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SPM Chapter 10

A greedy heart

Translator : Nyx

Luo QingTong looked at the little brat, it didn’t seem like it ran from the man.

With his temper, it doesn’t seem like there’s much use for a cute pet.

Then could it be that it was secretly following her around in the jungle?

When Luo QingTong thought this, she raised her hand and flicked its nose : “Alright, go on then! I have things to settle and am too busy to bring you along.”

She had to settle accounts with those that chased her around and search for clues as to how this happened. There really was no time to bring around this soft and harmless thing with her.


Looking at Luo QingTong’s fingers, the little pig turned and hugged her finger with its hooves, looking at her with sad pitiful eyes.

“Ha, don’t look at me like that. I won’t eat you. This trick won’t faze me at all.”

As she said this, she attempted to toss the little guy aside.

A voice, not too far away from where Luo QingTong stood, shouted.

“Over here! She’s over here!”

After her position had been given away Luo QingTong was about to take action, but she stopped and recoiled in pain.

The little pig had taken the opportunity when she was distracted to bite her finger.


Blood seeped out almost immediately.

Luo QingTong reacted by tossing it away.

At that moment, she felt dizzy.

An imprint appeared on her forehead, shining brightly before disappearing almost immediately afterwards.

The imprint was in the shape of an inverted pentagram.

Simultaneously, just like how the inverted pentagram on Luo QingTong’s forehead, a similar imprint appeared on the little pig as well.

In a flash, it covered it’s butt and cowered away.

“What’s this?”

For a moment, Luo QingTong was confused. She was sure she saw a mark appear on the pig’s butt, but then it was gone all of a sudden.

Frowning, she picked up the pig and was about to ask, but then a group of people appeared from the grass in front of her.

“Here she is!”

These grey-clothed and black-scarfed people were the same people who were chasing her earlier.

They found her this quickly?

Luo QingTong raised her brows.

That really was quick!

Since she didn’t properly hide her presence just now, it was as if she was asking for them to appear!

“You! How did you recover?”

The group of people felt that Luo QingTong seemed much different from before. Then they realized that she had completely recovered her cultivation!

Not only that, Luo QingTong who was in Rank 9 of the Martial Realm had a complete breakthrough to the Warrior Realm!


She broke through to the Warrior Realm!

A fourteen year old in the Warrior Realm, not only in Dongli State, she’s already considered a genius among geniuses!

The crowd of grey-clothed people were shocked. This can’t be!

Luo QingTong’s dantian was crippled, yet she was able to escape without even a scratch. Not to mention, she also managed to break through to another realm and advance to the Warrior Realm!

What kind of amazing phenomena is this?!

You should know that once the dantian is crippled, unless you have some kind of heaven-defying medicine or a heavenly-grade pill refined by the doctor Tian Yao, you’re definitely a cripple for life!

But in such a small country like DongLi, how can there be such a heaven-defying pill or a heavenly-grade pill?

Even if it was their Master, they’d have to go through a lot of trouble to ask for one, but they would not be guaranteed to get a pill!

However, Luo QingTong’s cultivation had recovered!

There surely must be something amazing in her hands!

A heavenly-grade pill!

She has a heavenly-grade pill in her hands!

At this thought, the group of pursuers looked at her with greed in their eyes.

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