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SPM Chapter 22

A python hoard

Translator: Little Beany

Editor: Nava


Luo Qing Tong’s heightened senses allowed her to discover the abnormality at the first instance while an ear-splitting roar sounded.

At the same time, a bloody scent filled her nose.

Despite the huge distance between them, filled with countless foliage, the bloody smell assaulted her like a hurricane.


Like a flying blade.

Wherever the gas passed through, huge ancient trees and plants fell, revealing the scene in front of her.

Luo Qing Tong’s pupils abruptly shrunk.

In front of her, countless giant pythons were huddled together and merged into a single body. At this moment, they all charged towards her.

The tell-tale signs of this snake – three heads, a ferocious pair of eyes, the huge bodies coalesced together – was evident of its terrible might.

A third-rank spiritual beast!

Luo Qing Tong watched the giant python, which spanned hundreds of meters in length, head towards her.

The entire ground of the mountain was covered in a dense layer of snakes. This scene could cause even a martial king with ophidiophobia to feel faint.

A single head of this third-rank demonic beast could easily kill a martial warrior.

Even a martial general had to be cautious when facing them.

Furthermore, there were easily more than a hundred of them here!

There were many pythons, yet they all chased after a single person.

“Ah! Stop chasing me! Stop!”

A youth ran in the front of the dense mass of pythons, his face covered in tears.

He was evidently afraid. His refined features akin to a doll was streaked with tears while his lashes quivered uncontrollably, as if he would break down in the next second.

The youth, who looked to be about eight years old, was dressed in exquisite looking robes with an expensive looking jade pendant hanging by his waist.

He was dressed in spiritual artifacts from head to toe. At this moment, he was using every single spiritual tool he could in order to block the python’s incoming attacks.

Those artifacts were clearly not only for show.

However, there were just too many pythons.

No matter how many artifacts he had, it couldn’t withstand the rate of consumption and the aura around it was fading quickly.

The youth was crying while running towards her, his steps were extremely staggered as if he would fall any second.

Suddenly, he saw Luo Qing Tong and his eyes grew wide.

“I-Immortal sister!”

—Wherever the python’s gas swept over, trees and foliage would die. Since Luo Qing Tong could see him he could naturally see her.

Despite the huge distance between them, Luo Qing Tong’s fairy-like appearance easily fell into the youth’s eyes.

She looked at the youth and the horde of pythons expressionlessly, not realising that this was already giving the him a huge shock.

For her to be so calm in the face of a horde of third-ranked spiritual beasts she must be an immortal is, what the boy thought.

His heart jumped in excitement and just as he was about to run over and cry out to her…

The vacant and blank gaze made him freeze.

Then, he saw Luo Qing Tong’s torn and blood-stained dress.

So, it turned out that this immortal sister wasn’t unafraid but blind?

How did she end up here? Did someone plot against her?

Having lost himself in his thoughts, the youth abruptly slipped.

He gritted his teeth as his eyes filled with tears. Suddenly, he turned back and started running in a different direction.

“Immortal sister! Run! I’ll lure these pythons away, you need to run away. Run straight ahead and don’t look back!”

The youth’s voice shook.

The artifacts on him were almost at their limits.

If he had used Luo Qing Tong as a shield he might still have a chance of escaping, but he was a naturally predisposed pure youth.

He wouldn’t hurt someone else for his own gain.

Since he might not even survive, there was no need to harm others.

With this in mind, he let his tears fly freely as he ran towards the opposite direction while shouting for Luo Qing Tong to escape.

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