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TDRA Chapter 29

That scene seems unnatural and mind-blowing, but in reality, everything happened in silence. The shocking scene could not be seen with the naked eye, so no one knew what had happened exactly.

It’s just that Gu Ning inexplicably fainted and then woke up naturally.

Gu Ning was a little bewildered as she sat up from the bed, she couldn’t even remember how she had fainted. Those green dots of light that were invisible to the naked eye, entered her body and converged into an ocean, yet as if there weren’t any obvious visible changes being made on her.

Right now she only feels the hungriness that was burning in her belly now, she could swear to eat a whole cow.

“Gu Ning is awake!” Cheng Ming, who happened to glance into the dormitory room, called out in surprise.

The five people in the corridor all crowded into the dormitory room at once and surrounded Gu Ning, asking: “Gu Ning, do you feel sick?”

“Is there any pain or discomfort anywhere?”

“Why did you faint?”

Although it was a bit noisy, those few pairs of concerned eyes made Gu Ning, who had just woken up and was still a bit confused, felt a long-lost warmth smoothing her heart.

“Eh?! Gu Ning’s eyes aren’t green anymore!” Zhang Yang exclaimed in surprise as he stared at Gu Ning’s eyes.

The few of them gathered their heads in unison and after staring for a while, they all spoke together at once: “Hey? Really!” “It doesn’t seem to be green anymore.”

On the contrary, Gu Ning had no idea what they were saying: “What are you guys talking about?”

With the demeanour of an elder, Jia DaoZhang muffled their voices before explaining to Gu Ning: “You suddenly fainted. Gao Yue examined you and found nothing wrong with you physically. But then, as soon as we lifted your eyelids, we saw something like a shiny green ring around your pupils. Now it’s gone.”

Gu Ning rightly associated it with the green bead that she had swallowed, and her heart just tightened as she asked: “Is there a mirror?”

Zhang Yang took the small round mirror off the bed frame and handed it to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning took the mirror and first peeled down her lower eyelid a little, no red bloodlines were seen, which proved that she had no signs of zombification, half of her worries had been put aside before she started to observe her pupils.

If she hadn’t examined as closely as she did right now, it would have been difficult to see the extremely pale green ring around the edge of the pale pupils. Gu Ning did not feel too alarmed by this, she already knew very well that the green colour on these eyes was connected directly to the green bead which she had swallowed. However, less than a week had passed since she was bitten by the zombie, within this week, she had enough mutations occurred in her body.

Gu Ning now has a bit of a problem *that when one is covered in lice, they don’t feel the itch and when one has too much in debt, they stop worrying.

(T/N: 蝨多了不咬,債多了不愁 shī duō le bù yǎo zài duō le bù chóu. Literally, translate means when you’re covered with lice, you don’t itch and when you’re up to your ears in debt, you stop worrying. This means that when you have too many problems and it became a norm that you will stop worrying about it. )

Since she couldn’t do anything about it and didn’t know exactly what were the changes in her body, and there was no solution no matter how much she pondered about it. Thus, she simply left it aside and considered the immediate reality of what was more pressing to her.

She calmly handed the mirror back to Zhang Yang then asked: “How is my father?”

Cheng Ming spoke: “The operation was a success, Uncle Gu is asleep right now.”

“Luckily, he was asleep and we didn’t wake him up, otherwise he would have a bad scare if he knew you had suddenly passed out.” Jia DaoZhang said, abruptly turning his words around and asked: “But there’s another problem, Gu Ning, it’s fine for us to eat biscuits, ham, and sausages every day, but the two patients can’t always follow us to eat this, can they?”

He raised a very practical question.

In the current situation, the food supplies they had, could last for a while as they relied on the two big bags of food which Gu Ning brought at the supermarket. Also, Gu Ning was eating almost daily in the other world which saved up lots of supplies as well. However, Jia DaoZhang was right, they could all deal with it casually, but Father Gu and Mother Gu were not in good health along with these three months of fear, chronic sleep deprivation, and malnutrition. Previously Gu Ning was with them daily and doesn’t feel much in particular about it, but the contrast with their selves in the peaceful world was enough to let Gu Ning’s heartache.

She really couldn’t let her parents follow them and have bread and ham as daily meals anymore.

Gu Ning suddenly asked: “Zhang Yang, what does Brother San eat for every meal?”

Zhang Yang replied: “Brother San is just like us, he eats what we eat. He also often takes care of the little children in the colony who have nothing to eat.” His eyes rolled then he realized why Gu Ning asked this suddenly and spoke again: “Our food was bad. But Bai Lang and Mr Wang’s food were quite good. Mr Wang had a big fenced-in yard over the family building where he lived and he had dozens of chickens in it! There are also many vegetables growing in the back of the mountain. More than ten people were assigned to guard it day and night. They are afraid that someone will rob them.” He said halfway and looked at the door, making sure that no one was there before lowering his voice and continued in a sneaky voice: “Our Brother San had said that we should find a good opportunity to get the chickens and add it to our meal.”

As soon as Gu Ning heard the title Mr Wang, a frost sank beneath her eyes.

She had killed his nephew as well as those underlings which he had sent over.

This was the same as Gu Ning slapping Mr Wang hard in front of the whole colony, and slapping both sides of the face with loud smacks!

This was a deadly feud that could not be resolved.

Unless one of the two dies, or one of them escapes.

As for now, Gu Ning couldn’t escape, the state of Father Gu and Mother Gu were not suitable to be on the road. Also with Brother San looking after her here and the fence to keep the zombies away, she wasn’t prepared to leave if she had to unless the place fell too.

Since she couldn’t leave, and Wang JiZhong was even less likely to go.

If she didn’t want to die, then Wang JiZhong has to die.

Thinking of this, Gu Ning’s eyes flashed with a hint of murderous intent.

Gu Ning did not hide her killing intent, and those few people standing around her inexplicably all felt the temperature in the dorm dropped sharply, with a feeling of chills all over their bodies.

The murderous intent in Gu Ning’s eyes only lingered for a very brief moment before returning to normal.

She suddenly remembered something and jerked up her watch to look at it and was startled to see that the time on it read just after four o’clock. She jumped out of the bed and said as she headed out: “I’m going to use the toilet.”

She hurriedly headed out, causing the dormitory full of people to freeze for a moment.

“She didn’t fall asleep just now, did she? This is not the state of someone who has just woken up from a fainting spell.” Xie YuHong whispered from the corner.

Everyone was silently and deeply convinced.

Gu Ning was in such a hurry because she had actually passed out for three hours, and it was already 7:30 pm at the other world!

Her family would have their dinner at six o’clock on the dot every day without fail.

If Mother Gu called her for dinner and kept knocking on the door without getting any responses, in a moment of panic, she might slam open the door. Only to find out that Gu Ning, who was supposed in her bedroom doing revision had disappeared into the thin air again. Gu Ning wouldn’t dare to imagine that scene.

Running to the women’s toilets on this floor, it turned out that the toilets were all without doors and just partitioned concrete.

She could only run straight out of the dormitory building, and by this time, it was already getting very late. Gu Ning thought of the small woods in the backfield and without bothering too much, she hurriedly ran in that direction.

Knowing that she was now “infamous” in the colony, Gu Ning pulled her hoody up to cover her trademark blonde hair to avoid attention, and instead of her usual long knife, she only carried two short knives at her waist.

Since Brother San had made such a statement, Wang JiZhong would never dare to touch her at least on the surface.

Gu Ning headed up the slope,

Only to come face to face with a person walking down the slope from the backfield.

The person brushed past her, glanced at the few strands of blonde hair peeking out of the side of the hoody, then suddenly stopped in the tracks and asked in a voice vaguely tinged with contemptuous: “Are you that Gu Ning?”

Gu Ning’s footsteps gave a slight pause and calmly turned her head to look. Then a trace of surprise emerged in her eyes, she did not expect to meet this person here, she couldn’t help but blurted out: “Yin Sang?”

The owner of that contemptuous voice was none other than Yin Sang, who had given Gu Ning a great shock and inspiration after seeing her on the television. It was so impressive that Gu Ning was able to blurt out her name at this moment.

Dressed in a white practice outfit, her long black hair still tied up in a high ponytail, she looked more flamboyant in person than on television.

Gu Ning looked at her but couldn’t help and think of another person, Zhuang Chen, who was also this gorgeous looking. In comparison, Zhuang Chen’s appearance was even more exceptional than this Yin Sang, but it could just be Gu Ning’s subconsciously favoured more towards Zhuang Chen.

Hearing Gu Ning called out her name, Yin Sang raised her eyebrows slightly in surprise: “You recognized me?”

“I’ve seen the video of your participation in the National Martial Arts Competition.” Gu Ning said from the bottom of her heart: “You are very impressive.”

Yin Sang snorted, although she was a little upset with Gu Ning for some reason, it was always bad to make things difficult for others’ heartfelt praises.

Gu Ning suddenly asked sincerely: “Can I ask you a question?”

Yin Sang raised her eyebrows and replied: “What?”

Gu Ning asked: “Where did you learn all those fighting skills?”

“……” It was because the look on Gu Ning’s face was so sincere that Yin Sang couldn’t even put on a sneering expression, so she could only say with an expressionless face: “I have been training martial arts since I was a child, and I have defeated those who have taught me since the past ten years. If you think that by killing a few people and you can be as good as I am, then you are too far out of your mind.”

After saying those, she gave Gu Ning a cold stare and went straight down the slope in the direction of the teacher’s building.

Gu Ning looked at Yin Sang’s back and was puzzled by those words.

However since she hadn’t received any useful information, it seemed that the only solution was to find a way to get into the army. Thinking of this, Gu Ning continued up towards the backfield.

In the past, during this time of the day, the backfield was a popular place for students, but now it was deserted. The large open space was empty, and only Gu Ning stood there alone.

Gu Ning stood in the backfield, looking up at the west side of the sky.

Unable to tell if it was because of the apocalypse, the sun seems to be setting earlier every day. It’s only four o’clock at this hour and the sun was already showing signs of setting in the west.

In her heart, Gu Ning had a vague feeling of bad omens.

The feeling that one day the sun would not rise again after setting in the west.


(T/N: A cool down chapter… hehehe oh well XD. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!
Spoiler Alert: Next chapter will be more about the new changes in Gu Ning… So stay tuned! )

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