoriously cold in winter, and there was also a very serious snowstorm previously.

It was the first winter of the post-apocalyptic era, and most people had left their homes in a hurry without any warm clothing and adequate supplies. It was in fear that half of those nearly hundred or so children would not survive through this winter. As Brother San said, these children may be weak now, but one day, when their generation was slowly growing old, they would also grow up and become stronger.

They were the hope for the future of the world.

Therefore, as much as she could do, she hopes to help them through the first cold winter of the post-apocalyptic era while they were still weak.

The downtown area was concentrated with zombies, a hard-affected area. After the apocalypse happened, many people who had escaped from there did not dare to venture back in. They only dared to seek a new hiding place in some other remote areas.

On the contrary, it also means that there were many large supermarkets, shopping malls, various department stores that had not been looted. Thus, there were many supplies in there which they desperately needed.

Thinking in this direction, that space that had evolved would be able to hold more stuff than the not-so-spacious little room. It should be enough for her to sweep through all the major shopping malls and supermarkets in the entire province without worry.

Thinking through this, Gu Ning’s depressing feeling that she had developed but had no psychic power to use was slowly relieved.

Of course, Gu Ning hadn’t forgotten about her plan to go to the jewellery shop and pick up the loots.

Currently, she was poor, very poor, so she thought about it that although it was slightly dangerous in this side of the post-apocalyptic world, it was still very rewarding. At least it would be able to help to pay off the debts her family now owes.

In short, the most important thing right now was to evolve her powers first. Including her parents, if both Father Gu and Mother Gu had developed their powers, she wouldn’t need them to go out and kill zombies. As long as they could defend themselves, then it would be much easier for her.

If with a little luck, Jia DaoZhang, Cheng Ming, Huang MengYao and Xie YuHong had all managed to develop abilities as well, the pressure on her shoulder would be a lot lighter.

If unfortunately, none of them develops any abilities, then she would have to rethink carefully about whether she still needed such a companion.

Although it was a bit cruel, they were not related to her at all, and they had only known each other for two days. To put it more bluntly, they were only interested in the strength that Gu Ning had shown. Thus, it makes perfect sense for Gu Ning to kick them out because they haven’t shown their skills that they won’t be dragging down her. This was a case of each taking what they wanted from the other.

Of course, Gu Ning did not want such a thing to happen. After all, the several crises that happened previously, they were the first to stand by her side, and they all rarely showed disagreement with her decisions. These four people could be considered trustworthy, and in this post-apocalyptic world, such people were hard to come by.

Gu Ning was considering lots of things.

Jia DaoZhang and the others were still in a state of excitement that they were about to obtain “special ability.”

They didn’t have a clear idea about the special abilities yet.

Without Gu Ning’s permission, Xiang Xu didn’t dare to say much nor took the initiative to teach them the basic knowledge about the crystal cores and their special abilities.

Whereas, Gu Ning already had a clear idea of it from her conversation with Xiang Xu.

Special abilities consisted of seven elements.

Gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, with the slightly more common speed and strength element as it seems.

The fireball which Yan Yu sent out was under the fire element.

“I can sense that the fluctuations of her psychic power are very weak. The amount of psychic energy stored in her body was also very small, which is why it was consumed so quickly.” This was how Xiang Xu described it at that time.

Yet the psychic powers like Xiang Xu’s own belong to the category of mutated special abilities.

Human manipulating powerful special abilities to fight was a picture that the present human couldn’t imagine at all.

In Xiang Xu’s description, it was as if Gu Ning was seeing a grand sweeping picture slowly revealing its mysterious veil in front of her.

Although she could not see the whole picture clearly, Gu Ning’s blood was already boiling for it.

(T/N: Alright now… time to arrange some terms:
  • Special Abilities – General name for the different psychic powers.
  • Psychic powers – Term for one’s supernatural power.
  • Psychic energy – Term for one’s mana pool which fuelled the psychic power.
  • Crystal core – Term for the coloured bead that was found in those evolved zombies, use to develop special abilities when consumed but chances are low.
  • Transparent core – Term for the bead that was found in slightly evolved zombies, helps to replenish the psychic energy when depleted.
  • Elements – Classification of different type of psychic powers.
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