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TDRA Chapter 23

Murder Again

The arrangement for Gu Ning’s room is on the third floor of the girls’ dormitory, 308 and 309, two neighbouring rooms.

It could be seen that Brother San still had some influence in the colony.

Gu Ning didn’t notice that Xiao YunYun and the few others weren’t arranged to be here.

The blankets and sheets in the dormitory, including the bamboo mats, had all been “ransacked” and Huang MengYao already took out the clothes Gu Ning stuffed in her backpack, placing them on the bed. Father Gu and Mother Gu were both lying unconscious on the bed. Their faces were yellowish and sickly, Gu Ning’s heart ached to watch them, so she hurriedly invited Doctor Gao in to check on Father Gu’s injuries.

“There are slight signs of dehydration. The wound is festering badly, it must be cleaned and surgery must be done as soon as possible or the infection may become cancerous in severity.” Doctor Gao frowned as she came out after examining Father Gu’s wound and said to Gu Ning: “Although I can do this surgery, I don’t have the tools or the medicines needed on hand right now.”

When Gu Ning heard her saying that she could do the surgery, her heart was slightly assured, and then she replied: “Well then, tell me what and which tools and medicines you’ll need. Make a list and give it to me and I’ll think of a way.”

Doctor Gao took out a pen and a small notebook from the medicine box, while making the list in the notebook, she said to Gu Ning who was standing beside her: “The nearest one to here is the Lishui Community Hospital, where you should be able to find everything you’ll need for the operation. If you can, bring everything with you, and don’t miss out on the medicines from the pharmacy.”

Gu Ning gave a cursory scan of what was on the sheet, then folded it up and carefully kept it in her pocket and replied to Doctor Gao: “Alright.”

When Doctor Gao heard that Gu Ning was Brother San’s niece, she didn’t care about how she was going to get to Lishui Community Hospital. She only said: “When you have the things ready, get someone to inform me. Now then, I’ll leave first.”

“Okay, thank you, Doctor Gao.” Gu Ning replied.

“Just Gao Yue will do.” Doctor Gao gave Gu Ning a nod before she carried her medicine box down the stairs.

“Why don’t we get ready to leave for Lishui Hospital now.” Cheng Ming said to Gu Ning after he had sent Gao Yue off.

Zhang Yang volunteered on the side: “I know where it is, I can lead the way!”

Gu Ning replied: “There is no need to rush, I have to go out for a while. You guys don’t wander too far off, the food is in the backpack, so you can get it yourselves. If my parents wake up, tell them not to worry and please look after them for me.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. But where are you going alone now when it’s so chaotic out there? Why not let Cheng Ming accompany you?” Jia DaoZhang suggested.

“No need. I’m just going to walk around inside the school and poke around for a bit. I’ll be back in about two hours or so.”

Since Gu Ning had already said so, Cheng Ming couldn’t argue and could only reluctantly agree.

Without further delay, Gu Ning left her gun behind, then carried her knife and headed out.

Jia DaoZhang stood on the balcony of the corridor and watched Gu Ning’s back as she walked further and further away. His long, thin eyes narrowed slightly when he suddenly remembered the last divination he had made for himself before the apocalypse started.

The divination showed a great evil descending on the world, a cataclysm, but amid this great evil, there was a faint ray of life that was intermittent yet continuous.

His fortune telling was always inaccurate so he didn’t believe it, but who knew that the apocalypse would break out soon afterward.

And only then did he realize that his divination had really come true without failure!

However, if the great evil had descended, and the world is in chaos, then where is the faint ray of light?

As Jia DaoZhang looked at Gu Ning’s back view, a sudden ray of light seemed to lighten up his thoughts.

Gu Ning carried her knife and quickly walked through the dormitory building, ready to find a secluded place where she could enter the space without being noticed.

The bright sun hung directly above the sky, but not much heat could be felt. Lifting her hand to look at the time, it was already noon.

Gu Ning quickly calculated the current time of the other world in her mind, and before she could finish doing so, her footsteps halted as she looked warily in front of her, a group of people was walking aggressively towards her. Seemingly sensing that that group of people was up to no good, all the passers-by on both sides of the road hurriedly fled out of the scene.

Those who were lazing in the sun from the balconies of the school buildings on both sides were now poking out their heads from the windows and looking curiously at the commotion.

In the post-apocalyptic world, all electronic technology and most sources of entertainment were no longer available, their boresome life was in desperate need of some excitement.  Naturally, they were happy to see this kind of conflict.

A young man in a black t-shirt who was leading the group shouted at Gu Ning as he walked towards her: “You’re the woman who killed Wang Ye?!”

As soon as Gu Ning saw the various “weapons” they were holding, she felt something ominous, and before she could even reply.

The young man shouted at her with a grimace: “Chop her to death!”

With this shout, the ten or so youngsters behind him all flashed their weapons in unison! Then they all shouted and charged at Gu Ning!

This was a road less than five meters wide, with the teachers’ building on one side and the boys’ dormitory on the parallel to it.

Upon hearing the words, chop her to death! Gu Ning knew that this group was coming for her life, and without even too much thinking about it, she knew instantly who had sent this group.

Gu Ning was never a hot-blooded teenager, and on the contrary, she was very sensible and calm even during this situation. So her first reaction was to turn around and run!

However, she had just turned around and ran a couple of steps before she stopped in her tracks. Five or six youngsters also came out of the cafeteria door which she had just walked through, ganging up behind her, each with a weapon on their hands, and all of them were coming for her.

Without any routes of escape left, Gu Ning stopped running away. The wound on her palm was still quite painful, but she couldn’t care less about that at this moment, she just switched the knife she was holding from her left hand to her right. Then without hesitation, she rushed towards them!

For a second, the weighty aura that emanated from Gu Ning’s body caused an unspeakable pressure to be felt by the people who were charging straight towards her, almost intimidating them. Nevertheless, they quickly snickered in their minds, there were more than ten of them in total, and couldn’t even deal with such a girl?

However, they soon had to pay the price for taking their opponent too lightly.

When the first man who had a short encounter with Gu Ning got his arm chopped off and fell to the ground, he let out a pig-like howl! The crowd of onlookers on both floors, and those that were waiting to see a one-sided abuse, froze in their tracks. The sound of someone drawing in a cold breath could be heard faintly.

Gu Ning didn’t stop, the expression on her face was calm as if she had just killed a zombie.

Of course, it was a one-sided abuse, but the roles of the one abusing and the ones being abused got swapped.

Gu Ning raised her knife to block an axe swinging towards her face! And then kicked hard towards the man behind her who was lunging towards her back! The kick didn’t seem that strong to the onlookers, and even the man who lunged at Gu Ning didn’t take the kick seriously. Yet, as the kick hit his abdomen, a sharp pain came through!

His whole body went flying! He was still a bit confused as to what had happened until he got knocked heavily into the wall of the school building.

Gu Ning grabbed the axe by the handle and wrenched it in the opposite direction! The teenager holding the handle only felt a huge force overpowering him! His hand on the handle spun counter-clockwise and with a painful scream, the axe came loose!

Before he could react further, there was a sharp pain from his shoulder. He felt warm liquid splashed on his face and when he turned his head in bewilderment, he saw his axe cutting into his shoulder with the white bones underneath it faintly visible! He shrieked, rolled his eyes, and fainted after collapsing to the ground!

In the blink of an eye! Four had fallen on the ground! Three went down because they were badly wounded, with broken arms and legs, and one with his entire chest penetrated by the sharp spear he had brought along with him.

A thin sheen of cold sweat appeared on the black t-shirt teen’s forehead! Half frightened and half in pain, he just rushed towards Gu Ning but she kicked him over! It took a personal experience to realize the terrifying strength of that small, unimpressive-looking girl! The moment he got kicked, he almost thought that he had been knocked off of his feet by a powerful rhino with the horn on its head! And right now, leaning against the wall, he couldn’t even stand up, and when he moved, there felt a sharp pain in his abdomen which indicated a few broken bones.

He had brought so many people with him to kill her companions as well, but who knew that they would be so “lucky”! They actually ran into Gu Ning who was alone! Mr. Wang promised him that if they killed Gu Ning, then he would give them enough supplies to feed their group for half a month! It was the post-apocalyptic world now, and killing a person was just a trivial matter to him. Who cares about women and children now?

However, this time, he didn’t expect to meet a goddess of death! He looked at the blonde girl who was still wielding her long knife amidst the crowd, and a pang of fear rose from the bottom of his heart.

Yet Gu Ning was not as relaxed as the onlookers thought she appeared to be. The gauze wrapped around her palm greatly affected her grip on the knife, and on several occasions, she felt like it was going to fly out of her hand! Moreover, she was losing her strength rapidly! So she didn’t hold back with every move she made since those men wanted her dead! Every single blow was aimed at her vitals!

Her knife plunged viciously into the chest of a man who did not even look old enough and seemed to be roughly around eighteen or nineteen years old. His eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at her, his mouth unable to make any sound due to pain, his eyes filled with fear, despair, and hatred as his right hand gripped her arm desperately. Yet Gu Ning only gave him a cold look before reaching out and pushing him towards his companion’s knife.

Those who wanted her life, she gave them no mercy.

The moment the other man’s knife stabbed into the teenager’s body, the expression on his face appeared to be in a trance, and in that brief moment! Gu Ning grabbed the man’s wrist and then gave it a strong twist! She spun him around and pinned him to the ground, Gu Ning’s knife slashed his neck without hesitation!

There were warm blood splatters on Gun Ning’s face, but she did not wipe it off and only straightened up slowly then looked coldly at the few men left standing three meters away from her with their extremely frightened expression as they no longer had any courage left to rush towards her.

Then, she raised her head, her cold gaze skimming over the faces of onlookers one by one who was standing at the window and on the balcony with very interesting expressions on their faces. In the end, Gu Ning calmly wiped the blood off of the knife on the man who had lost an arm, and stepped over the pools of blood all over the ground, and continued towards her set direction.

Throughout the whole process, apart from the wimping sounds made by the few men lying on the ground in pain, not a single person in the whole area made a single sound.

“Boss Bai Lang!”

The door of the meeting room was suddenly pushed open and a man burst in.

The entire conference room was seated with half a dozen people, all glanced at the man in unison.

Bai Lang was bored with the meeting, but at that moment he came to his senses and asked: “What happened?”

The man who barged in cautiously glanced at Wang JiZhong, who was sitting in the second seat from Bai Lang’s right, then he replied: “Just now more than ten people with weapons went to kill that woman.”

That woman naturally referred to Gu Ning who caused a scene in front of the school today.

The white-shirted man sitting on Bai Lang’s right glanced at Wang JiZhong, looking slightly smug, and behind his gold-rimmed glasses, a flash of displeasure flickered in his eyes.

Brother San, however, jerked up from his seat: “What?!”

“Oh?” Bai Lang’s long, slanted eyes glanced at Wang JiZhong and Brother San who had just jerked to his feet, then said: “And? Is she dead yet?”

“No, no.” The man replied.

“No?” Bai Lang raised one eyebrow in surprise and said with some sarcasm: “She got away?”

“No, no.” The man shook his head, and he couldn’t help the hint of fear that appeared in his eyes: “Out of the thirteen people, three died, five got seriously injured, and five ran away.”

“What?!” This time it was Wang JiZhong’s turn to stand up in agitation, slamming his hands on the table and staring at the man who had reported the news incredulously.

Brother San, however, steadied himself and sneered at Wang JiZhong: “Mr. Wang what are you so agitated about? It’s not like they’re your underlings right?.”

Wang JiZhong realized he had lost his temper and hurriedly sat down.

The man in the white shirt instead looked at Brother San and said: “Brother San, it seems that you really value this niece of yours and have sent someone to protect her specifically.”

Brother San was about to speak.

Only to be interrupted by the terrified voice of the man who reported the news: “No…No.” His mind recalled the scene, still somewhat distraught: “It was the woman alone… She did it all by herself.”


(T/N: Go go Gu Ning!)
(Editor: De Vile)

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