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TDRA Chapter 12

Gu Ning searched for a secluded area and made sure that no one was around before returning to the space and had an idea.

Gu Ning looked at the Taichi above the door, then reached out and dialled it to the opposite direction which was the black side.

Then she raised her hand and looked at the time. 6:00pm.

She twisted the doorknob gently.

A golden light swept through.

Gu Ning then arrived at her familiar bedroom.

Her first reaction was to look at the wall clock.

The time on the clock was 8:00 am.

Gu Ning breathed a sigh of relief, then pushed the door and walked out.

“I thought you said that you were going to sleep in and not to wake you up. How come you’re up?” Mother Gu came out from the kitchen with a bowl of noodles and happened to see Gu Ning walking out of her room, a little surprised to see her wearing the sportswear, and asked: “Why did you take out your old clothes and wear it?”

“It’s comfortable.” Gu Ning said and went straight to the bathroom. She came out of the bathroom and sat straight down on the table, and picked up the bowl of noodles placed in front of her. She took big mouthfuls after another, not knowing why, but she felt that she was particularly prone to hunger these days and her appetite grew. She tilted her head and drank all the noodle soup in the bowl before she felt a little full, but it was not enough. Gu Ning felt that the thing she wanted to do the most, for now, was to eat big mouthfuls of meat.

“Where’s dad?” Gu Ning asked Mother Gu again who was still busy in the kitchen.

“He’s still lying in bed, I don’t know what’s wrong, but suddenly in the middle of the night, he said that his knee hurt so bad and didn’t get to sleep for most of the night.” Mother Gu said worriedly.

Gu Ning’s expression changed slightly before walking to Father Gu’s bedroom and gently pushing the door open then entering.

Gu Ning gingerly walked to the bedside and looked at her father who was lying on the bed.

Gu SiYuan was 46 years old and was lying on a bed sleeping soundly. His chest slightly heaving and some of his hair had turned grey. Although he was sleeping, he was still frowning slightly. He had been a teacher for twenty years and had always set a good example in Gu Ning’s life, helping and guiding her when she got lost.

Gu Ning could hardly imagine what kind of pain it would be if she lost him, nor did she even dare to think about it.

Mother Gu said that his knee had hurt last night, and he had also suffered an injury on his knee during the post-apocalyptic times on the other side too. Gu Ning was not sure if there was any connection between the two, but her mood couldn’t help but get heavier.

Gu Ning sat on the edge of the bed for a while, a certain determination shone in her eyes as she stood up, then lightly stepped away and left.

After explaining to Mother Gu that she was going back to sleep and probably would not be up for lunch, she went back to her bedroom and locked the door behind her. Glancing at the wall clock before leaving, it showed 8:30 am.

The first thing Gu Ning did when she returned to the space was to dial the golden pointer towards the white side again.

She then opened the door and went back to the post-apocalyptic world.

It was now September and the night breeze carried a slight chillness. Gu Ning lifted her watch and glanced at it, and the digital watch read: 6:15 pm.

She exhaled a breath, her face was filled with determination.

“Gu Ning, there’s good news!” Fang Fa greeted Gu Ning as soon as he saw her from a distance and said with a surprised look on his face: “We’ve found it!”

Gu Ning was just about to ask what had been found, but instantly she realized and reacted eagerly and said: “Where?!”

Fang Fa pointed in a direction.

Gu Ning looked over and saw the all-too-familiar yellow minibus.

Gu Ning took a deep breath then ran in that direction.

Fang Fa followed closely behind her, and Zhuang Chen locked the car and followed suit.

The people in the minibus were worried about the road afterward, they had a tough journey and it was clear that the road ahead was going to be even more difficult.

“JiaZi, I just saw the policeman called Fang Fa.” Jiang Yu closed the window then said to Lu JiaZi.

“Who?” Lu JiaZi was frowning while jotting down in a book for planning the route and arrangement afterward, and when he heard Jiang Yu’s words, he just asked casually.

Jiang Yu replied: “It’s the policeman that Gu Ning used to bring over.”

When Lu JiaZi heard Gu Ning’s name, he slightly paused the pen in his hand, then returned to normal and asked: “What’s wrong with seeing him again?”

“We can ask him to give us some food ah.” Jiang Yu lowered her voice and said: “I think he’s quite nice, as long as he has it and we asked, he’ll definitely give us…”

Before Jiang Yu’s words left her mouth, the door of the minibus was slammed suddenly.

The loud noise startled the already tense people in the bus, and a chorus of curses rang out at once.

But Jiang Yu’s eyes lit up instead: “Could that be Fang Fa?”

After saying that, a joyful smile immediately appeared on her face, then she got up and opened the door of the minibus.

The moment the door opened, the smile on Jiang Yu’s face froze, her eyes showed a mixture of shocked and horrified emotions, which made her entire facial expression look very odd.

Lu JiaZi slowly stood up from his seat and looked disbelievingly at the person who appeared at the door: “… Gu Ning?”

Not only was he shocked to see Gu Ning standing there alive whereas he originally thought she was dead, but the changes that had taken place in Gu Ning’s body also left him a bit overwhelmed.

Gu Ning gave him a cold glance and walked straight up into the bus, pushing the frozen Jiang Yu out of the way as she stood in the aisle, her gaze darting over the faces of everyone in the car.

Once those people recognised who the blond-haired person standing there was, the expressions on their faces were extremely spectacular.

But Gu Ning had no interest in the wonderfully varied expressions shown on their faces, as her eyes scanned the bus for the first time, the second time, and then the third time…

There was none… Nothing… Still nothing!

Gu Ning felt her blood flow backward and rushed straight to the top of her head but her body felt like it had been thrown into an ice cave, with chills running through all over her body. She fiercely grabbed Lu JiaZi’s collar, her eyes were icy-cold, and she questioned in a cold voice: “Where are my parents? Where are my parents?!”

Lu JiaZi was being stared at by Gu Ning’s pair of light-coloured pupils, only to feel a chill crawling from his spine and was unable to say anything for a moment.

“Gu Ning! Gu Ning, you should calm down first.” Seeing that the situation was not right, Fang Fa hurriedly came forward and pulled Gu Ning away, while his left hand-blocked in front of Lu JiaZi, fearing that he might make a move against Gu Ning.

Zhuang Chen stood there embracing her chest, her gaze swept over the faces of those in the bus, and seeing the very strange but mixed with a trace of guiltiness on their faces, she had more or less guessed what happened.

“NingNing… Your parents got out of the bus halfway to go and look for you. I didn’t manage to stop them even at death, I’m sorry…” Jiang YueZhou, who was sitting in the last row, said with some guilt.

Lin MeiFeng, who was seated next to him, tugged at him and said discontentedly: “It’s none of your business, they were the ones who wanted to go! We have persuaded and tried stopping them, *we have shown great benevolence and did everything we could!”

(T/N: * 仁至义尽Rén zhì yì jìn means ones had shown great benevolence and fulfilled everything humanly possible.)

“Shown great benevolence and did everything you could?” Gu Ning looked fiercely at Lin MeiFeng, almost gritting her teeth: “I drove my car to rescue your family when the apocalypse broke out and pulled you out of the zombie swarm more than once! Now you’re telling me that you’re benevolent and have done all you could?!” Gu Ning’s gaze swept across the faces of those people one by one, her gaze was incomparably cold: “And all of you, I should have let you die in the first place.” She did not roar angrily but just spoke in an incomparably calm and cold voice.

No one could say anything, although they felt insulted and their faces felt like they had been slapped by Gu Ning, which burned hotly. But they could not retort anything because every word that Gu Ning spoke off was the truth.

Lin MeiFeng still wanted to argue, but was yelled at by the intolerant Jiang YueZhou: “That’s enough! Shut the hell up!”

Fang Fa looked at those people, Gu Ning had never told him anything and when he asked about it, she brushed it off and only said that they were separated. But at this moment, he suddenly understood when he looked at the expression of those people and from their words. He dropped the hand that had been holding Gu Ning back and his gaze turned cold.

At this time another young girl whispered. “Gu Ning, we didn’t mean to leave you behind, at the time it was Jiang Yu who said that you were bitten by a zombie, that’s why we…”

Jiang Yu panicked for a moment, then looked at Gu Ning and said in a grievous voice: “No Gu Ning, at that time I did see your hand bleed a lot, so I thought… But I didn’t say I was abandoning you at all!” She suddenly grabbed Gu Ning’s arm and looked at her with concern: “…But none of that matters now, the most important thing is that you are back safely. Do you know, NingNing, these days I’ve been living in guilt and pain, and I’ve been having nightmares at night, I think I’m the one who got you killed…”

“Isn’t that so?” Gu Ning said as she shook away her hand and stared at her coldly.

Jiang Yu’s eyes instantly opened wide, looking at Gu Ning with some disbelief, a layer of mist quickly gathered in her eyes, and tears instantly rolled down from her beautiful eyes: “Gu Ning…”

“Tch.” Zhuang Chen, who had been quiet and embracing her chest at the side suddenly gave a tsk sound, and instantly gathered everyone’s attention as she looked at Jiang Yu with a smirk: “What a breath-taking sight.”

She did not say much, but everyone could hear that there was a lot of sarcasm in it.

The tears running down the corners of Jiang Yu’s eyes went from pitiable to somewhat comical all of the sudden.

At this time, Lu JiaZi, who had not spoken, finally spoke up, he frowned slightly, looking at Gu Ning as if he was somewhat helpless, and was looking at a child who was being unreasonable: “Gu Ning. The situation at that time, if you had really been bitten by a zombie and was allowed into the car, then none of us in this car would have been spared…”

Zhuang Chen spoke again with a sneer: “So you left her behind?”

Lu JiaZi frowned and gave Zhuang Chen a somewhat disgruntled look before continuing: “If it had been anyone else outside the bus at that time, I would have made that same decision.”

“If I had gotten into the bus, even if I had been bitten by a zombie, the time needed to mutate into a zombie would have been enough time for you to deal with it. But you didn’t even confirm if I was really bitten, just because you weren’t willing to take that little risk, so you let me die…”Gu Ning’s voice gave a slight pause as she spoke, then stared at him coldly and said: “I’m not anyone else either, I’m Gu Ning.”

She did not give Lu JiaZi another chance to speak after saying it as she continued: “I don’t suppose you’ve forgotten that I was the one who got this bus, have you?”

Lu JiaZi suddenly had a bad feeling, he was about to speak, but Gu Ning did not give him a chance. She struck the armrest a few times with the long knife in her hand, and then said to everyone in the bus: “Now, all of you get the hell out of here” She paused, her gaze swept past Lu JiaZi, Jiang Yu, Lin MeiFeng’s faces one by one, even when she saw Jiang YueZhou, there was not a trace of extra emotion, her gaze was incomparably cold: “All of you.”

There was chaos in the bus, and the guiltiness on those people’s faces disappeared without a trace, turning into complete panic and anger…

“Gu Ning, how can you say that? Who are you to get us out of the bus?” A middle-aged woman stood up agitatedly: “This bus isn’t yours!”

Lin MeiFeng mocked: “Gu Ning, your father has been for so many years but ended up taught you to be such an unreasonable daughter, huh?!”

All of them sat motionless in their positions, and some of them even tried provoking, such as ‘we are not getting off the bus, what can you do to us?’ The other few people who dared not meet Gu Ning’s eyes just kept their heads down but had no intention of getting up either.

Everyone knows that the risk factor would be much higher without this bus now, and in front of death, what was the point of honour?

Just when they were smugly thinking that Gu Ning could not deal with them, suddenly! There was a loud bang! It was the sound of gunfire!

Everyone including Fang Fa were shocked.

Several people on the bus shrieked in shock.

Then all eyes gathered on Zhuang Chen’s hand, which was holding a pistol, and it was she who had just fired the shot. And at that moment, there was a black gun hole right above her head, and looking back at the gun in her hand, it was extremely threatening.

Fang Fa subconsciously touched his waist and found it empty.

Zhuang Chen held up her gun and smiled slightly at the people on the bus. That smile was really beautiful, but in the eyes of those people it was unspeakably scary and horrible, she smiled and said: “Do you think anyone would care if I kill someone now?”

Fang Fa’s mouth moved, but he did not speak.

The smile on Zhuang Chen’s face faded, then she said in a chilling voice: “Do any one of you want to try if I dare to kill someone?” After saying that, she swept the black muzzle of her gun past the faces of those people one by one. All the faces that were pointed by the gun turned pale quickly, and all of them were silent.

Zhuang Chen said contemptuously: “Gu Ning, did you see that some people by nature are cheap, you just can’t reason with them, see, right now they’re being obedient.”

“Zhuang Chen, you’re scaring them.” Gu Ning smiled and reached out to lower Zhuang Chen’s gun down then said: “Most of the people in this bus are elders who have watched me grow up, so we shouldn’t be so cruel.” She paused and said: “And don’t get your hands dirty.”

Zhuang Chen raised her eyebrows in surprise.

While the people in the car were quietly relieved, a bad feeling rose in Lu JiaZi’s heart as he watched the smile on Gu Ning’s lips.

Immediately afterward, the knife in Gu Ning’s hand plunged directly into the window glass of the bus next to her! All that could be heard was a “Clank!” A clear sound! Gu Ning’s strength was so strong that it shattered the window glass with just this blow! Glass shattered everywhere, and the man sitting in that seat was so frightened by the knife that grazed him right in front of the bridge of his nose and he went limp! He sank back into his seat, not daring to even breathe.

And the others were completely shocked by Gu Ning’s approach and violence!

However, Gu Ning had no intention of stopping, and proceeded to stab the opposite bus window as well!

Just as she was about to strike at the third piece of glass, Lu JiaZi finally reacted and was about to step forward to stop it when the black muzzle of the gun was aimed at him. Zhuang Chen’s expression was as cold as ice, the gun instantly aimed at his head, and her fingers pausing on the trigger, ready to press it at any moment.

Lu JiaZi looked at the murderous intent in Zhuang Chen’s slightly upturned eyes and did not dare to move a muscle.

The other people in the bus, who were just a group of people who only know how to speak, had no courage to say a word at this time.

They could only watch as Gu Ning shattered all the windows of the bus with a single slash.

Even the windscreen at the front of the bus, Gu Ning did not miss it.

Such a loud commotion naturally attracted the attention of other people outside. When the others saw Gu Ning smashing all the bus windows piece by piece, they all thought to themselves how much this girl hated this carload of people.

When a bus loses its window, it loses its barrier and is no longer safe to be driven on the road. It was the equivalent of being scrapped.

Gu Ning finished smashing all the windows before she felt some satisfaction, she finally gave Lu JiaZi and Jiang Yu a cold look before saying a word for word: “You better pray that nothing happens to my parents from now on, or I won’t be so friendly the next time we meet.” The corners of her mouth curled into a slightly mocking smile as she finished the sentence: “Wishing you all a pleasant trip.”

When she finished, her expression went cold, and she never looked at these people again, stepping over the broken glass all over the floor then walked away from the bus.

Zhuang Chen glanced at Lu JiaZi with a smirk and said: “I hope you don’t regret leaving Gu Ning behind now.” After saying that, she swept her gaze at the shattered glass windows and gloated, following Gu Ning’s example: “Have a pleasant trip.”

Then she got out of the bus.

Only Fang Fa did not say anything, just glanced at Lu JiaZi with a complicated look before following Zhuang Chen out of the bus.

(T/N: wahhh… translating all those shameless dialogue made me felt so frustrated with those people. Dang those people especially Jiang Yu and Lin MeiFeng, almost wanted to slap them so much… XD also next update will be back to one chapter per update. Unless I managed to finish translating asap. )

(Editor: De Vile)

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