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TDRA Chapter 16

Survivor Rescue Team

Even though Gu Ning took out so many supplies, excluding Jia Daozhong, the rest were very restrained and ate only until they were half full, then let Gu Ning keep the remaining supplies. Gu Ning took out a bottle of water and each person just took a sip without their lips touching the bottle.

Gu Ning’s “generosity” surprised everyone, and even Xie YuHong, who had always maintained an ice-cold gaze, changed and looked at Gu Ning in a friendly way.

“Gu Ning, let me help you carry it.” Cheng Ming said as he looked at the backpack that was stuffed to the point of overstretching.

It was really hard to imagine how Gu Ning was able to carry such a heavy bag and still be able to run so fast today.

“No need, thanks.” Gu Ning carried the backpack easily, which looked really heavy compared to her size when it was on her back, then she said: “I’ll go up and take a look.” After saying that, she adjusted her backpack and headed to the second floor.

Gu Ning surveyed around the second floor, then around the third floor again before re-joining at the ground floor.

She explained the situation to them.

The windows on the second and third floors were armed with security windows, even if they could dismantle it and tied bedsheets to form a rope to go down. They would still have to fight that zombie dog head-on, the only way now was to wait as Gu Ning had said before.

However, Gu Ning could not afford to wait.

She felt slightly regretful that she didn’t learn how to use a gun from Fang Fa.

But most of all, she had not even thought that animals could mutate into zombies.

Gu Ning’s heart was incomparably heavy at this moment, if it was possible to fight against a human zombie, then there was almost no possibility of defeating a zombie dog that was lightning fast with such a terrifying attack power in a head-on confrontation. It had to be shot on the head for it to die completely, and humans only had to be scratched by its claws to contact the zombie virus.

Coupled with the fact that their group and the zombie dog were simply not on the same level in terms of fighting power, along with them not having any long-ranged weapons, they’ll be annihilated from such a one-sided fight.

The world was already difficult to survive as it is, and now with these, things are even worse.

It was hard to imagine what the future of humanity would be like in such a world.

Gu Ning felt very deeply at this moment that this was truly the end of the world.

“F***, now that even dogs mutated to zombies, will all those chickens and ducks mutate in the future as well? We might as well just kill ourselves now.” Zhang Chao said on the other side.

Everyone’s mood was heavy and no one spoke up.

Jia DaoZhang said: “It’s a pity that I didn’t bring any bronze coins with me, otherwise I would have divined a fortune now to know our future.”

Right now his whole body was smudged, even the grey and blue robe he wore was filthy. The black shoes he’s wearing were already covered with dust along with his face covered in patches of dirt which made it hard to see his original skin tone. Even the goatee was stuck together, so he did not look like a Daoist Master at all but rather like a scruffy homeless man. He looked more wretched than the state Gu Ning saw him a few days ago.

After about an hour or so, Jia DaoZhang was so annoyed by the constant banging that he paced around the room in annoyance and finally asked: “Gu Ning, what do you think we should do if that zombie dog never leaves?”

Gu Ning sat on the corner and replied: “Unless a group of people suddenly appears now, carrying guns to take out that zombie dog.”

He rolled his eyes then suddenly stood up and ran to the bedroom, grabbed a blanket and pillow then threw them on the floor then laid on it, and said:  “In that case, I will sleep for a while, and wake me up when the men with guns come.”

After saying that he really laid down on the covers and fell asleep with his eyes closed.

With Jia DaoZhang leading it, he immediately roused everyone else’s sleepiness. They had been startled up early in the morning, and then after running around desperately for more than half an hour, got scared to death by the zombie dog. They were very sleepy at this moment. Probably too tired that even the banging on the door did not stop to chase away their sleepiness so they all just laid down and fell asleep…

Gu Ning had not slept for twenty-four hours already and she wanted to catch some sleep but when she closed her eyes, her mind was full of energy and rattling with chaotic thoughts that kept her restless. So she could only open her eyes and stare at the ceiling to daze off. Feeling bored, she looked at her watch and it was still less than nine in the morning.

Gu Ning somehow remembered about the velvet quilt blanket that had gone missing.

She walked gently back into that bedroom.

Closing her eyes as she recalled the previous event.

She could recall all the details during that time, and then she remembered the thoughts that were going through her mind at that time, and the moment when the quilt blanket disappeared…

Gu Ning opened her eyes then walked to the closet, she stared at a red dress in the closet, then thought, to take this dress with her…

The moment this thought crossed her mind, Gu Ning’s pupils contracted slightly and instantly the red dress disappeared right before her eyes completely!

It was as if it had never existed.

It was not her hallucination!

Gu Ning tried a few more times.

Then she looked at the closet that was empty in the blink of an eye and was a little taken back.

As for where these items had gone, Gu Ning have no idea, she only knew that it was all caused by her!

She did not possess any special powers, did she?

Ever since she arrived in that strange space after being bitten by a zombie, opened that strange door, strange changes occurred in her body. Although all the changes as of now had been for the better, she had no clue if this ability to make things disappear was good or bad…

Suddenly Gu Ning had an idea since she could make these things disappear, was it possible that she could also make that zombie dog disappear?

The very next second when this thought surfaced in Gu Ning’s mind!

“Bang!” The sound of a gunshot!

Immediately after this shot, several shots rang out in unison! Accompanied by the angry hissing of the zombie dog —— and the screams of the humans.

Gu Ning froze for a moment, then rushed out of the bedroom. All the people who had been sleeping were awakened. All of them stood up from the ground, their expressions were either bewildered or frightened and completely unaware of what had happened.

However, all of them stood by Gu Ning’s side as if by reflex.

Immediately outside the door finally rang out a piteous cry of pain from the zombie dog ——

After that, the world finally fell into silence.

The people in the house looked at each other, all of them were overwhelmed.

It was then that Jia DaoZhang looked at Gu Ning with an unbelievable look on his face and said in a very indescribable tone: “Gu Ning, you are truly a fortune-teller.”

Gu Ning was speechless.

It did not occur to her that her casual remark had come true.

It was quiet for a short while before the door was brusquely knocked and a gruff male voice rang out: “Is there anyone in there?!”

Jia DaoZhang and the others all subconsciously looked at Gu Ning, not knowing whether they should answer or not at this time.

Xiao YunYun on the other side did not care so much and eagerly replied: “Yes! There are people in here!”

“We’re from the Survivor Search and Rescue team! Open the door.” The Man from outside shouted.

At the sound of his voice, all the people in the room could not help but have their spirits lifted and joy appeared on their faces.

Gu Ning also could not help but be surprised for a moment, if it was a survivor search and rescue team then they must have had saved a lot of people, so was it possible that they had met Father Gu and Mother Gu?

So everyone helped in removing away all the furniture that was blocking the door.

The door opened.

Outside it, standing about twenty men, all in their twenties or thirties and each holding a gun in their hand. There was another man on the ground with a broken neck and the zombie dog littered with bullet holes all over its body pinned down on it.  Somebody kicked the zombie dog away and picked up the gun from the dead man.

There were two more men on guard by the iron gates.

Then they began to check out Gu Ning’s group, the expressions on their faces were not very friendly and there were even a few uncomfortable gazes sweeping back and forth over the few girls.

The few girls’ expressions changed a few times and they all subconsciously ducked behind the boys.

The man leading the group was rough looking, wore a denim jacket, had an imposing height, and was holding a gun in his hand. After glaring at those men, his eyes swept over Gu Ning and the others one by one, a hint of satisfaction flashed in his eyes then he said to them: “Which one of you is the leader?”。

The crowd looked at each other then they all hesitantly looked at Gu Ning.

Gu Ning immediately frowned greatly.

The man immediately looked at Gu Ning curiously and asked in a tone filled with suspicion: “Are you their leader?”

“No.” Gu Ning said very decisively.

Jia DaoZhang quickly saw the opportunity and said: “Erm, we are all a rabble, we have just gathered together, there is no one leading.”

It was probably because Gu Ning did not look like a leader, so the man just gave her a slight glance and stopped paying attention, then said: “Do anyone of you have any injuries on you?”

Jia DaoZhang and his group kept silent but looked a little nervous.

On the contrary, Xiao YunYun and a few others, all turned their gazes towards Gu Ning’s right hand in unison, all with a hint of gloating.

The man was about to speak.

Huang MengYao said first: “That was a knife wound, I took care of it.”

“I don’t care what kind of injury you have.” The man frowned at Gu Ning, then gave a glance at the other man.

Another man then stepped forward, holding a pair of handcuffs and waved them at Gu Ning impatiently: “Come over.”

Gu Ning glanced at the pair of handcuffs, then looked at the man leading the group and shook her head: “I’m not going with you.” If her hands were bound, and something happened midway, she would lose her ability to react to it.

As these words left her lips, someone behind Gu Ning aimed a gun at her.

“Even if you don’t come with us, we can’t afford to let someone who might turn into a zombie to escape then become a zombie bite us. So, you only have two choices, either come with us or, die now.” The man’s tone was very flat, and Gu Ning did not doubt that if she refused again, the gunman behind who had aimed at her would not hesitate to shoot.

Thus, Gu Ning very obediently stretched her hand out and then was cuffed on by the cold handcuffs.

The man was obviously a little surprised by Gu Ning’s unhesitating action and awareness of the current situation, a hint of appreciation flashed in his eyes before he said: “Let’s go, there’s a car outside, we’ll take you back to the colony first.” He added: “Don’t be too scared, if you haven’t turned into a zombie after ten minutes, we’ll help you remove the handcuff.”

After saying that, he kicked the corpse of the zombie dog on the ground once and led the way outside.


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