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TDRA Chapter 11

Found it

“Let’s introduce ourselves, I’m Zhuang Chen.” The red-haired beauty took the initiative to greet Gu Ning and Fang Fa.

“Gu Ning.”

“Fang Fa.”

After a simple introduction.

Zhuang Chen asked: “You said that there was a swarm of zombies coming, how did you know that?”

“Well, it’s probably a woman’s instinct.” Fang Fa coughed and helped Gu Ning in answering. Gu Ning gave him a look of approval.

After a moment of silence.

Zhuang Chen glanced at Gu Ning before turning her head away. That time Gu Ning knocked on her car window, and the moment she locked eyes with those stern and warning eyes, she did not even have the slightest doubt that the owner’s eyes might be lying. Thus, she slammed on the gas without much hesitation and crashed into the cars, followed by screams of terror, also she subconsciously let Gu Ning and the policeman get into her car.

This was just not quite like her style.

“So where are you both heading next? Originally I was here to travel and didn’t expect to encounter such a thing. My friends are all dead, the car was full when I came, and now I am the only one left.” She stated without a trace of mourning for her “Friends”: “I’m heading to the capital now, how about you both?”

Fang Fa replied: “We are also heading to the capital, but we need to find someone first. Gu Ning has been separated from her parents, and we have to find them first before picking up my parents.”

“That’s a pity. I’m in a bit of a hurry. Otherwise, we could have been on our way together.” Zhuang Chen felt a little regretful. When she crashed the road blockage cars, she did not miss Gu Ning’s performance. She saw Gu Ning stomped on the man who was trying to get up with one foot, then grabbed the gun off his hand and threw it to the policeman next to her. This was not something an ordinary girl her age would do or react. Also with a policeman, if she goes on the road with them, she might increase her safety. Unfortunately, she did not want to take a carload of old, weak women and children with her.

“You’re injured?” Gu Ning suddenly saw a ten centimetre-long bloody cut on Zhuang Chen’s right arm which was still bleeding.

Zhuang Chen glanced at it, and then said unconcernedly: “A bastard tried to snatch my car, but I took him out. I don’t suffer any losses.”

Gu Ning looked at Zhuang Chen’s forearm that was holding the steering wheel as if she could see the tense muscles beneath her skin, her gaze flickered slightly before she continued saying: “You’re all alone, no companions, no supplies and driving such a conspicuous car, I don’t think you’ll be able to make it back to the capital smoothly.”

Zhuang Chen sneered: “How do you know I don’t have supplies?”

Gu Ning replied: “Ever since I got into the car, you looked at my backpack three times, and gulped three times.”

Zhuang Chen was speechless and a little annoyed: “I can find food.”

“Then chances are the car won’t be yours once you find food.” Gu Ning continued: “You’ll need supplies and companions. We need your car.” Gu Ning said while unzipping her backpack, revealed a bag full of food as if to show off to her. Then took out some medication from underneath; “Not only do we have food, but also medicine. You know how hard it is to find medicine now, it can save your life when it matters.”

Zhuang Chen could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, feeling that the girl who looks way younger than her was like a demon beckoning to her at the moment, yet she was powerless to resist.

She looked at Gu Ning viciously: “How do I know you won’t try to rob my car?”

“If we were going to rob your car, we wouldn’t be wasting so much time with you right now.” Gu Ning replied calmly.

Zhuang Chen fixed her gaze at Gu Ning for a while, then turned to Fang Fa viciously and said: “Can you drive?!”

“Uh —— yes.”

Zhuang Chen stopped the car without speaking a word, then opened the door on Fang Fa’s side and said: “Change seats! Now you go over and drive!”

After saying that, she yanked out the stunned Fang Fa and sat down beside Gu Ning.

Fang Fa did not expect that he could touch the car’s steering wheel so quickly. He was feeling the feel of the steering wheel while forcing himself to suppress his excitement, and then put the car into motion.

Zhuang Chen unceremoniously pulled out a loaf of bread from Gu Ning’s backpack, and rudely tore it open and shoved it into her mouth, chewing it as she muffled: “For the record, I have a bad temper. No matter when, as long as I am upset, I may have to let you all off the car. And at that time, you will have to get out of the car.”

Fang Fa frowned, just when he was about to speak, he heard Gu Ning readily say: “No problem.”

While she spoke, Gu Ning dug out all the medicines she brought from the bottom of the backpack, and said to Zhuang Chen: “First, let’s treat your wound.”

“Seriously, where did you get all this stuff? So much food and all kinds of medicines.” Zhuang Chen grabbed a bottle of medical alcohol and said.

“I was lucky.” Gu Ning grabbed Zhuang Chen’s right arm and began to help her treat the wound.

Gu Ning originally thought that Zhuang Chen had such a long wound on her hand, and she was fine, so she should not be too afraid of pain. But Zhuang Chen’s screaming and inhaling of breaths never stopped during the entire process of treating the wound.

Fang Fa listened to the screams behind him and felt like Zhuang Chen was being bitten by a zombie instead.

After dressing the wound, Zhuang Chen immediately recovered her cold and glamorous beauty posture and asked: “When are you going to find it just like that? This is not like the past, there are neither phones nor communication devices. This is like finding a needle in a haystack, also I can’t spend all my time with the both of you.”

“They’re in a convoy and a yellow minibus. We know the general direction so it should be easier to find them.” Fang Fa replied.

Zhuang Chen yawned sleepily and asked: “And what if you can’t find it?”

This time Fang Fa did not answer.

Gu Ning said after a period of silence: “Three days if we still can’t find it, you can leave at any time.”

Zhuang Chen nodded and said: “Alright. But as fare for these three days, even if you want to leave, you have to leave behind enough supplies for three days. If you disagree, you can all get off right now.”

“No problem.” Faced with Zhuang Chen’s demanding requirements, Gu Ning was as ready as ever. The last thing that was missing for her now was supplies.

Zhuang Chen raised one of her eyebrows slightly, a little surprised at Gu Ning’s quickness. To know that although Gu Ning had a lot of things in her backpack, it could only last more than ten days if eaten sparingly. Yet she still agreed to hand over the amount for three days so willingly…

Her gaze flickered slightly, and then she stared at Gu Ning suspiciously, but Gu Ning always looked so straightforward. After staring for a long time, she did not see any changes in Gu Ning expression so she gave up.

At times like this, it was impossible to find anyone to enquire about her background.

Gu Ning estimated in her heart that the last time the group of them in the bus went out together to search for supplies was not enough for them to last for a few days. They would need to get off midway to search for more supplies. The time lost in this round trip plus the fact that Gu Ning rushed the road last night, if they were heading in the right direction, they should be not far ahead.

However, Gu Ning never would have expected that they would meet so quickly.

With Zhuang Chen’s insistence, Gu Ning did not make another night journey.

Before the sun disappeared behind the skyscrapers in the distance, they found an open space and stopped.

Obviously, the vast majority of people would not be rushing at night in such dangerous conditions. Many vehicles were already parked here before their car arrived.

There were at least thirty or forty cars parked here, various models, buses, minibuses, small cars, off-road vehicles, vans, and trucks. At this time, many people came out of their cars and stood outside to talk about the current situation. With so many people gathered together, they felt a little sense of security.

The big red and domineering off-road vehicle drove over and immediately attracted lots of attention. This Kärcher heavy-armed vehicle felt very sturdy at first glance, and the front of the vehicle was covered in debris from the impact on the zombies, which made it look a little bit intimate.

The off-road vehicle was parked in a spot near the edge.

All three of them had been stuck in the car all day and now they all got out of the car for a change of fresh air.

As soon as the three of them stepped out of the car, countless eyes looked over, either subtly or blatantly glanced.

Gu Ning’s height was around 160cm, which could only be described as medium height. But Zhuang Chen was a head taller than her, visually estimated to be above 170cm. She was wearing a white long-sleeved silk shirt with dried blood and greyish brain pulp on it, with a pair of black trousers underneath, along with a pair of high-heeled shallow boots. Plus her long curly red hair that was tied up, highlighted her flamboyant face. Overall her aura was very intimidating.

In comparison, Gu Ning, who was shorter and stood next to her, looked very unimpressive except for her blonde hair which was slightly dazzling. She looks delicate and pretty while wearing student-like sportswear made her look younger like a 17 or 18-year-old little girl.  Although she was carrying a long knife in her hand, in the eyes of most people, they thought it was just for show. They did not think that this very soft-looking girl had the guts to kill a zombie, maybe she would even scream in fear if she ever saw one.

Fang Fa, on the other hand, was dressed in a filthy police uniform and his face was dusty, but the gun on his waist drew lots of envious glances. When facing those horrible-looking zombies, a gun-long-ranged attack was completely different from slashing with a knife at close range.

They noticed that these three people were the only ones who got out of this car.

A policeman, plus two women.

Along with a car this good.

This combination in these three months after the apocalypse started, was not very safe for now.

However, the gun on Fang Fa’s waist was enough to make people wary.

Zhuang Chen climbed up onto the roof of the car skilfully and looked out over the distance.

Gu Ning looked at her watch, then said to Fang Fa: “I’m going to use the toilet.”

Fang Fa replied: “Let Zhuang Chen accompany you? It will be safer with the both of you.”

“Do you need it?” Zhuang Chen asked Gu Ning.

“Don’t need it. I’ll be fine.” Gu Ning gestured the knife in her hand to both of them.

“Alright then. You better be careful.” Fang Fa replied they had already checked the surroundings before they came over here just now. There were no zombies around, even if there were any unexpected situations, with Gu Ning’s skills, she should be able to handle it.

“You’re quite reassured about her, huh.” Zhuang Chen said to Fang Fa as he watched Gu Ning walk away with her knife.

“Hmm.” Fang Fa replied. A thought crossed his mind that if she had seen how Gu Ning killed the zombies, she would understand why he was so reassured.

While looking around, Zhuang Chen asked:  “Hey, Fang Fa, let me ask you, what’s your relationship with Gu Ning? Relatives? Friends? Or are you her temporary partner? How old is she? What did she do before?”

“Are you checking up on her registration of residence huh?” Fang Fa could not help but roll his eyes.

“What world is it now? A world where killing people is no longer a crime. I have to find out more about both of you. Otherwise, if the both of you have any bad intentions towards me, who will I cry to?” Zhuang Chen said, then suddenly her gaze was fixed, then her eyes stared at a certain place in the distance and asked: “Hey, Fang Fa, the car which you are looking for is a yellow medium bus right? Is it called ChangTongKeYun?”

Fang Fa froze for a while, then he carefully recalled it, then said: “Yeah. Hey, how do you know…” Fang Fa snapped out of it before he could finish his sentence, then climbed onto the roof of the car and followed the direction of Zhuang Chen’s gaze.

Sure enough, less than five cars away from this side of the road, on the diagonal side of a white van, there was a yellow minibus with the words ChangTongKeYun written on the side.

Fang Fa was not so sure if this was the same minibus that Gu Ning used to have. After all, there were quite a few minibuses like this one within Jinyong City and although they were now out of Jinyong City, there was no guarantee that it was the same one.

A further glance in the direction Gu Ning had left, she had already disappeared elsewhere.

Just as Fang Fa was about to get off the car and head over to the minibus, the window facing him was pushed open and then a somewhat familiar-looking woman peeked out of the window, waved at him shouting: “Fang Fa!”

Fang Fa’s eyes lit up at once.

Zhuang Chen raised her brows: “Looks like we found it.”

(T/N: Yeah! Finally they found them! Juicy chapter coming up. )

(Editor: De Vile)

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