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SPM Chapter 5

Want to die? I’ll help you!




In Luo Qingtong’s eyes, wisps of blood coalesced. 


A little bit of blood emerged from the depths of her eyes, forming a deep red 3D scene in the depths of her vision.


Under her pupillar skills, the black-clothed men’s movements could not be concealed and it tracked their every action.


This was one of the most fundamental skills of Luo Qingtong’s pupillary techniques— Vision.


Like a big net made of spiritual energy, it could capture the movement and trajectory of it’s target within, far more effectively than infrared.


With this ability, Luo Qingtong can easily wipe out her enemy at night, and this holds true even when she’s blind.


She once snuck into the White House of country M in the night and under the bombardment of thousands of rounds of artillery, could still act freely, killing hundreds of people as she calmly fled. Since then, her name rang through the ability world and she became famous overnight!




Raising a hand to push away the corpse in front of her, an evil and enchanting smile bloomed on Luo Qingtong’s bloodied face. Like a bloodthirsty demon flower, she grinned and looked at the men in black around her.


“Want to die? I’ll help you!”


At that moment,  the jade-like face exuded a dazzling brilliance.


Her dim and empty eyes cloaked in dark blood caused her entire being to give off a terrifying and bloody aura.


The tip of her tongue slowly licked at the wound at the corner of her lips.


Feeling a wave of pain, Luo Qingtong’s grin grew deeper.




Realising that the Luo Qingtong in front of them was different from the one before, the group of black-clothed men stared at her in horror, as if they’d seen a man-eating demon. The lust and obsession they felt before had been replaced by a bone-chilling terror.


How did Luo Qingtong suddenly become so terrifying in the blink of an eye?


These men were horrified.


But soon, they pushed down their fears and regained their calm.


“Luo Qingtong, stop pretending! You couldn’t even defeat us back when you had your cultivation. Now that you’ve become a cripple, what can you possibly do? You’re still too young to try and scare us.”


The group of black-clothed men suddenly recalled Luo Qingtong’s identity as the eldest miss of the Luo Family and realised that she must definitely have some sort of treasure on her to protect her.


Although they didn’t understand why she didn’t take it out previously, it might have something to do with Luo Xin Ning being present earlier.


After all, the other person’s cultivation was much higher than them!


However, no matter if Luo Qingtong was faking it or not, they couldn’t let her go today!


“Brothers, go!”


A group of black-clothed men wielded their weapons and rushed towards Luo Qingtong.


In their opinion, she was only a crippled cultivator. Even if she had a self-defense treasure on her, how many times could it be used?


Moreover, she was a blinded cripple!


With them together, they only needed two seconds to deal with her.


However, never did they expect that they were only half right!


The battle only lasted two seconds but the one who fell wasn’t Luo Qingtong. Instead, it was the latter who were completely massacred.


“Peng! Peng! Peng!”


Luo Qingtong’s eyes flashed a bloody glint.


In the next second, her figure rose from among the crowd of black-clothed men and disappeared, reappearing behind them.


In just one breath, the sound of multiple heavy objects falling to the ground could be heard.


The people who had been madly rushing towards her earlier now laid on the ground, their eyes wide in disbelief.


On every one of their throats was a long and narrow slit across, spanning half a neck.




Luo Qingtong let out a cold snort. With a shake of her hands, she stowed away the bloodied jade hairpin and cleanly fixed it back onto her hair.


Just as she prepared to turn away and leave, a murderous intent and pressure came crashing down on her. An incredibly powerful force had struck.


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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