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TDRA Chapter 37

The one who sees the future

The last few remaining zombies were all wiped out.

Gu Ning stayed on the roof of the building until the smoke faded before she went down with her gun on her back.

The ground was covered with burnt corpses and some corpses were left with just the bones. When Gu Ning was about to reach the gate, she suddenly stepped on something round and slippery under her feet. She was slightly stunned before moved her feet away, and saw a transparent bead on the ground. Gu Ning was a little surprised and hurriedly squatted down to pick it up. Moreover, just as she picked up the bead, she found a second bead, then a third, a fourth and a fifth…..

In the end, Gu Ning bent over and picked up at least thirty-five beads near the metal gate.

All of them were transparent, crystal clear and lustrous.

These beads seemed to be only available to those zombies that had higher agility.

Gu Ning unzipped her backpack to keep those beads before she entered the colony.

She was stopped by a group of people.

In the front of the group was Yan Yu, who led those ten or so people to block Gu Ning’s path.

Pei Jing had already been taken away by Bai Lang at this time.

“Hand over the stuff.”

Gu Ning glanced at her but continued dropped the beads into her backpack as if she hadn’t heard them, then slung them over her back.

Cheng Ming and Jia DaoZhang both hurriedly walked over and stood next to Gu Ning, watching the group warily.

The few soldiers who had stayed behind for guarding also noticed the occurrence and they were not in a hurry to leave, but glance over from afar to observe the situation.

Yan Yu was a little impatient: “Didn’t you hear me? Hand over my things!”

“Your things?” Gu Ning raised her eyebrows slightly.

“Of course!” Yan Yu said without hesitation: “Didn’t you see that huge fire just now?”

Gu Ning looked at her coldly: “If I’m not wrong, only those zombies who climbed up the metal gate and moved swiftly had such beads. I stood on the roof of the opposite building and fired, firing a total of more than forty shots. All of them were aimed at the zombies on the metal gates. During those times you were just watching. By the time that fire of yours burned, it was just the regular zombies left.”

Yan Yu sneered: “Hmmph, you said you fired over forty shots from such a distance as if you manage to hit the zombie with every shot?”

Gu Ning stopped arguing with her, she took down her gun, turned around and aimed it at an antenna erected diagonally across from where she was previously before she pulled the trigger.

“Bang!” The sound of a gunshot rang.

Immediately afterwards, the antennae snapped off at the waist.

Then, Gu Ning turned her gun around and aimed the muzzle at Yan Yu, saying coldly: “Do you believe that the second before you send out those fireballs of yours, your head will explode with a bang?”

Yan Yu’s expression instantly changed, she was kind of unlucky today. Bai Lang was a fearless person, and here she met Gu Ning who was unmoved by force or persuasion. Twice in a day, she had guns pointed at her head when she already had special abilities. One can imagine how she felt now.

At the same time as Gu Ning turned her gun towards Yan Yu, the soldiers who had been observing the situation also raised their guns and pointed them at Yan Yu’s group. It was believed that as soon as they moved, the soldiers would not hesitate to shoot. After all, there was no need to pay a life for a life in this post-apocalyptic world.

Finally, under such pressure, a man pulled Yan Yu and spoke: “Yan Yu. Pei Jing said not to cause any trouble.”

Yan Yu’s expression changed several times before finally glaring at Gu Ning with indignation before saying: “Fine. Lucky you! I hope you won’t regret it later! Let’s go!”

After saying those, she led the group away.

“Gu Ning, that Yan Yu is so powerful. Since you had offended her, I’m afraid she will find trouble with you.” Cheng Ming said worriedly.

Gu Ning thought to herself, of course, she didn’t want to offend them either, but there was no way she could hand over those beads.

Just like Bai Lang could shatter up the fireball with a few shots, then these abilities were not that invincible.

As long as she became strong, she would fear no one.

She smiled at the few soldiers in the distance with a nod of thanks. Then she told Jia DaoZhang and Cheng Ming: “Let’s go back now.”

When they returned to the dormitory, Father Gu and Mother Gu were relieved to see that Gu Ning had returned safely.

Gu Ning comforted them for a while and insured them that the zombies at the school entrance had been cleared away.

Afterwards, they walked to the next dormitory’s room and started discussing what had just happened at the school gate.

Huang MengYao and Xie YuHong listened to Cheng Ming’s description of how Yan Yu had created a fireball and both were a bit incredulous.

“Could she know magic? Or has some kind of supernatural power?” Huang MengYao asked.

“It’s because of this.” Gu Ning silently took out a transparent bead from her backpack and placed it on her palm.

Jia DaoZhang was the first to come closer: “What is this thing?”

The other three also came closer to inspect the bead, all waiting for Gu Ning to answer their confusion.

“It was dug out from the brains of the zombies.” Gu Ning replied.

Jia DaoZhang, who had come the closest, jerked back at once: “What?!”

Gu Ning continued: “If I’m correct, Yan yu developed her psychic abilities because she had swallowed this bead. There was also a little girl who I had met also had other psychic abilities, all because she had swallowed the bead too.”

Jia DaoZhang raised his concern: “This is dug out from the brains of zombies…… what if …… what if after eating it, there are no psychic power and we turned into zombies instead how?”

“Jia DaoZhang, Cheng Ming, you should all have seen that the zombies are evolving. They no longer have stiff limbs, they can climb and run. If we don’t become stronger, we will become the food for them.”

Gu Ning spread her palm, with four beads in her hand, then stated: “The choice is yours.”

The four looked at each other wordlessly, with struggle and hesitation in each other’s eyes.

Huang MengYao was the first to take it. Then it was Cheng Ming, Xie YuHong and then Jia DaoZhang.

The four of them were silent as they washed the bead carefully with water.

Jia DaoZhang muttered: “Should we use boiling water to cleanse it?”

Just as the four of them stood up and were ready to swallow.

A childish voice rang out abruptly at the entrance of the dormitory: “it’s useless.”

At once, all eyes were drawn to it.

Gu Ning looked at the people who appeared at the entrance of the dormitory and frowned slightly.

The two people who suddenly appeared at the dormitory’s door, a tall and a short, a male and a female, were none other than the two siblings Xiang Yi and Xiang Xu.

Xiang Yi said: “If you want to develop psychic abilities, these transparent beads have no effect, you need the coloured beads to stimulate the psychic abilities. Also, these transparent beads are for replenishment when the abilities are severely depleted and the odds are not hundred percent.” He said with a shrug: “Just like me, the unlucky one. I’ve already eaten two beads without developing any psychic powers.”

The four of them in the room were stunned by this amount of information and subconsciously glanced at Gu Ning.

Gu Ning silently finished digesting the information then looked at the little girl Xiang Xu: “What about you? What colour beads did you eat to develop your powers?”

Xiang Xu replied: “Pure white.” Her voice was clear and childish but her gaze was calm, and the expression she was showing shouldn’t be appearing at this age.”

Her dark eyes stared at Gu Ning as she pleaded: “If it’s possible, I’d like to speak to you alone.”

Gu Ning’s eyes narrowed slightly as she stared at her for a long time before giving a nod to Jia DaoZhang and the rest.

Although Jia DaoZhang and the rest were all very curious about Xiang Xu, they could only stand up and walked out.

Then Xiang Xu walked in while Xiang Yi closed the door from the outside.

Gu Ning and Xiang Xu were the only ones left in the room.

Gu Ning looked at Xiang Xu and asked: “Go ahead, what do you want to talk to me about?” The scene at this point was somewhat ridiculous, a girl in her twenties and a little girl of seven or eight years old, both of them with very serious and calm expressions. If Gu Ning’s expression was perfectly normal, then seeing a seven or eight-year-old little girl showing such a look was a bit precocious and bizarre.

Xiang Xu’s dark eyes were like a deep pool, as she gazed fixed on Gu Ning and spoke with shocking information: “I can see the future.”

As the words spilt out of the girl’s mouth, the calmness in Gu Ning’s eyes finally changed a little.

“After swallowing the white bead, I had a dream in which I saw a lot of things. I knew that these beads would later be referred to as crystal cores, the zombies would become more powerful and even the animals would start to mutate, and also there is you.” Xiang Xu looked deeply at Gu Ning, those eyes were as if like a deep pool, and countless images seemed to be flashing past in those deep pools: “I saw you standing on a very huge tree, I saw your dazzling golden hair, I saw you running on a behemoth, I saw a green ocean …… I always thought it was just a dream. But after seeing you that day, I knew that it wasn’t a dream, but is the future which I saw.”

Gu Ning listened to her last sentence, her expression remained calm but her heart was already thumping and pounding like a huge wave.

Crystal cores, zombie evolution, animal mutations, giant trees, a behemoth, a green ocean……

All these things felt like they were bombarding Gu Ning’s mind, causing a great shock in her mind.

Gu Ning couldn’t speak for a long time, because she didn’t know what to say, or should she ask if all these were true. Gu Ning didn’t think Xiang Xu could make up so many things out of the thin air, not to mention the huge trees and green oceans that existed, and Xiang Xu had no motive to make up these lies.

“That’s the reason why I must follow you.” Xiang Xu looked deeply at Gu Ning and said with a bit of mysterious tone in her voice: “This is what the future has revealed to me.”

Gu Ning looked at Xiang Xu’s tender face and peered through her dark eyes into the deepest part of the pool, catching a hint of tension that was hard to detect. As well as her unconscious pursed lips that gave away the fact that she was not as calm as she appeared to be.

On the contrary, if one didn’t look closely, this face despite its youthfulness, had an unmistakable look of seriousness and composure.

Gu Ning couldn’t help but think that this Xiang Xu, who was only seven or eight years old, was actually more of a competent charlatan than Jia DaoZhang——

(T/N: I seriously don’t like Yan Yu character… XD well tbh whoever that goes against Gu Ning, is not that favourable haha. Now, aren’t you all curious about Gu Ning’s abilities? =) Thank you for reading!)

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