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SPM Chapter 24

I will listen to what you say!

Translator: Little Beany

Editor: Nava

“Alright, it’s safe now.” Luo Qing Tong didn’t know how to comfort others. But with the youth crying pitifully in her arms, it wasn’t humane to just ignore him.

With this in mind, Luo Qing Tong patted his back and stuffed the series of herbs she had gathered earlier into his mouth.

“Chew it and swallow.”

“Mn.” He held back his tears and nodded.

He’d just experience the true fear of dying. Now, holding onto Luo Qing Tong was like grasping the last strand of hope.

But even so, he tried to control himself from holding onto her too tightly in order not to restrict her movements.

“T-Thank you, immortal sister.”

The medicinal scent was too disgusting.

The youth had lived like a prince all his life, how could he possibly have smelled something so intense before?

Nevertheless, he didn’t hesitate to chew and swallow the few stalks of medicine Luo Qing Tong had given him. Then, he carefully leaned into her embrace and hugged her with his tiny arms.

Luo Qing Tong could feel his feebleness and knew he was evidently afraid. Nonetheless, he didn’t make a single sound.

So obedient… It made Luo Qing Tong unwilling to abandon him.

Forget it. Since she had already saved him, she’ll help him to the end.

“Take out all the spiritual defence artifacts you have,” She said.

There were too many pythons that were chasing after them relentlessly.

Although the medicine he had taken had already begun to take effect, there were some residual scent left on them.

She didn’t know who was trying to kill the boy. Even if the scent dissipated, the giant python’s mad pursuit was something that would continue for a long time.

And it’ll only get worse.

Looks like his enemy had already taken into consideration the possibility of this youth finding a cure.

Luo Qing Tong had to shake them off before they went completely mad.

“Okay.” He didn’t ask before handing over all the spiritual artifacts he had on him.

He believed Luo Qing Tong. This girl had saved him from between the jaws of the pythons.

If she really wanted to hurt him, there would be no need to waste her time.

“Immortal sister, take it.” He gave everything to Luo Qing Tong.

“No need, you keep it. Later on, just do whatever I say. Understand?”

Luo Qing Tong’s figure flashed through the dense crowd of pythons.

She was extremely quick.

Every position she landed was made with precision.

Every python that charged towards her nearly got a bite.

Yet with so many pythons leaping over each other, there was none that could touch her.

The youth was dumbstruck.

Immortal sister was too powerful!

She must definitely be a guardian sent down from Heaven to protect him!


The young lad watched in her daze and nodded obediently.

“I will listen to Immortal sister.”

Luo Qing Tong no longer bothered about the address he used.

These pythons were getting quicker. It was evident that they were sinking deeper into madness.

These were originally third rank spiritual beasts but under the effects of the medicine, they showed tendencies exhibited by fourth rank beasts.

Even with her pupillary vision, there was a python that actually managed to get in front of her and prevented her from advancing.

If this went on, she’d be surrounded by a wall of pythons and suffocated to death.

“Now, throw it out!”

Luo Qing Tong shouted a direction and told the youth to throw out the spiritual artifact.

He didn’t hesitate to do so.

Moreover, he didn’t question Luo Qing Tong or why there was a point in throwing out a broken spiritual artifact that had lost all spiritual power.

He whole-heartedly believe her

He believed that the immortal sister sent to save him would definitely bring him out of here.

Whatever she said would be true.

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