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TDRA Chapter 24

Yin Sang

In the room, the sudden sound of surprised words came from Wang JiZhong’s mouth.

He rose from his seat once more, his face was even grimmer than it had been a moment before.

However, he soon sat down again under the cold stares of everyone in the room, his expression shown anxious and with a hint of bewilderment.

Bai Lang returned his gaze to the man who had reported the news, this time with a hint of solemnity in his long, slanted eyes: “You say that the thirteen people who died and fled were all the work of that little girl alone?”

The man who reported the news had a slight tremor in his voice: “Yes, yes. I saw it with my own eyes…”

The white-shirted man’s gaze glanced over to Brother San, but when he saw that his face was also full of surprise, he said: “It seems that Brother San didn’t quite know that his niece was actually so capable of such a thing.”

Brother San collected the astonished expression on his face, but his heart couldn’t stay calm, he didn’t know how many skills and means Gu Ning had hidden in her body, but every time she struck, it was so … amazing!

With thirteen people surrounding him, even he wouldn’t dare to say that he could get out in one piece, let alone when she was that young and looked that … frail. He really could not imagine how Gu Ning’s so fragile body could cause such a tragic battle.

“What’s the big deal?” The pretty girl with a black ponytail seated on the bottom left of Bai Lang, who had been quiet and probably around twenty years old, suddenly snorted and said with a slightly contemptuous expression on her face: “If it had been me, none of those people would have escaped.”

Brother San glanced at her, but kept silence. He had killed zombies with this girl and she was indeed very skilled. If she had been the one facing those thirteen people, it would be as she had stated, that none of those people would have escaped and all would have been killed.

In that case, she was indeed qualified to say that Gu Ning’s performance was nothing remarkable.

The prerequisite was that they didn’t know that three months ago, Gu Ning was just an ordinary girl who hadn’t even fought with anyone since she was a child.

Bai Lang, however, had a thoughtful look on his face, recalling his brief meeting with Gu Ning in that office, when she was clearly… It was as if a light had dawned on him, there was a glint in his slanted eyes and Bai Lang’s eyes narrowed. A hint of somewhat disbelieving dismay appeared in his pupils, but in an instant, he smiled.

The white-shirted man looked at the smile that appeared on Bai Lang’s lips in astonishment, after spending a long time with him, he naturally knew what certain expressions and movements from Bai Lang meant instantly. And now in this situation, it was even more obvious.

Bai Lang put down his pair of long legs off the conference table, stood up and asked: “Where is she now?”

“I don’t know.” The man shook his head: “I just saw she went out of the front door, but don’t know where she went.”

Brother San furrowed his brow, to leave the colony alone at this time… Was she going to go out alone to find the medicine?

“Is she going to run away after killing someone, is it?!” Wang JiZhong said indignantly.

Yet, Brother San banged on the table and stood up, looking at Wang JiZhong and said: “Mr Wang, we all know who sent those people there. We had already negotiated and came to an agreement that we would give her a chance. Instead, you sent someone over to kill her secretly, but since you’ve acted out privately, that means the result of our negotiation is null and void.” Brother San’s gaze roamed around the conference room before saying in a deep voice: “I’ll stated my stand here. If anyone dares to touch her from now on, the gun in my hand will not agree.”

This was a warning and a direct threat.

Mr Wang’s face twitched a few times, but he didn’t make a sound. Everyone knows that Brother San has a group of men under his command, they were all from the military and they all had guns. Usually, although Brother San has underlings armed with guns, he has always kept quiet and has never had any conflicts with anyone. This time, he was so fierce that he really shut Mr Wang up.

“The zombie dog problem hasn’t even been resolved yet, and we’re fighting amount ourselves.” The white-shirted man pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and spoke out to ease the tension in the room: “In the future, in the colony, I do not want there to be a situation where our own people fight among ourselves. It has been more than three months since the apocalypse started, haven’t you all figured out who is our biggest enemy yet?” With a grave look on his face, he said: “As Brother San reported, now the animals and beast are all starting to zombify. Our living conditions are getting worse and worse. If you all have time to fight internally, you might as well go out and kill a few more zombies”

No one in the meeting room spoke again.

What happened to Gu Ning was just a minor incident for them, while the great shadow from the apocalypse was still looming over them.

On the other side.

After Gu Ning left the gate, she found a small roadside restaurant and dug in.

Then returned to the space.

With a smooth motion, she pivoted the pointer on the wall to the other side and was ready to open the door.

However, as her hand touched the door handle, her movements stopped and she looked at a certain spot in the space with a very strange expression.

In one corner of this room lays a quiet pile of the quilt and the closet stuffs that had disappeared into the thin air right before her eyes in that small three-story courtyard…

Gu Ning grabbed a piece of the clothing with her hand, not knowing how to describe her current feelings, so all those things she had “vanished” were transferred to here?

Gu Ning’s mind was somewhat unable to think for a while.

It was due to the shock in her mind at this moment was too great.

What did this represent?

It was the same as carrying a huge storage locker with her. Also this locker could only be opened by her alone, and no one else would be able to see or touch it.

She could fit anything in it and take it out to use it when she needed it.

Maybe it could store a car?

The vague pain of the wound on her hand had brought her back from this subtle emotion and her senses back. This thing could be researched slowly, but Father Gu’s injury could no longer be delayed.

With this in mind, she ran quickly to the door again and opened it.

With a flash of golden light, she was back in her bedroom.

A glance at the wall clock showed the time was 3:30pm in the afternoon.

In a very sharp and smooth movement, she undressed all her blood-stained clothes and put on a new one.

The gauze on the wound on her hand was completely soaked with blood.

She sat down cross-legged and removed the gauze layer by layer, her palms were drenched in blood, yet it could still be seen that the skin rolled over in a gruesome manner. There was still a batch of medicine she had left in her bedroom. Gu Ning used the alcohol to clean the wound, the whole process she kept making gasping sounds, but without screaming out or shedding any tears. Gu Ning found that her tolerance for pain was really somewhat amazing, and there were a few moments of triumph yet sorrow feeling she felt in her heart.

Gu Ning hastily rewrapped the hand in gauze and found a glove to put on. She tied up the changed clothes and gauze with the bloody knife in a plastic bag and stuffed them underneath the bed. Then stood in front of the mirror and wiped the blood off her face with some wet tissues, making sure there was nothing wrong with herself before she opened the door and walked out.

As soon as she pushed open the door, she saw her parents sitting on the sofa in the living room with their backs toward her and watching the TV.

The TV volume was turned down for fear of disturbing her sleep.

There was bright light shining in through the window screen, and there was a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Gu Ning’s anxious and worried mood calmed down right away.

As if sensing something, Mother Gu turned around and saw Gu Ning standing there, and hurriedly stood up and said to her: “You’re awake. The food is warming up for you, I’ll go and bring it out for you.” With that, she got up and went into the kitchen.

Father Gu saw that Gu Ning was awake and took the remote control and turned up the volume.

Gu Ning walked over and sat down next to Father Gu.

The TV was showing the National Martial Arts Competition.”

Gu SiYuan* explained the match to Gu Ning as he watched: “This is the grand finale. This girl is very strong, many guys can’t beat her, but her strikes were too heavy and many of them were carried off the match. But I think she’ll be the winner this time with no doubt.”

(T/N: The author changed Father Gu name from Gu ZhiYuan to Gu SiYuan. Please kindly take note.)

Gu SiYuan stated as the girl had just went up the stage on the screen.

Gu Ning couldn’t resist and took her bowl of food and shovelled rice into her mouth while paying attention to the martial arts competition on the TV.

The girl whom Gu SiYuan was talking about was wearing a black thick coat, with a slender body, long black hair tied up in a high ponytail, and without any extra expression on her face, she walked gingerly to the stage, in a fresh and sharp movement. She looked to be in her mid-twenties, her face was clean without any signs of makeup, but she looked exceptionally bright and beautiful.

Her entrance had the crowd in the stands all cheered for her, and she seemed to be very popular.

Her profile appears on the screen. The background voice was a deep male voice that was introducing the player’s history and past achievements in a very impassioned tone.

Yin Sang, female, twenty-one year-old, height one point six eight.

In her first appearance at a National Martial Arts Competition, she made it all the way to the finals after overcoming the 3,000 competitors nationwide. She was the only female competitor to make it to the finals of this year’s National Wushu Championships without any defeat. What’s even more incredible was that the longest time she spent with her opponent was less than three minutes! Her strength was exceptional, she was the unexpected fierce competitor for this year’s National Martial Arts Competition!”

The camera paused on her face for three seconds, before she tugged the corners of her mouth slightly upwards, her willow eyebrows raised slightly as she gazed into the camera and locked eyes with Gu Ning across the TV screen. Even the smile at the end of her eyes were penetrating and showed her sharpness.

Her opponent was a twenty-three year old male called Zhang Qiang, around one point seven five tall with a very athletic build and visible bulging muscles on both arms. In stark contrast to the slender and slim Yin Sang, it felt like Yin Sang couldn’t even handle a punch from him.

However, it was very clear that he was wary of Yin Sang, and his expression was very grave when he cupped his hand in greeting.

This match was a close-combat fight, without weapons.

After the whistle had been blown.

Yin Sang was the first to strike! No gimmicks! She quickly approached Zhang Qiang with lightning speed, and at the same time, her right hand reached out and aimed straight towards Zhang Qiang’s throat!

Although Zhang Qiang was tense in his mind, he didn’t panic, he completely ignored the hand that was reaching towards his neck as his right hand clasped Yin Sang’s left hand’s wrist, squeezed it forcefully, and then turned it violently in the opposite direction! A sharp pain in her wrist, but Yin Sang remained unperturbed, her willow-like eyebrows raised, the end of her eyes swept out a harsh and fierce gaze, her outstretched right hand retracted like lightning, Then rested on Zhang Qiang’s arm that was clasping her left hand, and then her whole body spun in the air, following the huge force coming from Zhang Qiang’s arm! Her long, slender body twirled in the mid-air like a willow leaf! Her posture was indescribably graceful and then the moment her feet landed on the ground! With a short stance, she swept with her leg violently towards Zhang Qiang’s lower body in a great force!

Zhang Qiang is undaunted! Raised his right foot to block!

Yin Sang sweeps her leg out! It collided directly with Zhang Qiang’s right leg! It only felt like her leg had just kicked against a metal pillar!

Zhang Qiang smiled smugly, he was proud of his leg kung fu, yet Yin Sang had picked his underhand to attack, simply because she hadn’t research into his past battles!

Yin Sang’s gaze flashed as she stretched out her leg to block Zhang Qiang’s right kick, then her slender right leg kicked upwards which surprisingly went over his head! Then she thrusted a kick at Zhang Qiang’s head!

The whole arena let out a gasp of surprise at this difficult move by Yin Sang!

Zhang Qiang couldn’t react! He was kicked square in the head! His whole head was thrown back by the kick and the force in his hand involuntarily relaxed! Yin Sang saw this moment to act! She quickly bent her arm, closes in on Zhang Qiang and her elbow knocked heavily onto his chest!

Zhang Qiang received a hard blow to his chest! The burly body took a few steps backward! Yin Sang, however, didn’t miss this opportunity and followed up again. Her long and slender right leg reached out to kick hard again at his chest where she had just hit it with her elbow!

Zhang Qiang let out a muffled grunt and stumbled backwards before falling to the floor with a thud!

The fight came fiercely and quickly, and it was over before anyone could hardly react.

Only Yin Sang stood on the stage, looking relaxed as if she had just entered.

Her opponent, on the other hand, had already fallen to the ground, covering his chest and letting out painful moaning.

Soon someone came up and carried the man down.

The screen above began to slow down and replay the footage of the battle that had just taken place.

“Thirty seconds! Only thirty seconds in actual combat! Once again, Yin Sang has broken her personal record!” The male voice in the background let out an excited roar, and the crowd cheers.

Gu Ning stared at the Yin Sang’s back view, who had left the screen in style, and her heart still felt the shocks.

All these while, she had been very confident in her own strength, but this time she realized that she had always been relying on her brute strength and instinct to fight, without any combat skills. She could easily defeat those zombie who was like her, also had absolutely no fighting ability or ability to dodge. She could barely defeat the group of people today who just knew how to slash and kill indiscriminately with their knives.

Now then she realized that if this girl called Yin Sang was her opponent, there was hardly any chance of her winning. Even more so, she might not be able to beat that Zhang Qiang.

Today, Gu Ning was surrounded and attacked by that group of people, which made her realized that in the post-apocalyptic world, her enemies were not only the zombies out there, but also the humans around her. As compared to the zombies, sometimes the humans around her were much more difficult to deal with.

It was also at this moment that she stared at Yin Sang’s back view and suddenly made up her mind of some sort.

She put down the bowl of rice she had only eaten half in her hand, looking at Yin Sang’s profile that appeared on the TV screen once more, and said calmly: “I’m going to learn martial arts.”

(T/N: Hmmmm I still don’t really like Yin Sang and this chapter fighting scene was about her… =( Anyway, please kindly support the author in jjwxc if you like the story. ~(^.^)~ )

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