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SPM Chapter 9.2

Who took advantage of whom?

“Cough! Cough! Cough!”

Luo QingTong struggled to retract her gaze from a certain area belonging to Ye Qian Ming.

Although her mind was screaming at her indecency, this man’s figure was too great to ignore!

God damn it!

Her legendary reputation!

It must be said that although Luo Qingtong’s words were often flirtatious and she seemed extremely bold, this was truly her first time seeing it in reality!

Her emotions were in complete turmoil!

It was obviously her who’d been taken advantage of, yet she didn’t have any rights to complain and even felt inexplicably guilty.

It’s too bad!

Even so, she held a jade hairpin against the other’s vital point with a steady hand!

Doesn’t matter who’s taking advantage of who, she’s not going to let go anyways!

Soon, the medicinal properties in the water began to get absorbed quickly.

Luo QingTong’s strength also quickly recovered.

Feeling the abundant power in her body, Luo QingTong narrowed her eyes with a smile.

But soon, that smile faded.

All because of the murderous intent she felt coming from the man getting heavier.

Her injuries have all recovered, however there was no change at all in the man’s.

Luo QingTong guessed that the people outside should have all left, then it’s time for her to take her leave too.

After all, she threatened this not-so-simple man on the water’s edge…

Alright! It was her mistake! And the other party wouldn’t let her off easily!

Right, she also stole the healing properties of the water!

Luo QingTong thought about it for a moment, if the other party were to recover, they would definitely teach her a lesson in minutes!

Then she better get going first!

Pondering on that, she slipped the hairpin back into her hair before leaping out of the water.

“Bye bye! Handsome guy, it’s better if our paths don’t meet anymore in the future! As compensation since I gave you a fright! Also, I slipped just now! I didn’t mean to deliberately tease you!”

At her words, Ye QianMing closed his eyes and used the time to sort out his injuries before opening them again, and glared at her with a cold light in his eyes.

“Haha…” Luo QingTong laughed, with a wave, she muttered : “What’s up with this guy! Even if I saw him, I’m also at a disadvantage!”

These words made Ye QianMing’s expression change completely.

“Good! Very good!”

Luo QingTong thought that no one would hear her words, thus she was absolutely clueless to the fact that Ye QianMing heard it all!

This woman, after seeing him, she still said that she was at a disadvantage?!

Ye QianMing stared angrily at the direction Luo QingTong left in, with anger burning brighter than the skies!

Especially after looking at the compensation given by Luo QingTong, he became much angrier.

Those were the items she scavenged from the people in black, which were already considered quite good for a state like Dongli State.

But for Ye QianMing, these items were much worse than scraps found on the street.

This is the compensation that woman gave him?

Ye QianMing couldn’t help but laugh in anger!

He has never been treated like this before by any woman!

No woman ever dared to approach him nor does he ever let any woman approach him!

That woman just now was too daring!

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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