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TDRA Chapter 25

A penny can stump a hero

After Gu Ning calmly uttered these words.

A brief of silence fell in the hall.

Gu SiYuan thought about it carefully and replied: “Good. It’s good to learn some martial arts, not to hurt people, but to defend yourself. Find a reliable school then, do you want to learn taekwondo or sparring or something else?”

This suddenly became a serious discussion.

“I haven’t thought about it yet.” Gu Ning picked up her bowl and began to continue shovelling food into her mouth: “I’ll go out later to see if there’s any school nearer to home.”

“Then should I accompany you?” Gu SiYuan asked.

“No need, I’ll be fine on my own.” Gu Ning sped up her meal.

Mother Gu gave Gu SiYuan a worried look but didn’t say anything. Although she was not at ease, she couldn’t follow Gu Ning every time she went out.

Looking at Gu Ning eating in a hurry, she added: “Eat slowly, no one is snatching with you.” She noticed that Gu Ning’s appetite had grown after she came back, previously she ate only a small bowl of food at home, in the name of maintaining her figure, but now she was not thinking about her figure at all. Every time she ate, she gobbled up everything, as if she was fighting in a robbery, and she had to eat at least three bowls of rice for a meal. Her gaze suddenly became a little strange as she stared at Gu Ning’s right hand and asked: “In this kind of hot weather, why are you wearing a glove on your right hand?”

Gu Ning paused for a moment from eating and then replied: “I was just cleaning something dirty, so I wore a glove for fear of getting my hands dirty.”

Gu Ning hastily finished her food.

“I’m going to head out then. If I don’t make it back in time for dinner, have your dinner, no need to wait for me.”Gu Ning was about to go out after explaining, and just as she opened the door, she looked at the person standing at the door with some shock. For a moment, she was in a bit of a trance as to whether she was in the post-apocalyptic world again: “Fang Fa?”

The person standing at the door was none other than Fang Fa in civilian clothes and was holding his hand up to knock when the door suddenly opened on its own.

Everyone was equally startled.

He heard his name and fixed his eyes on the girl standing in front of him, who was shorter than him by a head before he replied in surprise: “You are Gu Ning?” He was a little surprised, that day Gu Ning was in a mess and her face was covered with mud and dirt, so he couldn’t see her original appearance at all. Now at first glance, she looks quite pretty, her skin looks as smooth as a peeled egg… cough cough, what is he thinking about?!

“Aiya! Aren’t you that Xiao Fang policeman from the other day? Come, come into the house!” Mother Gu, who was about to see Gu Ning at the door, immediately recognized Fang Fa and enthusiastically squeezed Gu Ning to the side, grabbed Fang Fa’s hand and pulled him into the house. Then she said to Gu SiYuan “Old Gu! Quickly go pour tea! That Xiao Fang policeman who helped us to find Gu Ning is here!”

Gu SiYuan hurriedly stood up and went to the kitchen to pour tea.”

Fang Fa was flattered and was pulled into the house by Mother Gu, while shouting to Gu SiYuan: “Uncle! There’s no need to pour tea! No need to be so polite! I just came over here to take a look.”

Gu Ning looked at the door and then at Fang Fa who was sitting on the sofa, after being dragged in by Mother Gu, and she could only close the door and went back in.

“Excuse me, actually I just came here to see how Gu Ning is doing.” Fang Fa was a little embarrassed as he placed the fruit basket which he had brought onto the table, and felt a little overwhelmed by Mother Gu’s hospitality.

“Just come over for a visit, why are you being so polite?” Mother Gu scolded slightly. That day at the police station, she didn’t manage to take a closer look but now when she checked him out, she noticed that Fang Fa was sitting there with a straight back, short hair, wearing a light-coloured cotton linen shirt, looking fresh and clean, and good-looking too. Mother Gu favoured him more and more, and the broad smile on her face was getting wider.

Gu SiYuan placed the cup of tea in front of Fang Fa and said with a smile: “Thanks to your blessing, NingNing, she is recovering quite well.”

Fang Fa thanked him repeatedly and then said after glancing at Gu Ning: “Yes, she looks quite refreshed.” It was a far cry from the wretched and numb image of that day.

Just that the way she looks at him… that’s was slightly strange.

Fang Fa was a little bit awkward: “Uh, I just dropped by to check, also just now Gu Ning was heading out? Then I’ll go back first…”

“Let’s go then. Just nice I have something to ask you too.” Gu Ning suddenly said.

“Huh? Uh, okay.” Fang Fa nodded to Father Gu and Mother Gu, then stood up.

“Wait a minute, I’ll need to get something.” Gu Ning abruptly remembered that she had left that list in her clothes and hadn’t taken it out, so she went back into the bedroom.

Dragging the plastic bag out from underneath the bed, she then reached into her jacket pocket and dug around, grabbing the list along with the green bead that she had dug out of the zombie dog’s head and slipped into her pocket after a glance. Then she re-tied the plastic bag and shoved it back underneath the bed. Again, she fished out her pistol from under her desk’s drawer and took it with her.

Before opening the door and walking out, she nudged Fang Fa: “Let’s go.”

Fang Fa froze slightly thinking that Gu Ning was talking to him a little too casually. Remembering that she had called out his name when she first met him, had she known him from before?

He followed Gu Ning out with a stomach full of doubts.

“Fang Fa, do you know if there’s any place where you can learn close combat skills?” Gu Ning asked as she walked down the stairs, Fang Fa was a police officer so he might know.

“Uh, why are you asking that for?” Fang Fa asked. After a pause, he asked again: “That, Gu Ning, have we met before?”

Gu Ning’s footsteps down the stairs suddenly lurched, the expression on her face drifted off for a moment, she couldn’t help but get confused with Fang Fa from this side and Fang Fa from the post-apocalyptic world. The tone she was using was from the tone with Fang Fa on the other world and completely forgotten that the policeman Fang Fa over here was not familiar with her at all. The last time they met was when he took her back to the police station on the street… travelling between two worlds, it was really easy to confuse people ah. Gu Ning had an urge to sigh.

Then she replied: “That’s not the point.”

Fang Fa: “……” He was so tempted to ask the question back, so what was the point?

“Have you been watching the National Wushu Championships?”

Fang Fa: “……” The conversation changed too quickly, wasn’t it?

“Stayed up late last night to watch the live stream. What’s going on?”

Gu Ning’s eyes lit up slightly: “That Yin Sang, if you want to practice to her kind of level, where do you need to go for learning it?”

Fang Fa was speechless for a while before replying: “The most important to reach her level is not to go somewhere to learn, but to take at least ten years and to have some talent.” After a short pause, he suddenly thought of Gu Ning’s previous disappearance, probably she wanted to learn some self-defence, and he said again kindly: “If you are trying to learn self-defence, you don’t have to learn till that level, just have to learn the most basic self-defence technique, as well as usually pay more attention to a little bit of precautionary knowledge…”His words were stuck in his throat when he met Gu Ning’s eyes, and he said somewhat helplessly: “Other places, I don’t know, but in the past when I was in the army, the army had this training.”

Gu Ning pondered for a moment, then said seriously: “So can I go into the army and learn?”

Fang Fa stared at Gu Ning who had a serious face, once again he was speechless, then answered with some difficulty: “If you know someone in the army…”

Gu Ning’s eyes bristled: “Company commander or someone like that?”

“It’s not a problem for families to go and visit, but it can be difficult if you want to spend a certain amount of time in the army and also attend training.” Fang Fa replied.

This problem can only wait until she returned to the post-apocalyptic world and ask Brother San for another solution. Gu Ning thought to herself.

“Do you have a car?” Gu Ning suddenly asked again.

Fang Fa was stunned and replied: “Uh, yes.”

“Can you do me a favour?” Gu Ning asked.


When Gu Ning and Fang Fa walked downstairs to get into the car, two middle-aged women who lived below her came back from an outing and when they saw Gu Ning getting into the car with an unknown man in it. Both pairs of eyes lit up as if they had seen something new and interesting, and then stopped and asked: “NingNing, going out with friends huh?” Their eyes kept glancing inside the car, Fang Fa sat in the car with an awkward smile at the two.

Gu Ning looked coldly at the two middle-aged women who were also in the bus, not even willing to make a brief comment, she directly pulled open the door and got into the car, saying to Fang Fa: “Drive.”

Fang Fa froze for a moment and then drove the car off.

“What’s wrong with this Gu Ning? How come she become like some sh*t after returning, more like a delinquent. She is being so rude and doesn’t even greet us.  Her father is still even a high school teacher.”

“I heard my son said before, that the man’s car was quite expensive, Gu Ning said to be missing, maybe she was being kept as a mistress?”

“No Way?”

“How will that be impossible? Her mother had a major heart operation six months ago, and I heard that it cost several hundred thousand dollars, now she is still taking those imported medicines. Old Gu was just a high school teacher, how much can he earn? Gu Ning had just graduated, where can she find so much money? You see, since Gu Ning has returned, the way she looked at others changed, she didn’t even look straight in other eyes, and she was so proud and arrogant. If I were to look at it, she’s probably been taken in by someone else as a mistress!”

At this time, in Gu Ning’s home, Mother Gu was also worried after sending Gu Ning away: “Old Gu. You said that NingNing is going to learn martial arts, which is a good thing, but it must cost money. We can’t possibly borrow money with our family’s current situation, can we?”

“My salary will be paid soon this month.” Gu SiYuan frowned and said: “Why don’t you call over to your elder sister, second sister and YueZhou? To delay the repayment date back a bit?”

Mother Gu replied: “Big sister and second sister side was not a problem. It’s just that YueZhou’s……the day before yesterday, sister-in-law even called to urge us already.”

Gu SiYuan sighed, then reassured Mother Gu: “I’ll think of another way.”

On the other hand, Gu Ning was heading in the direction of the hospital in Fang Fa’s car.

Once in the car, Gu Ning took of the stuffy gloves, revealing the gauze on her palms.

Fang Fa opened his mouth but didn’t ask about it. He was now full of questions about Gu Ning, but the strange thing was that Gu Ning was treating him so casually and rightfully, which he should have felt annoyed by it. Yet he didn’t feel angry at all and even followed what Gu Ning had asked him to do.

When he found himself in this very wrong situation, he was already waiting in the lobby of the hospital with Gu Ning’s registration number, and Gu Ning just informed him and temporarily left for the moment.

Fang Fa looked at the medical record book he was holding and the registered number and muttered to himself: “What the hell am I doing here?” Sacrificing half a day of his shift to spend time with someone he’d only met twice and spoken less than twenty sentences together and now queuing up in the hospital?

On the other hand, Gu Ning was standing at the ATM outside the hospital, looking at the deposit inside her bank card and fell into silence.

Three hundred dollars.

She had almost forgotten that Mother Gu had a heart problem six months ago and had undergone a major operation, and the family’s savings were far from enough and they had to borrow a lot of external debts. The money she had saved from her odd jobs over the years had naturally been used up. After the apocalypse happened, living in the shadow of death every day, her nerves were very tense daily and she had completely forgotten that her family’s current living conditions were worrying.

No wonder when she was discussing with her dad, her mom wanted to speak up but held back, she originally thought her mom had some other concerns, but she didn’t think it was because of this……

Gu Ning withdraw all the three hundred dollars and held it in her hand and sighed, with the feeling that a penny can stump the hero.

(T/N: Gu Ning is so broke now XD and Fang Fa is so cute <3)

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  1. Avatar Yuhua says:

    Thank you for the chapter!!! <3

    Oh… The first hurdle. Poverty!!! My archenemy.

    1. Avatar Runicle says:

      Poverty is always our archenemy. XD
      Next chapter will be slightly funny.
      Stay tuned~

  2. Avatar anazu says:

    i dont mind if Fang Fa is the ML(~ ̄³ ̄)~
    no ML, only Gu Ning badassness also the best

    1. Avatar Runicle says:

      Probably~ Gu Ning is so independent and reliable, bad*ss too… It’s hard not to fall for her.

      Thank you for reading and commenting <3

  3. Avatar Ecchan says:

    Didn’t she looted the jewelry store back then? Btw, thanks for the chapter

    1. Avatar Runicle says:

      Yes, but she need to loot more! haha =)
      Thanks for reading!

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