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TDRA Chapter 36

Special Abilities Revealed
(T/N: This chapter is dedicated to Paj for the generous support. Thank you so much. Also I’m trying this chapter with an audio for the short fight, hopefully it will be suitable and create a better intensive feeling when reading it. Please do remember to adjust your volume before playing the soundtrack. Thanks )

After Gu Ning took a good look at the thing that was lunging towards her, her heart thumped and all the hairs on her body instantly stood up!

It was a black zombie dog, unlike the previous one which was huge, this was the size of a normal house dog. There was a large hole cut in its belly which intestines flowed out, hanging on its belly and half of which was dragged on the ground collecting a huge grey knot of dirt and dust. As if it was oblivious to it and the moment it swooped out of the darkness, it was like a black lightning bolt. If it wasn’t for Gu Ning’s keen sense and quick reactions, she would have been bitten by it!

Gu Ning had no time to be distracted by what was happening at the school gate and was concentrating fully on the zombie dog, which didn’t give her the chance to remove the gun from her back. Fortunately, Gu Ning still had the knife in her hand.

Before Gu Ning could raise her knife, the zombie dog lunged towards her again! The dog was extremely fast and its size in this narrow space gave it an advantage. In addition, unless the dog’s head was cut off or chopped into pieces, attacks on other parts were basically ineffective. Gu Ning was forced to dodge repeatedly to defend herself and had no other way to launch a counterattack.

Fortunately, there was still some furniture left in the restaurant, and the dog was completely devoid of any intelligence, and only pounced on its prey by instinct. Gu Ning relied on these obstacles for a while but neither side could take down the other.

If the zombie dog kept its intelligence, it would have been annoyed by Gu Ning’s slippery dodging.

However, Gu Ning didn’t have much patience, she was still worried about the increasingly intense gunfire and screaming at the school gate.

Her parents were still on the campus, and if the gate was broken, Gu Ning dared not think further.

Gathering back her thoughts, she watched as the zombie dog made a move to leap over the table and lunged at her. Gu Ning did not dodge, but the moment the zombie dog leaped up! She kicked the table so hard that it crashed into the belly of the dog that had risen into the air! Gu Ning’s face did not show any joyful expression when she managed to land the hit, she just raised her foot again, the zombie dog hissed and was knocked away by the strong force coming from the table!

Gu Ning used her full force in this kick, and the edge of the table caught the zombie dog’s abdomen and crashed into the drab wall. The zombie dog still struggling to escape, but Gu Ning naturally wouldn’t give it any chances. She leaped onto the table, used her strength to press down the table while making sure the zombie dog was stuck and immobilized in between the edge of the table and the wall. The knife in her hand chopped down viciously without any hesitation on the head of the zombie dog. She clearly remembered that Brother San had told her that the zombie dog in the courtyard was still alive after being shot in the head, so Gu Ning didn’t dare to take it lightly. She made sure that the head of the zombie dog was chopped off, separating from its body.

The zombie dog’s decapitate body slide off from the edge of the table and stopped budging.

The zombie dog’s head, however, rolled onto the table.

Gu Ning’s heart leaped for a moment, she sliced the dog’s head into two, then used the tip of the knife to stir apart that broken open dog’s head. It wasn’t in the left half, then she started digging on the other half. Finally, the tip of her knife touched a small hard object, Gu Ning couldn’t help but feel happy. Once again the tip of the knife picked the small object from the rotten and smelly brain, it was a pure white bead. Gu Ning didn’t even care about the filth, she just dug out the bead which was still smelling of rottenness, cupped it in her hands, and wiped the brain pulp off on the table rag, revealing its pristine, unblemished original bead form. She didn’t have time to admire it at this moment, so Gu Ning just put it in her pocket and ran out with her gun.

Just as she appeared, a female zombie lunged towards her. There were limited bullets in the magazine, so Gu Ning didn’t want to waste them so she stabbed it directly with the end of her gun viciously! The zombie staggered backward from the stab, Gu Ning quickly drew the knife at her belt and thrust it towards the face of the female zombie which bounced back at her! The knife drawing action, Gu Ning practiced when she was free, and right now she was incredibly skilled at it. Her strength was extremely strong, if currently, she was a normal girl, she would need to hold the knife in both hands to plunge it into the zombie’s skull while sprinting from some distance to gain a speed boost.

Gu Ning only needed to make three moves, draw her knife, raised her hand, and slashed it down, and the zombie would fell to the ground motionlessly. All thanks to Gu Ning’s extraordinary strength and precision she had honed through countless times between life and death.

It was only at this time that Gu Ning had spare time to observe the current situation. When she first saw what was happening, her first reaction was to dodge into the house, closed the door behind her, before opened a small gap from the door to peek out.

Currently, the school entrance was full of zombies. The zombies in the front row were sticking their hands into the gaps of the metal gate and clawing their way in. They were hissing with excitement and hunger, desperately trying to squeeze in, and at least there were two to three hundred of them!

Not only the front gate, in front of the school entrance was a horizontal road, and in this road, lots of zombies were swarming in. Probably the smell of the dead zombie dog inside the house has overpowered the smell from Gu Ning, who had the door slightly ajar. There were constantly zombies stumbling past three or four meters in front of Gu Ning, but none of them noticed that a living person was hiding inside.

The gunfire continued to ring out as rows of zombies fell to the ground with their heads blown off, yet more zombies came stepping over the corpses and filled up their positions.

If these zombies weren’t enough to instil too much fear, then within the crowd, dozens of zombies who were moving with great agility and trying to climb up the metal gate, were enough to make anyone’s courage crumbled.

The metal gate creaked as it was squeezed by the growing number of zombies.

The large lock hanging on the metal gate swung and knocking on the bar as if it could be broken at any moment.

Most of the guns were aimed at the zombies that were trying to climb over the gate.

However, most people who held the guns didn’t have enough opportunities to shoot before the apocalypse happened so their marksmanship was not that superb. Often several shots go by and either miss or it hit other parts of the zombie. Basically, the ones who were able to hit those quick-moving zombies within three shots were the soldiers left behind by the Third Company for guarding.

Gu Ning naturally saw the zombies trying to climb the metal gate, those with flexible bodies that were so different from the usual zombies, were enough to make anyone felt a chill of despair just by looking at them.

All Gu Ning could hear was the constant sound of gunshots, yet it took several shots to bring down one of those zombies climbing the metal gate, and one of it even climbed to the top before it was shot down! Gu Ning was terrified, if a zombie broke through the gate, the defenceless people in the colony, including her parents would be in danger.

The only saving grace was that the school wall was built high enough and although there were zombies who tried to climb over the wall, all were in vain.

This small restaurant had three floors in total, the ground floor was the small restaurant and the next few levels were the residential building. Without further hesitation, Gu Ning carried her gun around to the back door and found the stairs as she dashed upstairs.

Those quick-moving zombies continuously climbed upwards, almost covering up the entire metal gate. The large amount and densely gather zombies on the metal gate was very terrifying and some of them even climbed higher before it gotten knocked down.

There were also some zombies banging on the small side door next to the gate. The side door was not strong enough to withstand several ramming attempts. Bai Lang called a dozen men to block that door with their bodies, and then looked grimly at the culprit who had drawn all these hordes of zombies back.

The culprit was the group of ten or so people who had traded a large number of supplies last night and residence in the hostel.

Half an hour ago, they hurriedly ran back into the colony, and less than ten minutes later, those zombies blocked the entire school entrance.

By this time, they were surrounded by Bai Lang’s men.

Yin Sang stood with the man in a white shirt wearing glasses, countless fierce glances emanating from those beautiful eyes. If those merciless glances could be materialized, those people would probably be shredded into pieces long ago.

“If only Gu Ning and Brother San were here.” Cheng Ming said with a frown as he watches the countless zombies that had gathered at the entrance and doesn’t seem to be reducing no matter what.

Cheng Ming and Jia DaoZhang came out to check out the situation, while Xie YuHong and Huang MengYao stayed back in the hostel to look after Gu Ning’s parents.

Most people remained in the building at this point, listening to the gunfire and waiting nervously. Either waiting for the victory or waiting for the zombies to break in.

While a small number of people came out of the building to check out the situation.

Gu Ning quickly ran to the top floor, the distance diagonally from the gate was about three hundred meters away. She found a good angle and then aimed her gun at the zombies who were climbing the iron metal, after aiming, she pulled the trigger——


The bullet went through the back of the zombie’s head with perfect accuracy.

The gunshot from Gu Ning’s side was kind of loud, but the gunshots in the colony were even more intense, so no one paid any attention to her side. Even the zombies with a keen sense of hearing were not attracted over, and they still kept surging towards the metal gate.

Gu Ning continued to aim at the next one.

On average, she fired a shot every five seconds.

Ten shots, at least eight of them hit the target.

The gunmen firing in the colony were a little puzzled, wondering how all of a sudden that their accuracy was so much higher. Zombies kept falling from the metal gate, landing into the group of zombies below them, smashing down pile after pile. However, the zombies seemed to be endless, killing a group of them, and another group rushed up to fill in the open spot.

Still, the fact that the metal gates were crawling with zombies a moment ago and now they were cleared at once, managed to catch the attention of some people.

The white-shirted man noticed that one zombie had fallen backward, but there were no bullet holes in the entire face, so it had to be originated from the back.

The eyes behind the glasses quickly locked onto the roof of the third floor diagonally across the street and said in a deep voice: “There’s someone on the roof across the street.”

Yin Sang, who was standing beside him, raised her head at once to follow his gaze and indeed saw a person with a gun raised right there, and she raised her eyebrows in surprise: “It’s her?!”

It was really because Gu Ning’s blonde hair was so conspicuous that it was hard not to recognize her.

Gu Ning was completely unaware that she had been discovered, and naturally, she doesn’t care at all. She just focused on her aim and fired, the bullet casing ejected, bullet shot out, and passed through the skull of a zombie.

More and more people spotted her.

“Jia DaoZhang! Look! Gu Ning is over there!” Cheng Ming pointed excitedly at the third-floor roof of the building diagonally opposite of the colony.

When Jia DaoZhang squinted his eyes, he saw a handful of golden hair and instantly recognized that it was Gu Ning.

In this colony, the name Gu Ning was not well known, but her iconic blonde hair was of no small renown.

It caused a gasp of surprise from the surrounding.

Bai Lang glanced at the roof of the opposite building, then shot down a zombie before turning to Pei Jing, the leader of the dozen men, and said: “I’ll send you all to heaven the second this door is slammed open.”

Yan Yu, who had been standing next to Pei Jing, could no longer suppress her anger that she had been holding back and roared: “Then you should die first!” As she roared out this sentence, she opened her palm and pushed it forward in the direction of Bai Lang!

Pei Jing, who was next to her, couldn’t stop her it in time and his expression suddenly changed! “Yan Yu!”

Just as she pushed out her palm! A football-sized ball of fire appeared out of the thin air in front of her palm! Whirling with flames, the moment this ball of fire appeared, even the air around it was a few degrees warmer! Yan Yu’s shrilled roar had already attracted a lot of attention, but now seeing a fireball appear out of the thin air was even more shocking! As Yan Yu pushed her hands forward, that fireball flew out with a whirring sound and flew straight towards Bai Lang’s face!

All the onlookers were caught by surprise, and the sight of that fireball flying rapidly towards Bai Lang under Yan Yu’s control!  They were even more shocked and a cry of astonishment rang out at once!

Gu Ning was standing on the roof of the third floor in the opposite building, what was happening inside the colony was right under her nose. She saw the fireball just appeared out of thin air with unparalleled clarity and then it flew out under the girl’s control, in shock, she had even forgotten to shoot!

That fireball was extremely fast, and it came close in the blink of an eye!

“Bai Lang! Watch out!” Yin Sang and the white-shirted man shouted at the same time.

Even Gu Ning couldn’t help but get nervous.

Bai Lang stared at the in-coming fireball straight at him, his face was cold and solemn, his gaze was icy cold, but there was no trace of panic on his face. He didn’t even dodge or evade, he just raised his gun and aimed at the fireball, bang bang bang! A few shots rang out. The ghastly-looking ball of fire broke apart even under the continuous impact of the bullets, and all of it shattered down from the mid-air.

Bai Lang stepped on the shattered fireball, his gun aimed at Yan Yu, he even smiled slightly, but this smile was eerily cold: “Sorry, it’s you who will die first.”

Countless guns were turned around and aimed at Yan Yu and the ten or so others. Those onlookers who had been watching the drama unfolded were all tensed up at this moment. Meanwhile, the remaining soldiers of the Third Company were continuing shooting at the zombies off the metal gate.

The situation has taken a sharp turn for the worse!

Yan Yu shuddered uncontrollably as many black gun holes were pointed at her, she hadn’t expected it at all that the fireball she had sent out would be shattered with a gun! With so many guns aiming at her, she simply didn’t dare to send out a second fireball.

“Wait! Don’t shoot yet!” At that moment Pei Jing suddenly spoke, while raising his hands in a gesture of surrender to avoid being shot outright.

Staring at Bai Lang, he continued: “As long as you don’t kill her, I can tell you the secret about the fireball!”

“Hmmm. Good offer.” Bai Lang nodded, but his hand holding the gun didn’t lower: “But let’s wait until the person in the way is dead.” He replied and was about to pull the trigger.

“Bai Lang.” The white-shirted man pressed Bai Lang’s hand that was holding the gun, then he pushed the glasses up and glanced at Yan Yu before saying: “Keep her to deal with those zombies.”

Bai Lang gave a glance at the densely packed zombies outside the metal gate, and his long slanted eyes narrowed slightly.

Pei Jing immediately spoke: “We can help you to get rid of all the zombies out there.”

Bai Lang’s long slanted eyes rose slightly upwards, and his expression changed into a sneer as he said: “Help me?”

When Pei Jing thought of the fact that they had indeed lured all these zombies to the colony, he had to change his tone and said: “Anyway, we will take care of these zombies, and besides, I will tell you what you want to know.”

Bai Lang finally showed a satisfied smile, then said to the soldiers who were still loading their bullets: “Do you hear them? Leave the zombies to them and save up the bullets for your Brother San.”

The few soldiers hesitated but in the end, they stopped their shooting.

Although Gu Ning had sharp ears, she was still too far away to hear the conversation, so she could only notice that the sound of gunfire had faded out. As she was wondering, she saw Yan Yu, the one who had released the fireball earlier reluctantly walked up to the metal gate and open her palm. In the next instant, two fireballs appeared out of thin air on top of her palm, hovering upwards with flames swirling.

As she raised her hands, two fireballs traced a throwing line in the air, flying across the metal gate, and slammed down!

It smashed into the crowd of zombies with a loud bang, instantly igniting the clothes on the zombies’ bodies!

Yan Yu threw about twenty fireballs one after another, hitting the zombies in different directions, her face was pale as if she had lost her strength and couldn’t send out any more fireballs.

However, those twenty fireballs were enough.

In just under three minutes, the fire spread, accompanied by the burning smell of rottenness as the zombies were decaying. The flames shot up into the sky, beyond the metal gate, the flames and the hissing of the zombies were in unison.

Gu Ning put down the gun in her hand and watches the zombies screaming and hissing in the fire as the thick smoke raised to the sky. For a moment, she didn’t know what to feel.

(T/N: Alright so… I wanted to add more audio but the chapter had too many interval which broke off Gu Ning’s fight so that’s all for now. For future longer battle scene, hopefully I will be able to add in more background music. Hehehe, hope you guys enjoyed reading!  =) )

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