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TDRA Chapter 26

Meeting Lu JiaZi Again

Back in the lobby.

Gu Ning looked at Fang Fa who was honestly sitting there waiting for the number to be called and she hesitated a little.

“Ahem.” It was a rare moment as Gu Ning was a little bit embarrassed.

Fang Fa inexplicably raised a bit of caution and looked at Gu Ning with a defensive expression: “What’s wrong?”

Ignoring the defensive expression on his face, Gu Ning thick-skinned and asked: “Fang Fa, can you lend me some money?”

“……”Fang Fa was silent for a moment and gave Gu Ning a very subtle and odd look. If he hadn’t just left Gu Ning’s house earlier and knew Gu Ning’s family background very well, he might have suspected that Gu Ning was a fraud. He wanted to refuse, but when he looked into Gu Ning’s eyes, the words that came out of his mouth were: “How much do you want to borrow?”

“A thousand will do!” Gu Ning replied quickly: “I’ll be able to pay you back tomorrow, or the day after.”

Fang Fa had been prepared to hear a large amount so he was somewhat relieved to hear that figure and reluctantly stood up and said: “Wait here, I’ll go outside and draw it out for you.”

“Great. Thanks!” Gu Ning took back her medical record book with great gratitude.

Watching Fang Fa departing back, she felt relieved and a little more assured. Just when she was sitting on the stool ready to take out the list and reconcile what was needed on it. Suddenly, someone called her name.

“NingNing?!” A surprised female voice rang out.

Gu Ning looked up in the direction of the voice with some confusion, and when she saw the person coming over, her face froze for a moment with an uncanny expression. Then she stood up and smiled at the middle-aged woman who was dressed in a more fashionable and sophisticated manner: “Auntie.” She gave a slight nod to Lu JiaZi who was next to her, she considered this as a greeting as she doesn’t even willing to linger much on his face.

These two people were none other than Lu JiaZi and his mother who came to the hospital for a check-up.

Zhou Su said, holding Gu Ning’s left hand affectionately: “Only yesterday JiaZi told me that you had gone home, and I was thinking of going to your home and visit you after the examination today. Why did you come to the hospital? Don’t you feel well?”

Gu Ning smiled and replied: “It’s nothing, just a small injury on my hand and I’ve come to take a look. But it’s me, I haven’t visited auntie’s house even though I’ve been back for a few days.” Although she no longer had any affection for Lu JiaZi, and was even vaguely disgusted, Gu Ning still maintained her proper manners towards this aunt who had watched her grow up and had always been very fond of her and had taken much care of her.

“Yes.” Zhou Su ranted: “You haven’t been to your auntie’s house for ages. Your uncle and JiaZi are both busy at work, and I’m bored to death at home alone without you to chat with me. The colleague at JiaZi’s company even gave me some bacon, which I haven’t cook it yet, as I’ve been saving it up for you to come over to eat it.”

Gu Ning was inexplicably a little heartbroken.

It was because in the past, Zhou Su was also so familiar with her that she had that illusion, thinking that she was also close to Lu JiaZi who must also be fond of her like the way Zhou Su had been treating her. However, at this point, being detached from that adoring emotion and watched it coldly, Lu JiaZi most of his time was like what he did right now. Just standing at the side watching Zhou Su chatting with her, rarely ever interrupting.

Gu Ning laughed at herself in her heart, but her face was still beaming: “I’ve been a bit busy lately, so I’ll go visit auntie when I’m free.”

“Oh! That’s right!” Zhou Su suddenly dawned on her and said: “Are you still busy looking for a job?! JiaZi, didn’t you tell me that there’s still a vacancy in your department? It just so happens that NingNing is looking for a job, so why don’t you just ask NingNing to work in your company!”

A trace of displeasure flashed imperceptibly in Lu JiaZi’s eyes, but his face still wore a suitable smile with a hint of slight difficulty and said: “That position….”

“Gu Ning, did you get called yet?” Fang Fa ran over with the money, then saw two people standing right in front of Gu Ning and they looked like they knew each other, so he nodded politely.

Zhou Su looked at Fang Fa and the expression on her face was suddenly a little subtle so she asked Gu Ning: “Who is this?”

“A friend.” Gu Ning introduced briefly and simply.

“Hello Auntie, I’m Fang Fa.” Fang Fa replied, then he turned and extended his hand to shake with Lu JiaZi, with a very bright smile on his face.

Lu JiaZi’s gaze unobtrusively checked Fang Fa out, his eyes flickered a bit, then shook Fang Fa’s hand and replied: “Lu JiaZi.” After replying, he turned around and spoke to Gu Ning: “Don’t worry about your work. There’s another position in my department, so come straight over to work when you’re ready. And when you’ve settled down everything, come over and visit, my dad says he hasn’t seen you for a while.” While he was saying it, he naturally rubbed his hand on Gu Ning’s head, his tone was natural and gentle but not too intimate, and with a touch of doting in his eyes.

Gu Ning was slightly stunned, a little dazed by Lu JiaZi’s actions and forgotten to dodge. When she reacted, Lu JiaZi had already withdrawn his hand. She smiled in acquiescence but did not give a reply directly.

Then they bid goodbye to each other.

The smile on Gu Ning’s face quickly faded as she smoothed her hand through the hair that had been rubbed by Lu JiaZi, then took the money from Fang Fa’s hand and said: “Thank you.”

Due to Lu JiaZi, her voice was still a bit cold and her expression was also very indifferent. This made Fang Fa’s heart felt uncomfortable, the attitude before and after borrowing money changed too fast, isn’t it?

“Can you help me with one more favour?” Listening to announcement which called out the number in front of her, Gu Ning suddenly asked Fang Fa again.

Before Fang Fa could react, he subconsciously replied: “What?” As soon as the words came out of his mouth, he wanted to slap himself, why was his mouth so quick?!

“I have to go in later to treat my wounds and there are some things which I need in a hurry, can you get them for me?”Gu Ning asked, handing back the money which she had just taken from Fang Fa and passed the list to him as well.

Fang Fa looked at the ten red notes handed over by Gu Ning and had the feeling that he should turn around and leave. He cursed himself in his heart, why didn’t he stay at home, even if he was bored, that was still better. Instead he had to come all the way here to let Gu Ning use him, so he reluctantly took the list and the money with him. In his mind, he reassured himself that he was doing a service to the community.

Her name and number were soon broadcasted.

“Then, please help me.” Gu Ning said and took her medical record book and left with the nurse who was waiting there.

Fang Fa sighed and took a look at the list that Gu Ning had handed him and saw that it said something about surgical scissors, thread cutters and suture drainage tube and frowned strangely while muttering: “What’s the point of buying all this stuff?” Looking at Gu Ning who had already been taken away, he could only resign and took the list and leave.

“How did you get this wound and made such a big gash?” The doctor, a middle-aged man with near-sighted glasses, asked in surprise after removing Gu Ning’s gauze.

“It was accidentally cut by a watermelon knife.” Gu Ning replied.

“Can you get a cut that big by a watermelon knife?” This has the bone revealed.” The doctor said and was somewhat surprised at the calm-looking Gu Ning, kind of strange, after all having such a big cut, it hurts to even look at it but this little girl did not react at all.

“Go lie down on the bed and get anesthesic before stitching.” The doctor said and sent the nurse off to prepare things.

Gu Ning’s footsteps lurched, then she frowned: “Still need to inject anesthetic?”

The doctor glanced at her and replied: “No anaesthetic, do you want to die of pain?”

Gu Ning then asked: “Then how long does it take for the anesthetic to wear off?”

The doctor replied: “Local anaesthesia is usually two to three hours, some people have a special constitution and it may take more than ten hours for it to wear off.”

Gu Ning thought for a moment then asked: “Then can I not have the anesthetic?”

The doctor paused, then replied: “…… There are people who don’t want anesthesia just to save that little bit of money on anesthesia, but they regretted it before we even start sewing.”

“I’m not trying to save money, it’s a bit of a special reason.” Gu Ning said and gestured the wound to the doctor: “I didn’t even cry when I got that big gash on this hand, I can hold it in.”

The doctor was silent again for a moment, then looked at the skin curling wound and could only replied to Gu Ning’s insistence: “As you wish then. But don’t regret it when stitching it halfway through.”

Only then did Gu Ning relax and lie down on the bed.

In the post-apocalyptic world, if her right hand was numbed, how would she cope if she encountered an unexpected situation?

She simply closed her eyes when she was being stitched up.

The young female nurse was very curious to hear that Gu Ning insisted on not having anesthesia and just stood there waiting for Gu Ning to regret it.

Unexpectedly, until the stitches were finished, Gu Ning didn’t even scream, and even her eyes were shut all these while, as if she was asleep.

The doctor was also a little surprised and asked with an exclamation: “I don’t suppose your surname is Guan1, is it?”

(T/N: Guan1: This refer to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, where Guan Yu simply laughed at Hua Tuo who offers to anaesthetise, and he stated that he was not afraid of pain. Then Hua Tuo uses a knife to cut the flesh from Guan Yu’s arm and scrape the poison from the bone.)

Gu Ning smiled and replied: “My surname is Gu.”

The doctor added: “Be careful not to get water on the wound, it’s best not to exert any force on this hand, and pay attention to your diet. I’ll give you some anti-inflammatory medicine to take regularly, and come back to the hospital in seven days to have the stitches removed.”

When Gu Ning went out to the lobby, Fang Fa was already waiting there with a plastic bag. She hurriedly took a few steps over: “Have you bought everything?”

“Everything else was brought. But the anesthetics, pharmacies don’t even sell them, they said you’ll need a doctor’s prescription in order to buy them.” Fang Fa with a stinky expression, tried to hand the bag to Gu Ning, but when he saw he gauze-wrapped hand, he silently retracted it and continue carrying it.

Couldn’t buy anesthetics?

Gu Ning frowned slightly, and her glance suddenly caught a glimpse of the nurse over the other side pushing a cart past, which seemed to have anesthetics on it.

“Wait for me here for a moment, I’m going to use the restroom.” Gu Ning said to Fang Fa before following behind that nurse and trailing after her.

“You’re the only one who has a lot to do.” Fang Fa muttered and sat down again.

In less than ten minutes, Gu Ning walked back with both her hands empty, but with a relaxed demeanour and said to Fang Fa: “Let’s go.”

“What about the anesthetics?” Fang Fa asked.

“No need anymore.” Gu Ning replied.

Looking at the money left over, Gu Ning brought Fang Fa over to buy some more nutrition at the pharmacy next door, and then ran to the supermarket to buy some supplies, including some household items.

Finally Fang Fa returned to the car with two big bags full of stuff.

Gu Ning took a pen and paper from Fang Fa’s car, then took the list out and asked: “Give me your bank card number. I’ll transfer the money to you the day after tomorrow at the latest.”

? ? ?

There was a moment of dismay for Fang Fa, was this a sign that she wasn’t going to meet him again?

He coincidently replied: “Ahem, I don’t remember the card number, or you could take down my mobile number and return it when we meet.”

“……” Gu Ning was tempted to say didn’t you just withdraw the money? After thinking about it, there might be something else he could help with in the future, so it would be better, thus she said: “Well, give me your number then.”

After Fang Fa reported his number, he then spoke very naturally: “Give me a ring on my phone.”

Gu Ning replied: “Oh, I’ve lost my phone.”

Fang Fa: “……”

When the car stopped, Gu Ning tried to refuse Fang Fa to carry all her things home for her, but because Fang Fa was concerned about Gu Ning’s injured hand, he insisted on carrying them all the way up. On the way up, she met many neighbours who were curious about Fang Fa’s identity.

After all, Gu Ning’s family has lived in this neighbourhood for more than a decade, and the relatives who usually come and go are familiar to everyone. Yet Fang Fa is the first time to appear at here, and they are all speculating whether if he is Gu Ning’s boyfriend that she had found during the time of disappearance and of course the car that Fang Fa drives is also very eye-catching.

Father Gu and Mother Gu were a little surprised to see Fang Fa go out with Gu Ning and came back together.

They had prepared dinner and asked Fang Fa to stay for it, but he politely refused.

Making a gesture to Gu Ning to make a phone call, he then smiled and bid goodbye to Father Gu and Mother Gu.

When Fang Fa got back to the car, touching the steering wheel, his mind was still a little baffled. He felt like he was possessed this afternoon, and actually took the initiative to give her his mobile number? As if he *has nothing better to do.

(T/N: 真是吃饱了撑的 zhēn shì chī bǎo le chēng de: Eat till bloated. Meaning having nothing better to do as other than being bloated from eating, there is nothing to be done.)
(T/N: This chapter is funny at the part with Fang Fa and sorry for so many notes here and there. XD)

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