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SPM Chapter 9.1

My hand slipped

When he heard her words, the anger in Ye Qian Ming’s heart soared through the skies.

And it was at this moment that Luo Qingtong suddenly sensed her injuries healing, which surprised her so much that her hand slipped downwards.

In an instant, the hand holding the jade hairpin grazed against a certain area lying in the thick underbrush.

After feeling the sensation of the jade hairpin come in contact with his warm and tender skin, although it was probably due to innate reflexes, the man abruptly tensed.


Ye Qian Ming squared his shoulders, staring icily at this fearless woman.

This girl dared to actually attempt to harm him!

“Cough, cough… I’m sorry! It was an accident! It’s really an accident!”

Luo Qingtong looked at the man’s furious expression and coughed lightly.

However, if she gave an explanation it would merely look like excuses.

This was an accident?


Even Luo Qingtong didn’t believe such a lousy excuse!

She honestly didn’t have any intentions to take advantage of this man!

Although she would frequently tease and flirt with the beauties, back in the 24th century, ranging from young and old, with her sweet words, she would never be this shameless!

To threaten a person while molesting him!

She truly wasn’t such a vulgar person!

Luo Qingtong couldn’t even muster the confidence to explain the situation.

But only heavens knew her hands had slipped on accident.

Luo Qingtong came to realise again that her internal injuries seemed to be recovering.

Even her dantian under her abdomen, which had been hurting since a while ago, seemed to have regained a new-found strength.

When Luo Qingtong first woke up, she’d realised this body’s cultivation had been crippled.

It was due to this setback that her physical strength had weakened so much.

To a person who practices martial arts, having their dantian destroyed was akin to crushing their entire life.

Unless they could find a spiritual herb capable of going against the heavens to change one’s fate, they would be a cripple for life.

But Luo Qingtong was different.

Her pupillary techniques enabled her to heal the injury in her dantian. She only needed more time to fully recover.

Though she did not expect to feel a warm flow coursing through her body earlier, healing all her internal injuries as well as recovering her dantian.

This was why the moment when she realised this unexpected situation, Luo Qingtong had been taken by surprise and in a moment of carelessness, accidentally touched this man’s little brother.

She had not done this on purpose, thus she should not be blamed for such actions!

It would seem that the warm rush of energy she felt came from the spring water.

It appeared that this man was receiving treatment in this hot spring and had set up an array outside. Was this why he hadn’t been able to retaliate against her?

Luo Qingtong was now somewhat curious as to why everything was going so smoothly.

With a glance, she could tell that this man was not a simple man. Even so, he didn’t have anything to defend himself with.

As it turns out, he was receiving treatment.

Ye Qian Ming looked at her coldly.

That gaze fixated on her carried a serious killing intent as sharp as a sword, as if wanting to cut her up.

Just as Luo Qingtong felt her hair rise, the man suddenly closed his eyes.

Then there was a rumble.

With Luo Qingtong’s pupillary vision, she could see the water in the spring abruptly begin to boil.

The bluish hue of the water rapidly receded, as if something was sucking away at its medicinal properties until it became clear.

Luo Qingtong looked at the changes in the water with surprise. Very quickly, she also felt the heat flow in her body.

The man was indeed here for treatment.

Though she was puzzled. Why was it that she couldn’t see a single trace of injury on his body?

Luo Qingtong was truly taken aback as her eyes swept over his body.

Suddenly, her line of sight came to a halt.

T/n: The raws I used for this novel vary because there isn’t one perfect source. 9.2 was previously listed as chapter 10 on one site while it was listed as a part of chapter 9 on another site which is missing a few chapters.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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