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TDRA Chapter 35

With Brother San laughing as they strolled away.

The expression from soldiers of the Second Company was very entertaining.

Suddenly, one of the soldiers shouted: “I don’t believe she’s that good! Maybe they’ve cheated!” Then he ran to the target and check it repeatedly before returning with his head hanging down and kept quiet.

The Second Company commander Zhang YueGuo’s face was gloomy, and the others didn’t dare to speak up. After a long while, before he patted on Zhai Jun’s shoulder and said: “Zhai Jun, as you can see, Xie AiGuo found such a formidable girl from somewhere. From the girl’s short interval between shots and with such high accuracy, she must be a veteran! In three days, the Five Stars Brigade will be coming over to pick their men. So, from today onwards, you will skip all those training from the company and concentrate on practicing your marksmanship instead.”

Zhai Jun nodded solemnly: “Yes! Company Commander.”

Someone asked: “But Company Commander, isn’t that girl the niece of the Third Company Commander?”

Zhang YueGuo frowned and replied: “What the hell niece. If he had such a remarkable niece, and with his temperament of wanting to let the whole world know that he had something so great as if he would hide it until now?! You guys should go around and ask those little brats in the Third Company and check out where Xie AiGuo found this girl. If not, you’ll be overtaken and buried by the rest of the Third Company in the future! What are you waiting for? Keep practicing!”

When the soldiers saw that Zhang YueGuo was so angry, they hurriedly went back to their target practice.

Zhai Jun even took up a spot and lay there without getting up again.

On the other side, the men from the Third Company were in a joyous sight.

It was nearly eleven o’clock by now, and Brother San simply ended the training and dragged everyone from the Third Company to a small restaurant outside the unit. The soldiers would occasionally come here to change their food choices and have a little drink when they were tired of eating the same big pot of dishes in the army canteen.

Nearly a hundred men from the Third Company, even the cooking squad, were pulled in, filling the small restaurant to its full capacity.

Zhang XiaoBai was standing up, spitefully and fiercely describing Gu Ning’s heroic shooting and the changes in expression of the group from the Second Company. Even Gu Ning, the person in question, did not know that there was so many interesting scenes that she had missed at that time.

“You guys didn’t see it! In the beginning, the men of the Second Company were all very proud, and the Second Company Commander didn’t even look at people in the eye. But to be honest, at that time we weren’t particularly confident in Gu Ning. At first, our Company Commander said that Gu Ning was his niece and had come over to practice shooting. The Second Company guys were even laughing and jeering at Gu Ning, but in the end, Gu Ning shot ten rounds! Ten rounds are all on target! Ten rounds, ten rings!” Zhang XiaoBai slapped his thigh and continue with exaggerated gestures: “Dang! You guys didn’t get to see that, especially when I reported the count! The faces of the Second Company’s men froze! Then all cracked! Their jaws fell to the ground! They couldn’t even pick them up! The face of Zhai Jun, who was treated like a treasure by the Second Company Commander was stiffened like cement. What’s even funnier is that the Second Company Commander’s expression! Oh my God! It was as black as the bottom of the pot in our canteen!”

There was a burst of laughter in the small restaurant.

Zhang XiaoBai continued in a vivid tone: “Later, our Company Commander patted the shoulder of the Second Company Commander and said. Lao Zhang, I’ve forgotten to tell you, Gu Ning besides being my niece, is also the person that I’m going to recommend to the Five Stars Brigade! You guys really missed it, that scene was so enjoyable to watch!”

“Gu Ning! Did you used to be a soldier in some army?! How come you’re so good at it?!” One of the soldiers asked.

Being stared at by a hundred pairs of eager eyes, Gu Ning was slightly overwhelmed: “Er…… no, I never been in an army, but I’ve learned firing a gun at the shooting range before.”

That soldier was about to ask more questions but the restaurant owner came over and serve the food.

The menu was simple but still very abundant. Most of them were also meat dishes.

Zhang XiaoBai said jokingly: “Our Company Commander has made a big investment today! In the two years I’ve been here, I’ve never seen a company commander pay for a guest out of his pocket! This is the first time ever!”

Brother Sand replied angrily: “Little brat! Wasn’t that New Year’s Eve meal on me?!”

One of the soldiers shouted while laughing: “Hey! Company Commander! I’ve heard that it’s the fund allocated by the regiment! How did it become your treat?!”

“You little brats, you can’t even beat them with guns! Even get destroyed by others in the field training! You have to be like Gu Ning and make me look good in front of Zhang YueGuo! I’d be happy even if I had to treat every day! Today, thanks to this little girl, we have destroyed the prestige of the Second Company. We can celebrate but we can’t get too carried away! Got to pick up where we left off. Xiao Bai, Zhao Jie, Zou Ming, Zhong Xu!” Brother San suddenly named four people.

“Yes! Company Commander!” The four men stood up in unison.

Brother San said: “From today onwards, you four! Don’t have to attend the daily training, go to the firing range with Gu Ning and shoot! Keep practicing until the Five Stars Brigade comes!”

“Yes! Company Commander!” The four men shouted in unison.

The rest of the soldiers all applauded.

Finally, Brother San lifted the glass of liquor in front of him and said to the soldiers: “I’m so d*mn happy today, I’ll make an exception and drink this one. In three days, if we get past the Five Stars Brigade, I’ll invite all of you again to eat here! I’ll let you all have enough to drink by then!”

“Yes!” The soldiers shouted in response, all standing up in unison with their glasses in their hands.

The restaurant owners were all smiling till their eyes become a line as they listened.

This was the first time since the apocalypse that Gu Ning had seen such a lively situation, and for a moment she felt a great deal of emotion in her heart.

Brother San raised the glass in his hand and turned to Gu Ning who was sitting opposite of him: “To Gu Ning!”

The soldiers all followed Brother San and raised their glasses to Gu Ning, then cheered loudly: “To Gu Ning!”

Gu Ning had a feeling of overly flattered, and for some reason, she felt her blood boiled as she lifted the glass of liquor in front of her, smiled, and looked around, before joining everyone else and gulped down the whole shot.

After that, the soldiers all joked and returned to their seats and began to chat and eat at the same time.

Slowly, one by one, the soldiers put down their rice bowls. A few of them ate too much and need to spread themselves out on the chairs to catch their breath, and slowly, all eyes fell on Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was still eating.

In consideration of the soldiers’ appetite, the rice bowls in this small restaurant were relatively large bowls, and the normal amount of food for a girl who was not on a diet was usually a bowl. However, Gu Ning had already carried the bowl back and forth five times to refill her rice.

All the leftover slices of meat and so around her were all plucked into her bowl.

She was eating with relish and concentration, as if there were nothing more important than to eat, stuffing her mouth full till her cheeks puffing out before she started to chew. Although the dishes in the small restaurants were good, it wasn’t that great, and Gu Ning’s eating style made several soldiers who were already full felt hungry for another bowl.

Gu Ning finished the last bite of her meal and finally put down her bowl.

Her belly was slightly bulging, and she didn’t feel too burdened. Gu Ning felt a sense of satisfaction as this was the first time she had eaten until she was full after her “mutation” and it felt so blissful.

“Gu Ning, are you bloated? Do you want to go to the medical room and get some digestive tablets?” Zhang XiaoBai asked.

“No. I’m fine.” Gu Ning stood up easily: “Let’s go.”

“Awesome! Really impressive!” Zhang XiaoBai said in shock as he looked at Gu Ning who stood up without any burden.

Having eaten to their fill, the soldiers all waited outside of the small restaurant.

Brother San gave his pistol to the owner’s wife, Gu Ning saw very clearly that Brother San’s hand shook a little yet in preference of not wanting Gu Ning to notice it, his expression pretended as if nothing went wrong.

Then a group of men marched back into the army gates.

On the way, Gu Ning was flanked like a big star in the centre of the room, and the soldiers were asking Gu Ning for her secrets. Brother San was pushed to the outermost part of the group and he felt a sense of desolation…

There was a middle-aged soldier with thick eyebrows and a few young soldiers coming from the opposite of the road. He smiled at Brother San and greeted him: “Hey! Lao Xie, what are you guys doing here? So lively!”

“Hello, First Company!”

The soldiers greeted each other in a variety of ways.

Based on their enthusiasm and the smiles on their faces, Gu Ning determined that they should be in friendly-term with the First Company and their company commander.

Brother San also smiled and replied: “Hey is Lao Zhou! I’ve just taken them out to dinner and we’re just returning.”

First Company Commander Zhou ZiLai laughed and said: “Yo! You’re so stingy like an iron rooster and now you’re willing to pluck your feathers, huh?”

The soldiers burst into good-natured laughter and Gu Ning couldn’t help and smile slightly.

Then Zhou ZiLai noticed Gu Ning, who after all, with her blonde hair, she stood out in the middle of a pile of soldiers in green uniforms.

“Yo, you have a guest in your company. Come on, Lao Xie, introduce us.”

Brother San laughed, then replied: “My niece.” He paused before adding it proudly: “She is also the person that I’m going to recommend to the Five Stars Brigade along with XiaoBai and the rest.”

Zhou ZiLai was slightly taken aback and stared at Gu Ning for a few moments before coming to a realization and said: “No wonder the men from the Second Company were practicing like crazy at the firing range today, it turns out that they were provoked by this little girl! Even you, an iron rooster, are willing to pluck the feathers, it seems like you’ve really dug up a treasure!”

And he continued “How is it, how sure are you this time?”

Brother San replied: “To be honest. I don’t know how sure it is yet, it all depends on who is coming over from the Five Stars Brigade. If it’s the same ones from last year, then there’s no problem. But I don’t think it will be the same group of people.”

Zhou ZiLai was surprised for a while: “That group wiped out three of our companies last year. It seems like you have lots of faith in this little girl.”

“Alright, good luck. Give your Uncle San a boost. If you do get selected, it’ll be an act of pride even for our company.” Zhou ZiLai said to Gu Ning. It seemed that the Five Stars Brigade had indeed offended a lot of people.

Instead, Brother San said: “Well, Lao Zhou, as if I don’t know you. I’m sure you have a few secret weapons that you won’t reveal until the very last moment. Anyway, we’ll see the real battle on the field when the time comes.”

“Yes, yes! I’ll see you on the field then! No matter who wins, it’s a clean slate.” Zhou ZiLai replied with a smile.

Then both groups parted from each other.

“Company Commander, is it truth or fake that you said there was a secret weapon?” Zhang XiaoBai asked as he came closer.

“Lao Zhou, that old fox, it is possibly the truth. But who it is, we won’t know until the Five Stars Brigade comes in three days.” Brother San turned and said to them: “These are not things you should be concerned about. Now the four of you, bring Gu Ning and go to the firing range to practice.”

Gu Ning was in no hurry to leave now, and she had absolutely no confidence or certainty that her marksmanship could win over the Five Stars Brigade that had the entire army be on the edge of their seats. The most she could do now was to try to get as far as she could.

Thus, she followed Zhang XiaoBai and the rest to the firing range.

Zhai Jun and a few other soldiers from the Second Company were still practicing on the target, it seems like they hadn’t even eaten their lunch yet.

As Zhang XiaoBai came over with a full stomach, he rubbed his bulging stomach and strolled over while shouting: “Hey, you guys haven’t eaten yet? Your company commander is too inhumane, he doesn’t even provide food for you.”

The Second Company men, however, paid no attention to Zhang XiaoBai’s provocations, their eyes all gathered on Gu Ning instead.
Zhai Jun just glanced at Gu Ning for a few moments before continuing to aim at the distant target.

The soldier in charge of the range passed the gun to Gu Ning, who took it, then got down on her body, aimed at the distant target through the scope, and began to concentrate on it.

When Zhang XiaoBai saw how seriously Gu Ning acted, he lost the mood to joke around, so he found a position and started to practice his marksmanship seriously.

The recoil of the gun was quite strong and the loud gunshot sound was a great irritation to the eardrums and they usually had to stop for a break after about 30 to 40 shots.

However, Gu Ning never got up again after lying down.

Zhang XiaoBai and the rest were stunned.

The soldiers of the Second Company kept glancing over at Gu Ning and Zhai Jun just stared at her, who hadn’t even moved a bit at all, with an indescribably complex expression. He only loosened his shoulders a little before continuing to lie down and shoot.

It was around 4 pm that Gu Ning finally ended her continuous afternoon of gun practice and stood up to move her somewhat stiffed body. The whole duration, she only occasionally adjusted her somewhat stiff posture and never stood up after lying down.

Zhang XiaoBai, Zhong Xu, and rest looked at Gu Ning in an expression that could be described as horrified.

Zhang XiaoBai didn’t even know what words to use to describe Gu Ning, and only after a while did he manage to stifle out a description: “What a pervert——“

When Gu Ning borrowed money from Brother San, Brother San originally refused, but when he thought that Gu Ning was their hope and have a clean slate, coupled with the promise that she would pay it back. Along with the fact that she didn’t look like a swindler, he pulled out several hundred dollar bills from his wallet and handed them to Gu Ning with great solemnity before saying: “Gu Ning, this is all the pocket money I have for this month, you should cherish it.”

Gu Ning was really amused by the fact that this was a completely different personality of Brother San from the one she had imagined and replied: “Don’t worry Brother San. I’ll have the money to pay you back soon.” This was the money for her next taxi ride as she was just too broke right now.

Brother San waved off at her: “Alright, alright. Go on now. Come back early tomorrow.”

Gu Ning then got into the military truck.

It felt Déjà vu that the military truck she had gotten into was the same one she had been in during the post-apocalypse world.

The person who gave her a lift was Luo long.

Gu Ning kept her eyes closed, and there were no words exchanged along the way.

A block away from her home, Gu Ning called out to a stop: “Just drop me off here. Thank you.”

Then farewell.

Gu Ning strolled home.

When she returned home, Father Gu had already returned from a day of classes.

Putting the book down, he asked with concern: “Have you eaten yet? How did the interview go?”

Gu Ning had long prepared a speech for these and replied: “I ate out.  The one I’ve interviewed for didn’t work out, but Fang Fa introduced me to another one with pretty good conditions. Full day tutoring, and included lunch, for three hundred a day.”

Mother Gu was originally washing dishes in the kitchen but once she heard Gu Ning’s speech, she ran out without even drying her hands: “Such a high treatment?! How long can you work there?”

Gu Ning said vaguely: “Three months shouldn’t be a problem.”

Father Gu asked calmly: “You won’t be scammed right? These days the scammers are surprisingly deceitful.”

Mother Gu slapped Father Gu’s shoulder with her wet hand: “Aiyo! What are you talking about? Didn’t you hear NingNing say it was Xiao Fang who introduce it? He’s a cop! As if he will introduce NingNing to a crook?” She smiled happily and twiddled her fingers: “That’s three hundred a day, there are thirty days in a month so it will be nine thousand! That’s nearly thirty thousand dollars in three months!”

Father Gu asked: “No holiday?”

Gu Ning replied calmly: “No vacation.”

Mother Gu said: “Oh my, this Xiao Fang is really so kind! How can he be so resourceful? He found such a reliable job for NingNing in such a short while, why don’t you ask him to come over for dinner tomorrow? So we can thank him too.”

Gu Ning already prepared for this and lied casually: “Fang Fa is a police officer and he is very busy. And I’ll be busy too, also I’ve already treated him to a meal today to thank him.”

Mother Gu was a little disappointed: “Alright then.”

Gu Ning went to the bathroom and wash up properly, took another shower before changed into her pajamas and came out.

“I’m exhausted from going around all day, I’m going to bed now.” With a greeting, she went back to her bedroom. Once back in her bedroom, her feigned tiredness was swept away and she became refreshed with her eyes lit up. Wearing back the dirty tracksuit on, then with a thought in mind, she passed through the space and crossed over the door before returned to the post-apocalyptic world.

It was still the same abandoned small restaurant.

Although she had already projected the time in this world in her mind, Gu Ning still subconsciously raised her hand to look at the watch on her wrist.

According to Gu Ning’s calculations, the time over here now should be between one and two o’clock in the afternoon.

However, the time on her watch shows eleven in the morning instead.

If this was not the next day, it means that the time between the two sides has gone from 1:2 to 1:3.

Before Gu Ning had time to react to the changes, the sudden sound of several intense gunshots shook her up! The gunshots originated from the direction of the colony’s gate! At the same time, a faint stench of decay lingered in front of Gu Ning’s nose. Her heart immediately rang with alarm, and with countless experiences of escaping from death, Gu Ning dodged towards the side door without the slightest hesitation! At the same time as she moved! A thing with green eyes that had been lurking in the shadows waiting for an opportunity, shifted too!

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