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SPM Chapter 23

Too defenceless


Luo Qing Tong watched the youth run towards the other direction with a brow raised.

Earlier on, she had already prepared to engage in battle and even had a killing intent towards the youth.

If the other person had ran towards her and used her as a shield, she would definitely have ended his life there.

Unexpectedly, the youth only glanced at her before running away. He had even lured the pythons away.

Looks like he hadn’t intentionally lured the pythons here and neither did he have the intention to use her as a shield. It had been a coincidence!

What a pity, it was too late.

Luo Qing Tong sniffed the faint scent left behind and narrowed her eyes.

This smell would cause demonic beasts to pursue the user relentlessly.

This was evidently the reason for the youth being in this situation.

Moreover, the wave of smell permeated onto her clothes earlier on

Even though the youth had lured the pythons away at the earliest instance, there were still many others which followed the smell and began to charge towards her.

Now, she was clearly their target.

“How troublesome.”

With a frown, her figure shifted.


She flew towards the direction the youth had left in.

If she wanted to stop the pursuit of the pythons, she had to first resolve the problem on the youth.

If she was right, the youth must have consumed a special type of medicine capable of agitating these pythons into madness. This medicine even caused an enticing smell to emit from him that would attract these pythons into a mad pursuit in order to swallow him.

The medicine in his body must be countered in order to dispel the scent.


Luo Qing Tong charged towards the pythons heading for her.

In front of her pupillary vision, these python’s weaknesses appeared as clearly as a source of light in the night.

The jade hairpin in her hand flew.

One of the pythons shrieked mournfully. Its long body, which convulsed violently in the air, easily took out a few other pythons as it flew back.

Luo Qing Tong calmly and effortlessly swept across the horde of pythons. She headed towards where the youth had gone.

Before she left, she didn’t forget to retrieve a few strains of medicinal herbs from beneath a large tree.


She had just caught up to the youth when his artifact had reached it limit.

The faint aura around the spiritual artifact had completely disappeared. A python’s tail swept and threw him violently onto the floor.


Seeing the giant python charging towards him had caused his fear to reach its peak.

But even so, he refused to cry and scream for help.

He knew, in this deep forest, there was no one to save him.

The tears on his face flowed freely and the jade like features, which were now stained with tears, looked adorably pitiful.

His lips bled from being bitten down so hard.

Just as he was about to overcome with hopelessness, a cool breeze abruptly swept.

His waist was abruptly seized and in the next second, he found himself in the air.

“I-Immortal sister!”

He looked at the astounding beauty in shock.

Perhaps it was due to having been saved, but the shock she gave him was too great.

She had appeared like a ray of light in this long and dreary darkness, giving him a glimmer of hope amidst his hopelessness.

“Ah! Immortal sister!”

The youth hugged her and wailed, as if he was holding onto his last shred of hope.

Luo Qing Tong had only helped him in the passing. She hadn’t expected for the youth to abruptly hug her and begin to cry as if he had seen his family.

This extremely intimate and unguarded action left her stunned.

If Luo Qing Tong wasn’t completely sure that this rascal didn’t exist in her memory at all, she would have doubted and believed that the other person truly knew her.

Wasn’t he too unguarded?

Doesn’t he suspect that she might have been an enemy sent after him?

Fair enough. He nearly lost his life after being chased by the pythons. His enemy must be truly bored to come and save him…

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