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TDRA Chapter 21

Bai Lang

After the apocalypse started, Gu Ning had killed more zombies than she could ever count but this was the first time she had ever killed a human.

Killing a living breathing human was a completely different feeling from killing zombies. The feeling of plunging a knife into the body of a living person and then warm blood flowing out of it was a mind-wrecking experience.

If Gu Ning had kept her cool, she should have stopped after the shot, but her mind was still swirling with the images of Mother Gu’s bleeding head and bloody face. Thus, she was unable to remain composed.

At this moment, she was holding the bloody knife and have calmed down, but she didn’t regret it either.

The only reason she still exists on this side of the world was her parents, that was her bottom line and anyone who touches that line would pay the price.

If she hadn’t arrived in time at that moment, Mother Gu would have been beaten to death by that man. Mercy? There are people in this world who don’t even deserve the word pity.

Brother San glanced at Gu Ning with mixed feelings before saying: “As I said before, as long as you are at the colony, I can guarantee your safety.” After saying that, he stood in front of Gu Ning, facing the group of people who were rushing over aggressively.

Over there, only Huang MengYao and a few other girls were left to look after Mother Gu and Father Gu. Jia DaoZhang, Cheng Ming, Zhang Yang, Luo Long all stood over and shielded Gu Ning behind them.

“Don’t worry Gu Ning, we’re here.”

A total of six men rushed over, led by a middle-aged man in black long sleeves who rushed agitatedly to the guard. Staring at the guard’s bleeding knife wound, but when he checked for his breathing, the guard was already dead. His eyes instantly popped open and he jerked up from the ground roaring: “Get her for me!”

Zhang Yang, Luo Long all subconsciously raised their guns and aimed them at the five men who were about to rush over to catch them. Cheng Ming, Jia DaoZhang were the first to pull Gu Ning behind them and nervously watched the situation unfold.

Jia DaoZhang lowered his voice and said: “Gu Ning, I don’t think this matter can be settled, this group of people doesn’t seem kind. Anyway, now that we have found your parents, if a fight breaks out later, we will take advantage of it and leave immediately.”

Gu Ning turned her head to look at Mother Gu and Father Gu who had already passed out, then said to Jia DaoZhang and Cheng Ming: “If Brother San’s unable to bail me out, please help me take care of my parents.”

Jia DaoZhang was slightly stunned, then replied solemnly: “I will take care of the two elderly.”

Cheng Ming replied: “Gu Ning, don’t worry, we will not let them take you away.”

Gu Ning didn’t say anything else and just nodded, then resumed observing the situation.

The middle-aged man looked at the guns that were pointed at him with a grimace and asked angrily at Brother San: “Brother San, what are you doing?!”

“Nothing, just calling the junior over to get to know others.” Brother San calmly turned to Gu Ning and beckoned, saying: “Gu Ning, come here.”

Jia DaoZhang and several others were stunned before they saw Gu Ning come forward.

Brother San’s hand rested on Gu Ning’s shoulder, then he said to Wang JiZhong: “Mr. Wang, this is my niece who I’ve just fetched from the outside, Niece, come present yourself, this is Uncle Wang.”

With a calm face, Gu Ning nodded to Wang JiZhong and called out very naturally: “Uncle Wang.”

Zhang Yang and the others were all a little baffled, looking at Brother San then to Gu Ning, slightly unsure of what Brother San meant.

“Brother San, what do you mean by that?” Wang JiZhong’s face was black as the bottom of a pot as he asked gloomily.

“It doesn’t mean anything, I’m just introducing her to you, Mr. Wang. This niece of mine will be walking around in the colony, so I’ll also want to trouble Mr. Wang to take care of her too.” Brother San replied.

“Are you playing with me now?! My nephew was murdered by her!” Wang JiZhong said as he stared viciously at Brother San.

“Mr. Wang.” Brother San’s expression suddenly changed and his eyes were full of menace as he glared at Wang JiZhong without the slightest hesitation and said: “If we hadn’t arrived in time, my brother and sister-in-law would have been killed by your nephew. They’re still lying there without knowing if they are dead or alive! If we’re talking about killing someone, he killed them first. My niece, a well-behaved girl, saw her mother lying there with blood all over her face, and on impulse, killed someone. Even legally speaking, she would be judged as using self-defence at most. Plus she’s not even eighteen, she’s still a minor.”

After saying these, Gu Ning couldn’t resist and turned her head and looked at Brother San, she had just now witnessed how Brother San lies with his eyes wide open and a straight face.

Right now Gu Ning was wearing a youthful-looking tracksuit, with short blonde “non-mainstream” hair, fair skin, and a clean look, so it was a bit of a stretch to say that she was eighteen, but it was still reasonable to say so. Not to mention that without an ID card, there was no way to prove whether she was eighteen or not.

“You mean that my nephew died for nothing?!” Wang JiZhong’s face turned purplish with anger.

Brother San nodded his head very calmly and said: “Literally as what you’ve said, that’s what it means.”

There was a moment of silence on both sides, with very strange expressions on their faces.

“Xie AiGuo!”Wang JiZhong couldn’t hold back and pointed at Brother San, shouting: “Don’t be so arrogant just because you have a gun in your hand! I brought all the supplies for the entire colony! Without my supplies, all of you would be dead!”

“My gun could kill you right now. Do you believe that?” Brother San finished speaking.

Zhang Yang, Luo Long, and several other people’s guns simultaneously pulled their guns and aimed at Wang JiZhong.

They would not hesitate to pull the trigger and shoot at Wang JiZhong’s head as soon as Brother San gave the order.

Just when the atmosphere got intense.

A man jogged towards this side with a gun on his back.

“Bother San, Mr. Wang. Boss Bai Lang invites you over!”

“Good!” Wang JiZhong sneered: “Let’s see how your Boss Bai Lang handles this matter if he doesn’t give me a reasonable explanation… Hmph! Let’s go!” After saying that, he gave Gu Ning a grim look and then led his men inside.

Brother San shouted towards him: “Mr. Wang, you don’t want your nephew’s body anymore?”

Wang JiZhong’s footsteps lurched, and his aura suddenly gave way as he cursed: “F***! You- these few b**stards, go and bring his body back here!”

Brother San instructed Luo Long: “Luo Long, bring them to get settled down first, aren’t there a few empty rooms in the student dormitory over there, pass it to them and tell the people over there that they are my relatives.”

“Okay, Brother San.” Luo Long nodded in response.

“That, Brother San.” The young man who had come over to call for them pointed at Gu Ning and said: “Boss Bai Lang said to bring her along as well.”

Brother San and Gu Ning frowned at the same time.

Brother San glanced at Gu Ning and then said: “There’s no other way since he asked for you, then you should come with me.”

“Got it.” Gu Ning said with a nod.

Then she turned her head and gave a slight nod to Jia DaoZhang and Cheng Ming.

Cheng Ming suddenly stepped forward and tugged Brother San’s arm saying: “Brother San, you must bring Gu Ning back safely.”

“Don’t worry.” Brother San patted Gu Ning’s shoulder and replied with a faint smile: “She is my niece, of course, I have to protect her.”

Gu Ning returned the smile and called out in a very flattering manner: “Thank you, Uncle San.”

The address instantly changed from Brother San to Uncle San.

Brother San was obviously very satisfied with Gu Ning’s reaction, even the wrinkles at the end of his eyes had grown two more, smiling at Gu Ning and spoke: “Let’s go, niece, I’ll take you to meet the head of our former □□□ in Jiang Su Province, now is the boss of this colony.”

It had to be said that Gu Ning had been too ill-informed in the past, rarely paying attention to this kind of information, and didn’t even know that there was any so-called head of the □□□ in her province at all.

“Bai Lang?” Gu Ning asked. She had already heard this person’s name from multiple people.

Brother San’s eyes suddenly narrowed slightly before he replied: “That’s right. Bai Lang.”

“How is this person?” Gu Ning asked one who knows their strength and that of the enemy is invincible in battle. Since he is someone that will be dealt with frequently in the future, gaining more understanding will gain more certainty.

“You ask me, I’ve only known him for a month or so.” Brother San laughed miserably: “But from just this month, that man is a complete son of a b*tch.”

Being described like that from Brother San, Gu Ning couldn’t help but get a little curious about what kind of son of a b*tch the other party was. But if she really had a choice, she didn’t want to deal with this Bai Lang.

They were taken to a teacher’s building with no lift, climbed all the way to the top floor, the seventh floor.

However, instead of meeting Bai Lang straight away, she was taken to a room at the end of the corridor.

This must have been a teacher’s office before and there were several portraits of Edison, Newton, and others on the walls.

“Just wait here for now.” The young man who had led the way, snapped the door shut on her as soon as he finished speaking to her.

Gu Ning didn’t have much apprehension or anxiety, now that her biggest problems had been solved, everything else was no longer a problem for her. She walked to the window and the view showed the back of the school’s small field, with a few concrete table tennis tables out in the open, and a larger football field a little further up with two football nets on each side. The side was planted with trees like a small forest and was now full of weeds while further back up was the basketball court. The windblown through the leaves and messed up Gu Ning’s short hair, and the pages of the books on the table were also rustled. Gu Ning was in a trance as if she had gone back to school days.

“You’re Brother San’s murderer niece?”

Suddenly, an unexpected voice rang out in the room.

Gu Ning’s body stiffened violently, then slowly relaxed, secretly reprimanded herself in her heart that she was too lost in thought that she didn’t even notice someone else had entered.

She turned around slowly, her eyes suddenly narrowed.

There was an extra man in the room.

He sat on the soft chair behind the desk, his slender legs casually folded and rested on the desk while he just stared at Gu Ning skeptically.

This was really a man with a very powerful aura, so powerful that it creates a feeling of extreme danger at the first glance

He sat there idly, seem just casually glancing at Gu Ning, yet the glance shooting out of those long slanted eyes made Gu Ning felt a strong sense of aggression and crisis, making her tensed up her muscles underneath her tracksuit.

With just this one glance, Gu Ning was already sure that this man was the son of a b*tch that Brother San was talking about —— Bai Lang.

Apart from the strong sense of danger that was emanating from his aura which Gu Ning felt, there was also his short silver hair that was conspicuous and erected in short spikes.

It was just that Gu Ning was a little surprised as she thought the head of the □□□ must be at least a middle-aged man in his forties or fifties, but this man, despite his powerful aura, had a face that looked less than thirty.

Gu Ning stood quietly by the window, without emitting her aura of resistance, and said in a way that sounded very bland, so bland that it was as if she was just talking to anyone she met for the first time in her life, plainly: “I am Gu Ning, and you are Bai Lang?”

The wind was still blowing.

The pages were still rustling.

Gu Ning’s short blonde hair was blown about by the wind, but the eyes underneath her messy hair remained calm and shown no sign of panic.

If the person opposite her was someone else, her reaction wouldn’t be such a big deal, but if the person opposite of her was Bai Lang, then her reaction seemed a little bit too calm.

Bai Lang’s long, slanted eyes narrowed imperceptibly, and a hint of interest gradually coalesced in his originally slightly bored eyes.

(T/N: Hehehe Uncle San XD, also thanks Julio for your support! The next chapter will be dedicated to you =) And thank you all readers for following the story so far, hope you had enjoyed it and will continue reading it. <3 )
(Editor: De Vile)

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    I’m beginning to love Brother San– forgive me, Uncle San’s team. Also, will this man that was a son of a b*tch that Brother San was talking about be on their side?

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    1. Avatar Runicle says:

      Well… slight hint, hopefully in the future~

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    1. Avatar Runicle says:

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