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SPM Chapter 9.3

What the heck is this?

Translator : Nyx

Ye QianMing got even angrier, causing his fighting spirit to be more powerful.

The calm and clear spring water was disturbed by the fluctuation and rose up like a tornado.

At this moment, his eyes narrowed as he glanced at the bank.

There, the little thing was gone!

It must have escaped when that woman got in.

At this thought, Ye QianMing’s eyes widened.

He was so angry just now that he didn’t think of how that woman managed to sneak past the formation!

Though it was merely a level 6 formation, in a place like Dongli, no one should be able to break through it!

Thinking of how Luo QingTong left gracefully earlier without any problems, like flowing clouds and running water, his eyes darkened.

This woman wasn’t simple.


Rising up from the spring water, a set of clothes appeared out of nowhere and instantly dressed him up flawlessly.

In the next second, his figure was gone.

At that moment, a pothole replaced where the spring once was.

It was obvious that the pothole was man-made.

Thus, it was evident now that this was not a naturally occuring medicinal spring, but much more like a man-made one!


Luo QingTong’s figure flew through the forest.

Her injury had healed and with her energy restored, she felt much lighter than before!

“I really can’t imagine how amazing that spring water is! All my wounds are healed in one go!” Luo QingTong was amazed.

But it seems like the spring water was more focused on healing her meridians and didn’t help to heal her poisoned eyes.

Can it be that the man made it specifically to treat his own injuries?

Thinking about it, Luo QingTong coughed twice.

It appeared that not only did she molest someone and steal the healing properties of the spring, but she also stole the opportunity for someone else to heal!

If it were any naturally occuring spring water then Luo QingTong wouldn’t have minded it so much.

Whoever finds it can definitely have a share!

But it’s a whole other story if it’s something someone else brought over to heal. It was definitely embarrassing to think about!

Forget it, what’s done is done!

This man doesn’t look like an ordinary man so there definitely won’t be any chances for them to meet again in the future!

Anyways, if she were to meet him again, she’d definitely have to help him if he was in trouble!

With this thought, Luo QingTong calmed down.

Just then, she felt something heavy hanging on the corner of her clothes.

With a flick, she lifted the corner of the clothes and when she caught sight of what exactly clung to her she felt disturbed.

“What is this?”

She looked at the little pig biting onto her clothes and was left speechless.

When did this little thing latch onto her?

Looking at the small creature as big as her hand, Luo QingTong grabbed it by it’s tail and held it upside down.

“Where did you come from? Could it be that you followed me from the spring?”

She raised her brows.


The little pig was frantically moving around. This was because the little pig was hanging upside down and since there was no way for it to turn upright it could only frantically wave its hooves around.

With this action, it made the little pig seem quite adorable.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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