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TDRA Chapter 30

Gu Ning stood in the space, her entire body was showing symptoms of dazedness, her eyes, which seldom rippled with emotions, were filled with disbelief and shock.

A sea of magnificent green was right in front of her! In theory, a large expanse of green water should be called a lake, but the green water in front of Gu Ning’s eyes was boundless. While she was standing on this side, she couldn’t see the other end of the green water. This was a sea, a green sea.

As if because of her arrival, the green ocean raged and flooded with waves that made a roaring sound as if it was laughing.

In the distance, there was a large area of lush forest. Further down were mountains, overlapping verdant hills, the highest of which plunged into the clouds and were hidden from view. Moreover, from the clouds, there was a waterfall flying straight down, it almost looked like the Milky Way falling from the sky, and even with such a great distance, Gu Ning could still hear the faint sound from the waterfall.

Beneath her feet was the soil, the soft green grass, and she stood at the edge of the green sea, where the sea breeze, lifted by the waves were greeting her with an incomparably fresh and pleasant scent.

This was probably the most beautiful sight Gu Ning had ever seen, but she didn’t have time to appreciate it at all, she only felt a coldness burrowing into her feet from the soils beneath her and then rising all the way up into the tip of her head.

If that space was gone, how would she ever get back to the real world?

She felt chills all over her body.

The location that would have been reached through that door went all of a sudden from that white space to this unknown place.
The sea, and the mountains in the distance, the clouds floating overhead, were all unusual and fantastical. She couldn’t have been transported to another world by that door, could she?!

Gu Ning pursed her lips tightly, forcing herself to calm down, and pulled away from that deep sense of fear emerging from her heart.

She began to analyse her current situation. If she had come through that door, then this place too would surely have that door in it. A black door, conspicuous enough for Gu Ning to begin and search for it.  After searching for a whole hour or so, Gu Ning couldn’t find the black door.

Gu Ning’s hands and feet were cold, and she even wanted to cry.

Her lips were tightly pursed, and the look on her face, despite her best efforts to remain calm, still revealed her anxiety…… Suddenly, a thought popped up in her mind.

If she was in another world now, then maybe with just a thought, she could return to that dimension?

Gu Ning took a deep breath, then slowly closed her eyes as the sight of that space and that black door appeared in her mind, then she opened her eyes and froze.

A door is now standing on the grass that was empty a moment ago.

Yet this door was not the black door.

Rather, it was a door with a very rich green colour.

That familiar Tai Chi compass was still embedded on it, the golden pointer still resting in the middle like in beginning.

Gu Ning stared at the door, which seemed to have changed its paint job, in awe and uncertainty, and was a little unsure if this door was the one she had passed through earlier. If not, what kind of world would it be behind this door?

Regardless of what, it’s important to first check ……

“Gulp——“ Gu Ning swallowed hard as she reached out her hand, flicked the golden pointer to the side, and then pressed her hand on the door handle.

A golden light flashed past.

Gu Ning slowly opened her eyes and glanced at the familiar surroundings, her tense nerves relaxed all at once, then her whole body went limp on the bed and she exhaled a heavy breath.

However, at the same time, she appeared in this world, the golden pointer in that space spun one round and then stopped at the same position Gu Ning had toggled as if it had never moved.

Gu Ning patted her chest which her heart was pounding violently and glanced at the wall clock, it was already past eight in the evening. She gently gripped the bedroom door handle and when she twisted it, the anti-locking clasp popped out at once. Listened to that sound, Gu Ning was able to put her mind at ease, this had proven that neither Father Gu nor Mother Gu had noticed her disappearance.

She opened the door and strolled out.

That sound also startled Mother Gu who was watching TV.

“Where’s dad?” Gu Ning asked, at this time of the day, Father Gu should be stationed in front of the TV watching the news broadcast without fail.

“Your dad called to cancel his leave from school. He’s going back to school tomorrow. He’s in his study room preparing for the classes next day.” Mother Gu said and got up, headed to the kitchen, and brought out all the food that had been warmed up. “You’re so focused on your revision that I’ve called you once and you didn’t even reply.” Mother Gu continued.

Gu Ning was secretly glad that luckily Mother Gu had only called her once and then gave up.

After that, she was so engrossed with the thoughts about the changes in that space that she muddled through the whole meal.

After finishing her meal, she went back to her bedroom and locked the door behind her.

Gu Ning was a little nervous, and after taking in a deep breath, her mind thought about the space and she returned to it.

However, the place she arrived at was still the same as before with the sea and the mountains, she didn’t manage to return to the space with just white walls.

Gu Ning already had a vague idea in her mind at this point that the changes in the space might be related to the green bead which she had swallowed and fainted after it.

Moreover, she simply couldn’t decide now whether the changes were good or bad, so she just simply ignored it, just like she had done with the previous changes in her own body.

Shifting the golden pointer to the other side, Gu Ning opened the door. The air carried the unique post-apocalyptic stench of decay, and Gu Ning finally put her mind at ease as she looked at the dark grove she was in.

As she was about to walk out, there was a sudden rustling on the other side, and faint sounds of talking, followed by two light footsteps through the grasses heading in her direction.

The darkness in the woods did not affect Gu Ning’s vision, so she could see a ragged fourteen or fifteen years old boy pulling a little girl around seven or eight years old towards this direction. The teenager was walking while hiding the biscuits into his shirt which he had just dug out of the soil. It was obvious that he didn’t see another person standing here but the little girl saw it and the smile on her face frozen for a moment.

Gu Ning felt that the little girl saw her, not just a vague sense that someone was here, but saw her clearly with those eyes.

The little girl’s footsteps stopped and her big, ravenous eyes looked at her very warily as she pulled the unaware teenager back and whispered: “*GeGe, there’s someone.”

(T/N: GeGe means elder brother.)

When the teenager heard the voice, he froze for just a moment, and in the next second, he drew the small knife pinned to his waist while pulling the little girl behind him, alertly aiming at the blurred figure of Gu Ning.

Even Gu Ning couldn’t help but marvel at the teenager’s reflexes displayed in this instant.

The silent confrontation between the two sides ended with Gu Ning turning away.

The teenager wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and asked: “Has he gone?”

The little girl looked at Gu Ning’s back as she walked out of the grove and replied softly: “She’s gone.”

The teenager heartily touched the small bag of biscuits he had hidden in his inner pocket before saying: “Let’s go too.”

The little girl took the hand offered by the teenager accurately in the darkness and replied: “Mmm.”

It was just after five o’clock, the sun had sunk completely into the west and the moon was already hanging quietly in the sky, giving off a hazy glow.

Two thin figures, one tall and one short strolled in the darkness.

The world reflected in the little girl’s dark eyes was still the same as if in the daytime.

If looked closely at the outer rim of her very dark black eyes, an extremely inconspicuous ring of white which was more transparent and brighter than the white of the eyes could be seen.

Gu Ning went to the toilet for over an hour, which also made everyone anxious, and went outside a few times to look for her.

Gu Ning could only explain that she had met an acquaintance.

Both Father Gu and Mother Gu woke up and the family was finally reunited. Although Father Gu and Mother Gu were both physically injured, the family was reunited and they all felt great relief in their hearts.

At the same time, Gu Ning solemnly thanked Li HongJuan.

“Don’t thank me either.” Li HongJuan , in turn, was a little embarrassed and said: “I’m not afraid of anything in my life, but I’m most afraid of owing someone a favour. You’ve saved my life more than once or twice, if it wasn’t for you, I would have died more than three months ago, a day being alive is a day earned.”

Li HongJuan’s face was in stark contrast to the faces of the “elders” on the bus who usually greeted her with a smile. Before the apocalypse started, she had always subconsciously disliked Li HongJuan, but to her surprise, after the apocalypse, among those she had saved, Li HongJuan was the only person, who had always been disliked by everyone, had a pure basic heart of gratitude.

After distributing food to everyone, Zhang Yang was very surprised to also receive two pieces of bread, he didn’t dare to finish all of it, he only carefully tore half of the bread out, and the remaining piece and a half were carefully tucked back into his pocket. Then he chewed on the half piece of bread and asked: “Gu Ning, where did you get all these supplies? We’ve gone through almost all the supermarkets around here, the supplies are getting harder to find these days so where did you manage to find so many of them? And those medicines, our search and rescue teams are having a hard time in finding them these days.”

He casually asked but everyone in the dormitory was all looking at Gu Ning as they were all very curious.

Gu Ning was startled abruptly, she had not been aware of this problem. Due to the greed for convenience, she thought that it would be fine to take out the supplies from her backpack. Yet she had not thought about the supplies being so scarce now that a supermarket with a smaller zombie population would have been looted by hungry people long ago.

She swallowed her saliva for a moment, then she replied, pretending as if nothing special had happened: “I got lucky and found a grocery shop and a private clinic. Probably due to its remote location, so there were things left behind.”

This was a reasonable argument.

The crowd only lamented about Gu Ning’s luck but did not think otherwise.

The subject was quickly changed.

Jia DaoZhang suddenly spoke: “Gu Ning, have you noticed that the sun is setting earlier and earlier now? It’s also unheard of for the moon to come out at just over five o’clock this time of the year.”

The crowd nodded repeatedly, indicating that they all had the same concern.

“It is fine if it remained at this pace, I’m afraid that……” Jia DaoZhang said with a slight pause in his voice, sweeping a glance at the people in the dormitory before continuing in a deep voice: “There will come a day when the sun will set and never rise again……”

At these words, the whole dormitory fell into complete silence. A feeling of indescribable fear rose in everyone’s heart.

The sun never rises again?

The whole world falls into complete darkness?

That’s probably the worst disaster compared to the zombie outbreak.

(T/N: Thank you for reading.)

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