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TDRA Chapter 31

Dormitory's Newcomers

As the night fell, all the noise and bustle fell silent, as if fearing to disturb the zombies who wouldn’t stop pursuing their prey even as the night fell.

It was still nine o’clock in the evening, but in the post-apocalyptic world, there was no electrify, no lights, no mobile phones, no computers, no entertainment machines, and only in the sleep could people get a little respite after a day full of fear.

Gu Ning lay on the iron-framed bed, looking at the bed board above her head, she doesn’t have the slightest desire to sleep at all. Ever since she had been bitten by the zombies, the feeling of wanting to sleep, rarely appeared. Her ears could easily pick up the sounds from the next dormitory of someone tossing in their iron-framed bed and deep snoring sounds from others.

Ever since the apocalypse happened, even when she sleeps, she usually will just curl up in the car seat and take a nap, and even when sleeping, she doesn’t dare to relax completely and she would be awakened by the slightest movement of the wind.  It was the first time she had slept in a bed in this world since the apocalypse started.

Beside her bed, there was a rifle. More than three months ago, Gu Ning was still a little girl who had just graduated from school and was job hunting everywhere under the scorching sun. She could have never imagined that three months later she would be lying here, sleeping with a gun in her arms?

Her parents were sleeping in the dormitory next door, and her father’s injury which she had been worried about, had done the operation, and the black door which contains hope and was able to transfer between two worlds. However, the tensed nerves in her mind had not relaxed.

Surviving in such a dangerous world, even alone, was never an easy task, let alone with elderly and frail parents.

That’s the reason which was why she exists in this world.

The sun also set early in the west.

The unknown changes taking place in that space.

There was also the little girl she met today in the backfield…… Those ravenous eyes kept popping up in her mind, the feeling was very subtle, when two pairs of eyes met each other in the darkness and they saw each other……

There was also Fang Fa and Zhuang Chen waiting for her in the Times City.

Fang Fa was the only person she trusts in the post-apocalyptic world, apart from her parents. She and Zhuang Chen met at first sight, and it was a rare occasion that they had spent less than a day together and Zhuang Chen already left a good impression on Gu Ning.

However, it was obvious that her parents were not in the right condition to be on the road, and after this farewell, she doesn’t know if she’ll ever meet them again, but she hopes that Fang Fa will be as lucky as her to find his parents without any problems.

In all seriousness, all the people in this dormitory.

Jia DaoZhang, Cheng Ming, Huang MengYao, and Xie YuHong.

Except for Cheng Ming who had a vague impression, as for the other three, she had only met them twice, the time the zombie dog blocked in that courtyard, and when the camps were divided, they indicated that they were on Gu Ning’s side. Frankly, to be honest, she was not prepared at all to stay with them on a long-term basis. After all, apart from Cheng Ming, who had performed well, and Huang MengYao, who could help her to take care of her parents’ injuries, the other two did not seem to fit her grouping requirements very well.

Also for those people whom she had only met twice, it was difficult for Gu Ning to feel comfortable handing her back to them.

In comparison, she trusted Brother San a little more instead.

Then there was the most headache practical problem of all, money.

Thinking about the dozens of gold necklaces she still had hidden in her backpack, the main problem was how to exchange them for money without getting suspected.

She had the idea of going to the bank and take the money directly.

However, the money was numbered, so if spending lots of it, it will get her into trouble instead.

This world was full of gold and *RMB but Gu Ning had a feeling of not being able to get her hands on anything.

(T/N: RMB is China currency.)

Melancholy, what a melancholy.

No one else in the dormitory was asleep either.

Everyone was a little worried by the words from Jia DaoZhang that the sun would never rise after it sets. However, the one who had started the disturbance, was snoring lightly, apparently, he was already fallen asleep unburdened.

Cheng Ming was lying on his side facing Gu Ning’s bed, looking at the blurred figure of Gu Ning lying on the bed in the dark, his mood was a little subtle. He still remembered the first time when he saw Gu Ning who came to pick up the new students at the railway station, she had a light sincere smile on her face, not very pretty but the whole person looked very fresh and clean. He had been following her ever since and had created many “unexpected encounters”, mostly consisted of Gu Ning walking hurriedly with a book in her arms, or else with several people walking together, and Gu Ning was not in any club so he had no chance to approach and talk to her.

Thus, until Gu Ning graduated, he did not succeed in leaving a clear impression in front of Gu Ning. Maybe just a mentee who ate once or twice at some party and chatted a couple of words or something……

He never expected to live in the same room with Gu Ning…… This was probably the only thing that he felt grateful for in the post-apocalyptic world.

He had also thought that if he met Gu Ning during the apocalypse, he would protect her from any harm, but now it seems that it was Gu Ning who took on the protector role along the way.

It was also because what Gu Ning was showing now was a completely different image from the Gu Ning he had originally conceived.

Cheng Ming was inexplicably a little melancholy in his subtle happiness.

Suddenly, some loud noises were coming from the corridor near the entrance of the staircase, and it seemed that a group of people was climbing up the stairs. It was very quiet at this time of the day, and this group of people coming up did not restrain their volume, so everyone could hear a group of relatively young men and women stomping their way up to the third floor while complaining. They were very noisy as they walked through the corridor.

The nerves were so tense after the post-apocalyptic world that the slightest movement easily wakes people up, plus these people have no restraint at all, and the sound of them chatting was considered noisy even in the daytime.

A very unpleasant curse came out of one of the dormitories.

Someone in this group cursed before being stopped by a low voice.

The group was much quieter all of a sudden.

It should have all been newcomers who had just entered the colony at night, it wasn’t clear if these people surrendered enough supplies or if they took the back door in.

Not long after the group had passed, the sound of footsteps was heard returning. Immediately afterward, there was a knock on the door of Gu Ning’s dormitory.

The people in the dormitory hadn’t been asleep.

When the door knocked, they all sat up from their beds.

Yet, Jia DaoZhang rolled over and didn’t respond at all.

Instantly afterward, a torchlight shone in through the window and someone shouted from outside: “Hey open the door!”

“Gu Ning? Do we open it?” Cheng Ming asked.

Gu Ning replied: “Open it and see what’s up”

Cheng Ming then got out of bed and went to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, they saw the dormitory manager who was in charge of this building and was standing outside with four or five young men and women: “The other dormitories’ rooms are full. These few people have been allocated to your side.”

Cheng Ming glanced back at Gu Ning, who gave a slight nod.

Cheng Ming then gave way to let them in.

“Well, you guys are staying here, I’m going off. Be quiet and don’t disturb the others.” The dormitory manager who had led the way walked away with the torchlight.

Gu Ning looked at this young group of three men and two women, all of whom carried the putrid smell of zombies to some extent, but their clothes were unexpectedly very clean and tidy.

“No way, there’s only the upper bunk left!” A girl said discontentedly after looking over the beds in the dormitory by the little bit of moonlight that shone in from the outside.

“Excuse us, for disturbing your rest.” A man who looked to be twenty-four or twenty-five years old said with a slight apology among several people and then to the girl: “Alright, stop talking and get to bed. Don’t disturb others resting.”

It made a few others who had been subjected to so much noise in the middle of the night felt a little better.

The girl listened to the man’s words, skimmed her lips, and kept quiet. She didn’t even take off her shoes and stepped on Huang MengYao’s sleeping end of the bed. Huang MengYao wanted to get angry, but after thinking about the current situation, she held back but her expression grimed.

“Hey! There’s so much food in here!” Suddenly there was a surprised cheer from the girl above and the rustling of plastic bags.

“Excuse me, that’s our supplies, please hand it over.” Cheng Ming said as soon as he rushed over with a single step.

The girl was frozen and didn’t move.

There was a moment of silence in the dormitory before the male voice that had spoken earlier was heard calling out with some warning: “Yan Yu.”

The girl once again scowled and pursed her lips and threw the two bags of supplies straight down, dropping them on the floor with a loud thud.

A silence fell over the dormitory once again.

“What’s wrong? What’s going on? What’s happening?!” Jia DaoZhang, who had been sleeping, was awakened by the sound and sat up from the bed at once. When he saw the situation in the room from the moonlight that shone in, he was a bit stunned: “Where did these people come from?”

“Who knows?” Xie YuHong who had been quiet said emotionlessly before lying down and turning over to go back to sleep.

The rest of the group were also slightly embarrassed by the girl’s actions and all climbed up to the top bunk without a word.

The last man, the one who had been restraining the girl called Yan Yu, slept on Gu Ning’s top bunk and asked very politely as he climbed into the bed: “Sorry, I’m borrowing your bed to step on.” The moment he looked down at Gu Ning, Gu Ning instantly felt the same feeling as the little girl she had met back in the backfield when she had met those eyes for a moment.  At the same time, the man who was staring at her seemed to have sensed something and looked at Gu Ning with slight changes in his gaze.

Gu Ning subconsciously and very naturally lowered her eyes, avoiding the man’s slightly tentative gaze.

Pei Jing unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief after Gu Ning turned her gaze away, and silently shook his head and thought to himself that he was too sensitive and might have created a misunderstanding. It’s rare for people like him in this world to have such an encounter, so how could he meet others in such chances?

Gu Ning faced the wall, her eyes glowing in the darkness……

She had just seen the same extremely pale ring of gold around the man’s black pupils like hers……

What the hell is going on here?!

(T/N: Sorry again for the late update. It had been a very busy week since works had been pilling up and the getting new furniture etc. So yea, here is the chapter, better late than never XD. Thank you for your kind understand and patients. Also this Yan Yu … arghhh… so annoying XD. The future chapters update will be changed to 3pm instead of usual 12pm. Thank you.)

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