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SPM Chapter 8.2


The handsome man who’d just closed his eyes immediately opened his eyes again.

Luo Qingtong could see the cold glint flashing in his eyes when he looked over and the slight movement of his lips.

She could immediately tell that things weren’t going to go well for her.

This man’s peace was just disturbed and he was now preparing to chase her away.

But Luo Qingtong hadn’t even had the time to check her body for internal injuries, much less recover some strength.

Earlier, she’d spent a great amount of time running in the forest at full speed. Now, her energy had long been depleted.

If she was found now, she wouldn’t be able to escape!

Her eyes gleamed with a peculiar glint in them and in the same moment the man’s lips had just begun to move, her figure flashed. She’d rushed straight into the hot springs.

The jade hairpin in her hair was drawn in an instant, appearing in her hands, and was aimed three inches below his waist.

At the same time, another hand delicately reached out to cover his mouth to prevent him from speaking.

“Handsome, this is an urgent plea for help in the Jianghu. I just need to hide in here for a while. You wouldn’t refuse a request from a weak girl like me, right?”

Luo Qingtong’s momentum from when she jumped straight into the pool caused her to be firmly plastered against the man’s body.

Her lips were practically touching his ears and her light breaths followed her pitiful tone.

If he hadn’t seen her hand in such a savage position ready to attack him hidden beneath the spring water, he might really have believed she was weak and helpless.

Ye Qian Ming stared coldly at the girl who had intruded and interrupted his treatment.

The girl’s face was caked in dried blood, covering most of her appearance, but her slightly raised lips and wanton grin made her appear extremely dazzling.

No one had ever dared to threaten him like this before!

Feeling a sharp blade pressed against the vitals of his lower body, the fury in Ye Qian Ming’s heart reached its peak.

“You’re not blind!”

He glared coldly at the girl’s blank and hollow eyes, his lips trembling.

He’d actually been fooled!

“Haha, who told you that I’m not blind? I am blind!” Luo Qingtong closed her eyes and acted dumb.

She didn’t want the man to find out that she’d already seen everything!

She’d now offended this man due to the pressing situation.

Luo Qingtong’s instincts told her that this man was dangerous. Very dangerous! Even more dangerous than those silver-robed men outside. By a multitude of levels!

If this man realised that she’d not only threatened him, but had even seen him naked, the consequences… Hehe…

Ye Qian Ming didn’t believe her at all.

This girl’s fast and accurate moves from earlier was definitely not something a blind person could execute!

Being stared at so intently, Luo Qingtong knew she had failed to fool him. Then, she’d just completely smash this cracked pot!

“I say, handsome. Why’re you looking at me? What’s going on? Did you fall for me?”

She pressed closer until her entire body was practically sticking to the man, her breath fanning against his skin.

It was just that the hand grasping the jade hairpin continued to inch closer to his crotch.

“You should know that if a handsome man like you keeps staring at me, my heart can’t help but speed up. If my hands accidentally shake, who knows…”

Speaking with an ambiguous undertone, the hand holding the sharp weapon brushed lightly against a certain part.

The cold and hard sensation he felt was clearly telling him at this very moment — Your little brother is in my hands!

If you continue to stare at me and scare my heart into a frenzy, who knows when my hands will shake!

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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