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TDRA Chapter 15


After Gu Ning finished saying that sentence, along with the banging sound of the zombie dog smashing against the door, everyone’s faces in the room turned as white as a sheet.

Xiao YunYun and the two girls even cried out immediately.

Huang MengYao bit her lips tightly, also looking pale, then she asked:” So what should we do next?”

She was asking Gu Ning.

Gu Ning glanced at her and replied: “Wait.”

They have to wait until the zombie dog gets tired or loses its patience.

With those words, they began a second wave of searching through the house, this time not for a way out, but supplies.

The first thing she entered was a bedroom with a large wedding photo hanging on the wall above the bed. The door had been smashed in and there was long dried up blood all over the floor, spreading out inside from the bedroom door. Next to the cabinet was a white gnarled leg bone that sent shivers down the spine.  It was easy to imagine that someone had fled into the bedroom in a hurry, but had not escaped from fate and was eaten by the zombie dog that had crashed through the door. If she had not reacted quickly just now, they would’ve ended up in the same situation as the owner of this leg bone.

Just thinking about it made Gu Ning shiver slightly in fear.

She opened the wardrobe and found some thick clothes and piled it onto the bed. It was now approaching October and it would be getting colder, her parents were still wearing short sleeves and with a whole winter ahead of them, the problem of keeping warm could not be ignored. While looking for clothes, Gu Ning also found a brand new velvet quilt blanket in the top cabinet which would have been great to take with her for the winter. But her backpack capacity was limited so she had to give it up. She touched the very soft velvet quilt blanket with some regret, thinking that it would have been nice to bring it along with her.

The moment this thought crossed her mind, underneath her hand became empty.

It was only after a moment that Gu Ning then realized. She looked that the place where the velvet quilt blanket was originally placed was now empty! The blanket had disappeared in a flash!

She did not blink, it just vanished before her eyes silently.

Gu Ning checked her hands, and was in a bit of a trance, wondering if she had just been hallucinating. Yet the touch of the fluffy quilt still lingered on her fingers, reminding her that what had happened was not a delusion.

When Gu Ning was full of confusion, Jia DaoZhang walked into the room, he looked at the dried blood stains meandering on the ground, a trace of revolt came on his face. For a moment, Gu Ning felt a glimpse of a worldly man on his face, but in an instant, he returned to his normal expression. He brushed his hair that was either too oily or heavily gelled and then looked at the pile of clothes on the bed and asked curiously: “Gu Ning what are you doing here?”

As Gu Ning watched him stroking his hair and felt that he was a little far from the image of a Daoist priest that she had imagined. But at least, he had left a bit of a good impression on Gu Ning when they were in the garage, and Gu Ning did not find him very repulsive, so she explained: “It’s October now. Need to get a little thicker clothes for the winter.” With that, she stuffed some of the clothes which she had picked out into her backpack.

It then dawned on Jia DaoZhang who hastily also picked up two pieces of clothing that he could wear and held them in his arms, and picked up a few more and said: “Cheng Ming could wear these.” Then he continued: “If you didn’t remind me, I won’t have remembered. It was a bit cold when I went to bed last night. Hey, is there a down jacket or something here? Hey, there’s a bed quilt here, should we bring it along with us?” He asked Gu Ning as he searched around.

Still thinking about the velvet quilt blanket that had disappeared, Gu Ning ignored him and then walked out of the bedroom and headed towards another door.

When she arrived at the kitchen, there were already two girls rummaging through the cupboards looking for food. When they saw Gu Ning enter, they looked at each other and subconsciously hid the few packets of food which they had found behind their backs, then slipped out past Gu Ning.

Gu Ning did not pay much attention to them, and her first reaction was to turn on the tap, from which only a little water that remained in the pipe dripped out before it stopped.

Right on time, Jia DaoZhang followed her into the kitchen and waved the items in his hand as if to show off and said: “Hey, Gu Ning, Cheng Ming has found something good!”

Gu Ning took a glance and saw Jia DaoZhang was holding a combination bag of instant noodle packets in his hand.

He said with a joyful smile: “Let’s cook it and have a full meal.”

“There’s no water.” Gu Ning poured a bucket of cold water over him.

“No way?” Jia DaoZhang wailed, running unbelievingly from the doorway to the basin and turned the tap, and sure enough, not a single drop of water came out. He was instantly disheartened and was wailing in agony: “The heavens want me to die!”

“We can still eat it dried.” Cheng Ming, who followed after, was carrying a large bag containing some of his and Jia DaoZhang’s clothes and said: “It’s good enough to have something to eat.”
Jia DaoZhang was very resentful: “I haven’t eaten anything hot for nearly two months.”

There was rice and oil in this kitchen and even gas in the gas can to light the fire, but just no water.

The three of them exited the kitchen and those few people in the living room were sharing the food they had just retrieved from the kitchen.

Seeing Gu Ning and the two guys walking out, they all had more or less uncomfortable expressions and then just shoved the rest of their food into their mouths quickly.

One of the male members named Liu Qi’s originally deflated backpack was now bulging, it seemed that he had found a lot of things to eat. He placed the backpack behind his back, hovering his hand over it and his face had a slightly unnatural expression. Yet he did not have the intention to take out the food from inside and share it with Gu Ning and the others.

Cheng Ming frowned and was about to say something.

Huang MengYao at the other side suddenly spoke up as she lifted a large packet of still unopened custard pies and said: “Xie YuHong and I found this.” Then she stood up with Xie YuHong, who had half his fringes covering his eyes, and walked towards them, saying: “We can eat it together.”

Xie YuHong stood right next to Huang MengYao silently, but his eyes, which were not covered by his bangs, were fixed on Gu Ning.

Gu Ning was slightly surprised, and before Cheng Ming even had the chance to speak, Jia DaoZhang had already honestly and unceremoniously taken the packet of custard pie from Huang MengYao’s hand. He said with a grin on his face: “You guys still have a conscience.” If it was not for Gu Ning’s quick reaction at the outside and reminded them, otherwise none of them would have gotten away. It was because of Gu Ning that they were still standing here safely, and the fact that those few people who had found supplies but refused to share some of it, was really disappointing.

When the few people on the other side heard this, the expression on their faces all changed slightly.

“MengYao, what happened to your hair?” Cheng Ming looked at Huang MengYao in surprise.

Gu Ning also noticed that Huang MengYao’s originally long hair had been cut into short, ear-length hair, and it was obvious that the person who cut her hair was not very skilled as it was uneven.

“I asked Xie YuHong to cut it for me.” Huang MengYao was a little uncomfortable and subconsciously made a move to pin her hair behind her ear, but only touched a tuft of short hair and immediately put down her hand in slight awkwardness.

“It’s quite nice.” Gu Ning said.

“Really, thanks.” Huang MengYao said with a hint of surprise as she looked at Gu Ning.

“A good-looking person just looks good with any kind of hair.” Jia DaoZhang said as he opened the packet of custard pie and after counting it said: “There are twenty-four of it, I have five more packs of noodles here. Anyway, all five of us put our supplies together, so we don’t have to be so clear cut in sharing our supplies ah.”

With these words, he divided the ten people in this hall into two camps.

On this side were Gu Ning, Cheng Ming, Jia DaoZhang, Huang MengYao, and Xie YuHong.

On the other side were Zhang Chao with black-rimmed glasses, Xiao YunYun, Liu Qi with a backpack and wore a yellow T-shirt, and two other girls called Zhang Lin and Wang Zi.

The expression of those few people sitting over there all changed slightly.

They were in the same class as Cheng Ming, Huang MengYao, and Xie YuHong, and were familiar acquaintances.

It was true that they did not want to share their supplies but only aimed at those two “outsiders”, Gu Ning and Jia DaoZhang. However, they did not expect Cheng Ming to stick to Gu Ning and Jia DaoZhang, also Huang MengYao and Xie YuHong even unexpectedly stood over. Gu Ning’s performance just now was there for all to see, but they had nothing to be sorry about when she injured her hand, even to Jia DaoZhang who only knew how to run away when they encountered any danger along the way.

Yet Cheng Ming and Xie YuHong were the two people who acted as protectors in their group, and the two of them killed the most zombies along the way.

Listening to the zombie dog that was still hitting the door at a frequency of once every minute, their expression turned grimly, but considering the current situation, the zombie dog did not seem like it would be leaving soon. They were stuck here with no idea when they would be able to leave, so supplies became the most important thing. With five men less, the supplies they had would be able to last longer. When they thought of this, their faces looked slightly better. They even had some gloating mentality that with such little food, Gu Ning and the others definitely would not last long.

Gu Ning did not disagree with Jia DaoZhang’s words, she could leave the team at any time anyway, so there was no need to say anything more at this point.

To say who is the most relaxed in this house, it was definitely none other than Gu Ning.

Even if that zombie wolfdog broke in, she would have enough time to be able to return to the space, not to mention worrying about supplies here. She had gone back over there at midnight last night and packed her backpack with half a bag of supplies before returning. Even if these supplies ran out, she could still go back and get them. The only thing she needed to worry about now was that she would take too much time here, delaying the time needed in finding her parents.

So they sat down on the floor and started having their breakfast.

All the people here had a strenuous workout this morning and were very hungry now.

Jia DaoZhang wailed after eating two custard pies: “This is not enough at all!”

The group of people on the other side could not help but show a hint of gloating.

However, very shortly, the expression on their faces froze.

Only to see Gu Ning silently pulling items out of her backpack over and over again.

Sausages, chocolate, bread, compressed biscuits…

It was not just the group of people on the other side.

Whereas this side, Jia DaoZhang, Cheng Ming, Huang MengYao, and Xie YuHong were all stunned.

Looking at the supplies piled up into a small mountain in the middle of the floor, they were all speechless.

(T/N: Btw, in China, single packaging of sausages are very common. It is very popular and doesn’t have to be kept in the fridge. Simple staple source of meat that goes well with instant noodles or have it plainly like it was. Just a side note, if anyone wondering why does the author always wrote sausages instead of other kinds of meat.)

(Editor: De Vile)

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    Who’s gloating now? Well, tbh this kind of mentality can sometimes save them in the apocalypse.

    But I am always on MC’s side, so Imma step on them just a bit.

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