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TDRA Chapter 20


Only after they had completely shaken off the horde of zombies, the military truck slowly came to a halt.

Brother San, Gu Ning, and Luo Long climbed down the roof of the truck respectively and returned to the carriage before the truck continued on its way.

Everyone in the carriage rushed up to greet them.

Apart from Xiao YunYun and a few, who looked a little unnatural, everyone else was all excited and thrilled.

“Gu Ning, thanks to you this time.” Brother San said simply without expressing too many grateful words, but the way he looked at Gu Ning was much warmer now than before.

Gu Ning replied honestly: “You’re welcome, I’m just saving myself too.”

“Gu Ning, your hand!” Huang MengYao suddenly shrieked and walked over to grab Gu Ning’s hand.

They saw the gauze wrapped around Gu Ning’s injured right hand had all been soaked with blood, yet she had been resting it by her side like normal and no one would’ve noticed if it wasn’t for Huang MengYao pointing it out which drew everyone’s attention to her.

“Is everything alright?” Brother San asked worriedly.

Gu Ning shook her head and replied: “It’s fine.” Before turning back to Huang MengYao then said: “Please help me re-bandage it again.”

Huang MengYao hastily dragged out Gu Ning’s backpack that was placed in the corner, then took out the medicine, carefully unwrapped the gauze that was soaked with blood. Then began to clean away the blood near the wound, only after blood was cleared away, the wound was revealed. Everyone who had gathered around couldn’t help but let out a gasp. They saw that Gu Ning’s already deep wound was even more torn up at this point, with some flesh showing that looked somewhat ghastly.

Huang MengYao’s hand trembled and she couldn’t help but look up at Gu Ning. After meeting Gu Ning’s light coloured pupils, she suddenly calmed down and gave Gu Ning a faint smile before proceeding to skillfully applying medicine and bandages to Gu Ning.

With an injured hand like that, it would be difficult to hold a knife for quite a while.

Brother San thought and peered over at Gu Ning, who was frowning intensely at her worsening injury on her palm and she seemed a little worried.

Brother San said: “Gu Ning until your hand has recovered, I can guarantee your safety as long as you are in the colony.”

Gu Ning was stunned for a moment, then replied gratefully: “Thank you, Brother San.” The knots between her eyebrows did not lessen as she was not worried about her safety.

As if he could see her concern, Brother San continued: “I know you are worried about your parent’s safety. There are hundreds of people in our search and rescue team at our colony, and they will go out every day to search for survivors. I will ask around the colony search and rescue team to pay careful attention when they head out. I believe there will be news soon.”

Gu Ning could only gratefully reply: “Then thanks a lot Brother San.” This was undoubtedly giving her a piece of mind as the chances of the search and rescue team going out to look for them were much higher as compared to her aimless searching.

Brother San said gently: “No need for you to thank me. If it wasn’t for you today, all of us in this truck wouldn’t have survived.”

“Yes Gu Ning, all thanks to you.” Luo Long chimed in from the side.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, was a bit awkward, she didn’t have the thoughts of saving anyone, and the only one she wanted to save was herself.

After this thrilling event, no one could fall asleep. All of them sat in the carriage with their eyes open, waiting for the truck to stop.

About half an hour or so later, the truck finally came to a halt.

“Brother San, we’ve reached!” Zhang Yang’s excited voice rang out from the intercom.

Everyone in the carriage was invigorated.

There was the sound of people buzzing from the outside.

Then the sound of the metal gate opening, and the truck started moving again.”

Brother San couldn’t help the smile spread across his face as he said to Gu Ning and the others: “We’re about to enter the colony now. Once we’ve arrived there, we’ll be completely safe.”

A smile also spread across Gu Ning’s face, it had just risen to the corner of her mouth before it froze abruptly. Her keen sense of hearing picked up the voice of people outside the truck through the backdoor.

She heard the familiar voice which she had been hearing for over twenty years was crying out and pleading: “Please! Just let us in! Please! I’m kowtowing to you!”

“Stop the truck!” Gu Ning jerked up from her position.

Brother San looked at her strangely and asked: “What’s wrong?”

The people in the carriage all looked at her with bewildered expressions.

Gu Ning directly grabbed the walkie-talkie in Brother San’s hand and shouted into it: “Stop! Zhang Yang! Stop the truck!”

The truck let out a sharp braking sound.

Gu Ning unlatched the door, pushed it open, and jumped out of the truck, and ran towards the big metal gate!

“I’ll go check it out!” Jia DaoZhang said before lifting up his robe and jumping out of the truck after Gu Ning, shouting as he chased her: “Gu Ning! Wait for me!”

“I’m going too.” Huang MengYao said and jumped out of the truck and followed.

Then the carriage of people, along with Zhang Yang, Cheng Ming who jumped off the front of the truck completely unaware of what was going on, all ran in the direction of the gate.

This colony survivor base was a school.

Lishui Second Middle School, located in the suburbs, was a notoriously chaotic school in Jinyong City before the apocalypse started. There were four teaching buildings, two dormitory buildings, and the whole school was surrounded by a three-metre-high fence to prevent students from climbing the wall and running out to surf the internet. After the apocalypse started, this wall was just right for the people to defend themselves against the zombies.

It would be perfect to use it as a colony base for the survivors now.

The school gate was a large hollowed-out metal gate, which is very sturdy, with a small door next to it for students to enter and leave during the week, and was only opened during the holidays. Next to the small door was the gatehouse. At this time of the day, the metal door was also closed and only opens when the military cards of the search and rescue team were presented.  Right now, the metal door was tightly closed. On either side of the door, twelve men stood to guard it.

On the other side of the small gate stood four other men responsible for accepting the survivors who were not rescued by the search and rescue team.

Now, an argument suddenly emerged from the long line of the queue.

A middle-aged woman with dishevelled hair and a wrecked body fell to her knees and kept kowtowing to the man on guard, crying and pleading all the while: “Please, just let us go in together! The injury on his leg isn’t from a zombie bite, it’s been over half a month! It’s true! Please, please! Please have mercy on us! He’s going to die if he keeps going like this! I beg you! If we have to die, at least let us find our daughter before we die! I beg you! Please have mercy!” Her head was thudding on the ground, and her forehead became red and swollen at once which looked pitiful.

Some of the people huddled behind her, ready to enter, gave her sympathetic looks while others were impatient, and some even shouted from the crowd: “They’ve already said it! Injured people aren’t allowed to enter! If you can’t get in, then give up your place and give it to those who can get in!”

Next to the middle-aged woman lay a man, apparently unconscious, with a split lip and his trousers rolled up to his knees, revealing a pus-filled wound below the knee. Beside her stood another middle-aged woman with red hair, who kept on persuading the middle-aged woman who continued kowtowing, to stop. However, the middle-aged woman who kept kowtowing was desperate and just banged her head repeatedly.

While one of the gatekeepers was already looking a bit reluctant, the other had a contemptuous and impatient look on his face as he looked down at the middle-aged woman and said: “I’m telling you! This is our rule here! Even if you die here, no one will collect your corpse! If you want to kowtow, do it somewhere else! Don’t dirty my place!” After saying that, he lifted his foot and kicked the middle-aged woman’s body fiercely!

The kick landed squarely on the middle-aged woman’s shoulder, the kick used such brute force that it knocked the middle-aged woman, who was kowtowing, over onto her back and straight into the crowd. The crowd, which had been swarming with people, let out a shout of surprise and then scattered in a rush to clear a space.

The middle-aged woman gave a muffled grunt and got back up with the help of the red-haired middle-aged woman, then silently fell to her knees again, kowtowing one after the other.

The crowd fell silent at this point.

Despite this, the guard refused to stop, and as if he had been humiliated, even his expression turned hideous: “F*** you! Since you want to die! I’ll just kick you to death now!”

“Stop hitting her! Don’t hit her!” The middle-aged red-haired woman lunged forward trying to stop it.

Who was immediately pushed away by the guard who bellowed: “Get out of my way!”

“Forget it, there’s no need to go this far, we’re all born and raised by our parents.” Another guard also came forward and advised.

“Is that your mom?! If that’s not your mother, then get the hell out of my way!” The man pushed the other guard away, then lifted his foot once again and tried to kick the already-kowtowing woman in the head violently!

Just as his foot was about to hit the middle-aged woman in the head!

All that could be heard was “Bang!” a shot rang out!

Before the man’s foot could even touch the middle-aged woman’s face! He let out an unmistakable scream of agony! The body slammed into the wall and then cried out in pain as he fell to the floor clutching his leg, rolling around while crying out in agony!

Above his knee was an extra bloody hole! It was gurgling blood out.

The crowd erupted!

All of them looked in the direction of the shot.

A young girl was wearing a tracksuit with the blonde hair running quickly in this direction with a gun in her hand! She was the one who had just fired the gun!

The middle-aged red-haired woman looked up and saw the blonde girl running this way, and at first, she thought she looked familiar, and then she fixed her eyes on her and couldn’t help but let out a shriek! Then she crouched down incredulously and shook the middle-aged woman, who was still kowtowing, and yelled: “Sister Jiao! Stop kowtowing! Get up and look! Look! It’s Gu Ning! It’s Gu Ning!”

When the middle-aged woman who was kowtowing suddenly heard Gu Ning’s name, she subconsciously paused and then raised her head, which had been bleeding, and looked over. Then, her eyes widened in disbelief as blood-soaked her eyebrows and trickled down into her eyes, staining her vision red with blood, and in this redness, she saw Gu Ning running towards her!

She opened her already cracked lips and a voice came out hoarse from her parched throat with a quiver of disbelief and joy: “Gu, Gu Ning…”


Gu Ning hugged Mother Gu who was kneeling on the ground with her forehead bleeding and face covered in blood, her body was shaking and even her voice was tinged with tears: “Mom!”

“NingNing… is that you NingNing is mommy dreaming?!” Mother Gu opened her eyes incredulously, her entire right eye was stained red with blood and looked extraordinarily ghastly. Yet she doesn’t dare to even blink, she just greedily cupped Gu Ning’s face and stared at it, afraid that if she blinked, Gu Ning would disappear.

“It’s me. It’s me. Mom, it’s me. I’ve come late!” Gu Ning couldn’t help but get choked up with tears flowing down her face.

Brother San, Jia DaoZhang, Cheng Ming, Huang MengYao, and others who arrived along with her couldn’t help but stop in their tracks, looking at Gu Ning who was holding a woman with her head covered in blood and crying like a child, all of them fell into silence.

That was Gu Ning, the Gu Ning who didn’t even flinch when she killed the zombies, the Gu Ning who didn’t shed a single tear even when her hand was injured to a bad extent, and yet she was crying like that at this moment. The shock they felt inside was very obvious.

For some reason though, that scene just felt overwhelming and heart-breaking.

“What are you looking at! Come and help!” Gu Ning shouted to the row of people just standing by.

Huang MengYao froze for a moment, then pushed aside the people in front of her and rushed over with some difficulty carrying Gu Ning’s large backpack. Immediately getting on her knees and rummaging through the backpack for medicine, while Cheng Ming, who had run over, helped hold onto the weakened Mother Gu and Huang MengYao began to treat the wound on Mother Gu’s forehead.

The others hurriedly began to check on the condition of Father Gu, who was lying on the floor.

The crowd that had been spectating suddenly saw lots of people rushing out of the school, and they all looked like they knew the woman who had kowtowed and the crowd felt rueful. If they had just come forward to help, they might have been able to climb into a relationship with them, seeing as those people were all carrying guns, they must be from this colony.

Gu Ning slowly stood up from the ground, her face was still covered with tears that had yet to dry up. Her eyes were red, but her gaze was incomparably cold, sweeping one by one through the crowd of onlookers, those who came into contact with her gaze couldn’t help but feel a chill and their eyes flickered to avoid the cold gaze. In the end, Gu Ning turned her head and fixed her gaze on the man who was still screaming on the ground, her gaze was heavy with killing intent, and her voice was cold: “You deserve to die!”

“Gu Ning!” Brother San couldn’t help but shout out subconsciously, trying to stop her.

However, he was frozen speechless by Gu Ning’s incomparably cold gaze.

“You can’t kill me! I’m Wang JiZhong’s nephew! If you kill me! He’ll kill your whole family!” The guard shouted in an attempt to intimidate, but his voice was full of terror.

Gu Ning didn’t even blink, her mind was filled from replaying the scene of that man kicking over Mother Gu just now, then Mother Gu’s forehead bleeding and face covered in blood. There was only one voice in her mind, this man will die!

After that, in the man’s horrified gaze, Gu Ning lifted the knife in her hand and sneered: “Unfortunately, I don’t know Wang JiZhong.”

“Stop!!!” Out of nowhere, everyone heard a loud shout! A group of people was hurrying over, and the leader was a middle-aged man wearing black clothes with long sleeves.

The guard’s eyes snapped open! Shouting desperately to the other party: “Uncle! Help me! Help——Ah!” The man’s voice came to an abrupt halt as he looked down incredulously at the sharp knife that had penetrated his chest. He then slowly looked at the expressionless Gu Ning, an incomparable look of horror and despair appearing in his eyes——

Then a “Pfft!” sound.

The long knife was withdrawn from his chest.

Carrying the blood-stained knife, Gu Ning turned her head to look at the already frozen Brother San, she cracked a slow smile at him and said: “Brother San, I saved your life once during the excursion, now it’s your turn to save mine.”

(T/N: Yay! They’ve reunited!)
(Editor: De Vile)

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